In The Place of Eridu Pt 12

Updated on March 25, 2018
The Black Sun
The Black Sun | Source

Aziza dreams before the trip to India. Jack tries to wake her up, but she is in deep sleep shifting her eyes side to side within her eye lids.

Aziza (Whispers): I am alive in death

In death I am alive

In deep deep darkness I am powerful

In knowing death, I have lived like I have never lived before

In the depths of silence in the depths of darkness

I hunger to be one with the black sun

There is a great orgasm of the spiritual heart

Filled with dark matter i have arisen

From the blood of Kristos I drink

My eyes are darkened

I see a dark sun

We are one

The world instills fear of death

The world threatens with death

Threatens with fear

Threatens with fear mongering

I hunger for the fear

I hunger for the fear mongering

I hunger for death

I hunger for your wars

Your pestilence

your horror

As dark is the polarity of light

As day is to night

As black magic is to white magic

I am one


and I came to devour

To be continued

David Bowie- Blackstar (Full album)

Pink Floyd - High Hopes


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