In The Place of Eridu Pt 11

Updated on March 20, 2018
Jinn | Source

At the airport waiting their flight, a Muslim is staring at Francesco. He is questioned by the Muslim.

Asbis: You are a Jinn. I can see right through you. I do exorcisms on individuals that are possessed by jinn. You are not possessed, you are the jinn.

The Muslim began to chant a Ruqyah DUA Against Francesco. People pass by looking but going about their business at the same time. Francesco looks annoyed.

Francesco (Islamic language): Like there are good humans and bad humans, there are good Jinn and there are bad Jinn.

Asbis began to walk away in disbelief, whispering to his companions.

West Africa Benin

Abbaba: I have been waiting for you. You all have a seat here. What I am about to tell you, you already know. Clarification does not hurt anyone. Just by you being here, the action helps to fulfill a prophecy. Many of you have energy here that was destined for your paths to cross. The great naga mother will never forget the great deeds that you are doing. The great mother is in great danger, and a great evil surrounds her.

Jack: Of Couse, I sense the danger.

Abbaba Stares into the eyes of Aziza.

Abbaba: You are a greater part of the puzzle my dark-skinned Queen, it is your serpentine energy that is needed to touch down at sacred sites.

Lordanka and Goran: Explain Abbaba, although we do have knowledge about it.

Abbaba: The suppression of melanos is the suppression of the kundalini force. This is how an evil kingdom is made. The exoteric alchemist suppresses and manipulates melanos. On the physical level it is done through politics. An idolatrous world is built, this world is the exoteric Solomon's temple. The opposite of the true esoteric temple. We know that demons helped to build Solomon's temple. Those very demons today are in a lower state of consciousness, lost in confusion and do not know who they are. They reside in the United States of America. The fallen angel manifested its own enemy through the fall, becoming slaves to matter. They are a cursed people.

Jack: Our next trip is India



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