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If It Were a Dream: A Fan Fiction Novel

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Chapter 1: A Night of Celebration

It was a cold, windy night on the weekend of my 21st birthday, and here I was stuck in an alleyway with five men tailing me. "How did I end up here?" you ask. Well, it all started when my friend basically kidnapped me from my home.

*/ Earlier in the night. /*

I'm not a crowd person and tend to want to stay away from them. People are not my forte. I was just sitting in my home watching the latest episode of 'I am not a Robot' when a knock came upon my door. I decided to pause the show and to walk over to the door to see who it was. Of course, it was my best friend, Maisy, at the door. She has impeccable timing (can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?). I opened the door a little upset with her for interrupting a great show. Maisy practically screamed, "Hey there friend, long time no see!" as she pushed her way into my house. I responded with an annoyed smile, "I literally saw you last weekend. It hasn't been that long." (Don't get me wrong, Maisy is a great friend. It's just sometimes her personality can be a bit overwhelming for me.)

*/ A few minutes after catching up on Maisy's life /*

Maisy pushed me into my room and locked the door behind her. "What are you doing?" She started going through my closet doing lord knows what. "Maisy, again, what are you doing?" Maisy came out with an outfit for me to wear and basically demanded that I go to the bathroom and change into them. "Maisy are we going out or something? Because I really don't want to go out tonight." "Oh, calm down. We aren't going anywhere too crowded. And besides think of it as your belated birthday present. We both NEED to go out." I reluctantly went into the bathroom and got dressed in a pair of blue jeans, a white crop top, and a long, red and black plaid jacket. We walked to the door and there is where I put on my red converses.

*/ After a short car ride, we arrived at a bar. /*

(Let me begin by saying, she lied to me.) We were at a famous bar here in town and I was pissed with Maisy. She lied to me to get me to come out. I tried to calm myself down a bit before she pulled me inside. "I know I lied about where we were going, but I needed you to come out with me. You need to experience what it's like to be out in a crowded area while also having fun. Just try it this one time, okay?" "Fine, but I want to leave as soon as I feel uncomfortable," I said as I rolled my eyes. To be honest, I was already uncomfortable but decided to try to push through it.

As soon as we walked into the bar, it was booming with heavy music and loud cheers from the patrons. It smelled of booze and vomit. I guess some people cannot handle their alcohol. We found an open table closest to the exit and decided to sit there. While Maisy ordered our drinks, I couldn't help but stare at a group of suspicious guys wondering around outside. They were all dressed in black walking around as if they were looking for something. It seemed odd that a group of three guys were dressed in all black. I decided to shake it off. Whatever they were doing was none of my business. Maisy came back with the drinks and immediately she began to guzzle down a bottle of beer. I decided to partake in this as it was my first-time drinking. I took a sip of the beer and decided that I would only drink a bottle for tonight. Maisy on the other hand, was taking in too much. I had to cut her off at some point during the night. After a while, she was up on the stage with a mic in her hand singing to the karaoke songs. After her fourth or fifth song, I decided to drag her down from the stage and call for someone to drive her back home in her car. About ten minutes later, someone came from the service and I took note of his name and info and gave him the address to her home. After that, I decided to walk back home, since it wasn't too far of a walk.

*/ The walk back home. /*

I decided to walk through the alleyways instead of the busy streets because I rather not deal with people again. The alleyways here are a bit eerie around this time of the night but the faint lights are a little comforting. The wind began to howl, and the lights flickered a bit. I admit, I was scared for a moment due to the flickering lights but that didn't stop me. I heard the rustling of feet behind me and turned around. The noise stopped, and I couldn't see anything, so I decided that I must have been wrong. "Get a hold of yourself! There is nothing there. It's all in your imagination. Just keep walking." As soon as I took another step, the noise started again. This time I decided to keep walking until I was certain that whatever it was would not follow me. I was wrong I heard it get closer and closer, so I turned quickly and saw that it was the group of three guys that were wondering the streets earlier. I was going to turn to run away but as soon as I turned around I bumped into something... or rather I should say someone.

I was about to scream until the man grabbed for my mouth and said, "Be quiet, please. We won't hurt you. We only need your he-." I punched him in the stomach with my fist before he could say anything more. I looked around and saw that there were not three but six of these men. I had nowhere else to go since they were blocking both routes of escape. I was ready to fight my way out of this alley until I looked down at the guy I hit and saw that he was taking off the mask that was covering his face. I was shocked when I realized who it was. It was Min Yoongi, or as you would know him as Suga, from BTS, the most talked about boy group of today.

Chapter 2

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