In The Place of Eridu Pt 10

Updated on February 27, 2018
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April has been a psychology student for 6 years. She has a Bachelors Degree in psychology and is currently attaining her Masters Degree.

Crow | Source

They make it to a sanctuary near the village of Tatul. There waiting their arrival are a group of witches of the Feminine 9 Council there to watch and record history. A full moon sets the scenery in the distance. Crows surround the area, carrying with them spirits of the dead staring through their eyes. Jack, Aziza, Kalina, Francesco, Lordanka, and Goran make movements in patterns as if being chess pieces in a game of chess. Jack and Aziza move to the middle while the witches form a circle around them. Aziza and Jack began chanting. The circle of witches moves counter clock wise.

Mystical sounds only heard with spiritual ears began to manifest, merging for the moment into this dimension. A dark circular hole warp itself into existence. Orbs in the distance want to feed off of what is unknown to them but are sucked in. Images that cannot be explained when looking in are seen. Unexplained wave frequencies that are unexplainable to the human senses begin to spill through. A heightened level in spiritual power could be felt penetrating the bodies of everyone. The powers coming from that dimension was so strong, no one had control over their bodies. An involuntary ohm sound began pouring from their mouths.

Morning has come. It is 10 a.m. Everyone is laying on the ground in deep sleep.

2 Days later...

Aziza, Jack, Francesco, Kalina, Lordanka, and Goran are together eating lunch at a restaurant in Bulgaria.

Lordanka: I am speechless of all that has taken place. When you think you know yourself, you do not.

Goran: That other Dimension was something other worldly.

Jack: The spiritual energies coming from that dimension will help raise the conscious level of this planet. There is an evil on the planet that has over stepped the balance. There are other places we have to go.

Goran: The next trip is Africa

Jack: That’s right

Aziza: I have never been so at peace with myself. To know yourself fully is to leave behind an old past.

Kalina: I agree Aziza

Francesco: Looks like we have some company

There are two men entering into the restaurant, but not dressed in black suits. They are there to blend in with the other customers.

Jack: They never quit, do they? They are very predictable.

Francesco: Wonder if their master tells them what danger they are in. I can make them disappear, and they just keep coming. Where does he get them, off an assembly line?

stay tuned...

Stellamara - Kyrie Eleison

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