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If It Were a Dream: A Fan Fiction Novel Pt.2

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Hello! I hope you enjoy reading the fan fiction that I will be writing and to at least give me honest feedback about my story. Thank you!


Alley Ways

“Woow. I am so very sorry! Are you okay?” Since he was leaning over in pain, I was genuinely worried for him. I may have hit him a bit too hard. I decided to help him sit on one of the barrels that were against the graffitied brick wall. “Min Yoongi, would you like to sit on a barrel?”

He looked up at me and nodded his head. I bent down so that Min Yoongi could wrap his arm around my neck as I grabbed around his waist to help him up. One of the other members then stepped forward to help me carry him to one of the barrels. We got him settled down on one and that’s when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see who it was.

“Hayden?” Jin asked as he was pulling down the mask that once covered his face.“How come-. No, how is it that you’re here?” Jin looked genuinely surprised to see me even though I am sure we have never met. He walked up closer to me, but I instantly took a step back from him, which stopped him in his tracks.

I looked down at the ground trying to process the situation. I didn’t understand what Jin meant by that. I only dreamt that I spoke to them, but never in life. I looked back up at Jin a bit confused. “Jin, how is it that you know me? I don’t think we have ever met.”

“But we have.”

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but we need to get going.” Kim Namjoon said as he walked up to us. He looked at me for a second as if contemplating something. “Hayden, right?”


“Do you mind helping us? As you can see there are only six of us.” He motioned to the other guys.

There were indeed only six of them. “Who’s missing?”

“Kim Taehyung. We lost him in the midst a crowd. Could you possibly help us track him down?”

I contemplated for a bit, I decided to go ahead and help even though I dislike crowded places. “I’ll help you find Taehyung.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem. May I ask when and where you all last saw Taehyung?” I looked at Namjoon, whom seemed to be thinking, so I switched my focus to the other members.

JungKook then spoke, “It was about ten minutes to ten when I last saw him.” He paused for a bit then resumed, “We went to an underground art exhibit and when we left, our identity was compromised. We had to make a run for it, but somewhere along the way, we lost him.” He seemed concerned for their lost member. “What if they got their hands on him? He’s alone.”

“Don’t worry. Have you all tried calling him yet?”

“We did, but he did not answer our call.” JungKook was on the verge of tears.

“Can you try calling again?”

“I will try.” He began dialing the number and put the call on speaker. After a few rings someone finally answered the phone. “Hello? Hyung is that you? Are you okay? Where are you?”

A whispered voice responded, “I’m fine, but I don’t think for long. I managed to escape, but they are close by. I’m near a blue building with pink stripes hiding behind a few dumpsters. I don’t know if I’ll be able to escape this crowd.” Taehyung’s voice was shaking a bit.

I realized what building he was talking about. It wasn’t that far from where we were now. “I have an idea,” I whispered to JungKook. “Tell him to wait for me there and I will help.” I then walked up to Namjoon. “Do you trust me?”

“Not really, but at this point I have no choice but to trust you.”

“Well that’s good enough I guess.” I began fumbling in pocket for my phone and keys. I handed Namjoon my phone. “Here. Input your number in my phone in case Taehyung contacts you all again and there’s a change.” After Namjoon entered his number, I sent him the direction to my house. “And here are my keys. I messaged you the direction to my house as well as the security code. You guys shouldn’t be out here at this time. I will go get Taehyung and you all will go to my place.” I looked over at Yoongi, who was still sitting on the barrel hunched over. “Maybe it would be best,” I said while nodding towards Yoongi’s direction.

“Thank you, Hayden. Let us know when you found him.”

I nodded and began walking towards the building Taehyung described. The place he described was Dew Drops. It used to be my favorite sandwich shop until it went out of business a few months ago. It was about a two-mile walk from here.

*After some time*

I could see the abandoned building that was once Dew Drops with many young people nearby. This was indeed my worst night ever since I must deal with a crowd of people now. I mustered up the courage and yelled, “OH MY GOSH! IT’S BTS!” The crowd began to run towards me once they heard what I said. After they rushed past me onto another street, I ran towards the building. I went into the little alley and whispered for Taehyung. “Taehyung? Are you there? It’s me, Hayden. I’m here to help.” It was too dark to see properly, but I heard a faint sound behind the dumpster.

“Hayden…” His voice was low and shaky.

I walked up to where I heard my name. “Are you okay?”

“No. I think I may have hurt my ankle while I was running,” he grimaced.

“Don’t worry. I’ll figure something out.” How was I going to get him out of here undetected? I had to think fast before they came back to wonder around here again. I grabbed my phone. “I’ll call a cab.”

“Okay, Tha-.” The sound of people talking stopped Taehyung from finishing his sentence.

“Are you sure you can get me out of here unnoticed?”

“Yes, I will get you out of here no matter what.” I called the cab service to pick us up. Luckily, there was one nearby. I helped Taehyung up and let him lean on me for support. I saw lights approaching and figured it was the cab. We walked towards the car, but as a precaution, I looked around to see if anyone was near. The coast was clear, so I hurriedly pushed him into the car.

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