In The Place of Eridu Pt 8

Updated on February 17, 2018
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April has been a psychology student for 6 years. She has a Bachelors Degree in psychology and is currently attaining her Masters Degree.

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The Platonic connection

In the Place of Eridu Pt 8

Jack lay in bed entering altered states of consciousness, floating in a dark void. Channeling whispers from the cosmic deep. Making connections to get an understanding of this world that is a new to the spiritual senses.
Jack whispering within: I want to save them all, but the world is a growing field. Earth is a place of learning, and many are not ready. Spiritual information will only resonate with the awakened ones. The Tower of Babel is within, Jacobs ladder, many will awaken to this. This knowledge is only for the few. This place Earth, there is an evil here that mimics the spirit. This reality is duality. The reflection of the Tower of Babel here is an evil thing. Such idolatrous vices. I can see the mockery of the Tower of Babel. These images. This place, what is this. Cern, the World Wide Web, quantum computing, and creating false events to build evil's kingdom that is an event horizon. My psychic senses see a pocket that was opened when two Twin Towers collapsed. This pocket an alternate reality from the other.
The woman I am to meet, where is she. I see the image of a belly dancing restaurant. A restaurant called the Dancing Queen here in London. Dark silken skin. Behind her true eyes, internal eyes of a cobra. Looking into her eyes I perceive her genealogy, she is the direct descendant of the serpent peoples. This is unknown to her.

Francesco: So, what brings us here.
Jack: I am looking for someone. I will know her when I see her.
The night is a damp night as usual, with the cold fog being the norm. The aroma of cuisines filled the restaurant. The scenery of fine wine aligned the shelves, wines that could satisfy the taste buds with such exquisite taste.
Jack stared at the stage awaiting an entrance. Music began to set the tone of the night. A beautiful dark figure makes an entrance. Gold green lace embraces her curvy body. She sways from side to side, left to right to the music in a hypnotizing manner. Her every move is graceful but at the same time erotic.
Jack: This is she
Francesco looks on in awwh.
She stares back at Jack and begins to encircle him dancing. Her dance skill, so authentic that it cannot be matched.
Three hours later Jack knocks on the door of a room at the end of the restaurant where she entered. She opens the door.
Aziza Naga: May I help you
Jack: I need to talk to you
Aziza Naga: I know who you are, I have seen you in my dreams. I do not really believe half of what I dreamed, it is all fairy-tail to me. You standing here before me, I cannot believe. What are we going to do, save the world (in a sarcastic voice)? I live a street life, I am no one special. I have been through the worse of hell. Jack places his hand on her forehead. She sees the images of her genealogy, a history deep into the past of her people. She sees herself in a past life, and a serpentine fire. Her past life self gives her a message. She breaks down and begins to cry.

To be continued..


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