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If Hard Work Doesn’t Pay Off (Then What Will) Part 2

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


How many know the importance of making a wise decision compares to not making an unwise one? Know that your circumstances will be different and it's possible to receive better results with a sensible decision over a stupid one. Also, bear in mind that it is possible to make sound judgments and choices based on experiences.

Hopefully, Joe will realize that as there is no doubt Joe’s situation would have been different and serve a healthier impact on his life if the decision he made had been wiser.

Joe made the unwise decision to not report Sally when his job was to work for a drug-free party. The stupid decision caused him dearly, his job. It's frightening me to think that the decision Joe made is one that many makes in this world, people make decisions that cause them many life consequences and, on some occasion, it even causes death in some situations.

One only has to trust a shady person or try to do a favor for an individual who doesn’t care what happens to them. Things will turn for the worse and cause them dearly, you can even turn on the television and see similar stories unfold.

Joe is that person who placed himself in that type of situation and its turned into impossible. My desire is that his decision doesn’t cost him to the point that he will cross a line beyond which He can’t come back, read on.

Joe poor decision left him jobless and anger inside as he felted wrongfully fired, in reality, it was seventy-five percent at his own hand. His bad decision left him midway trying to be acceptable of his decisions and halfway attempting to decide that it is unacceptable.

Meaning he can choose to accept what happened to him, learn from it and move on. Or he can choose to not accept the consequences of his choice at his hand which can sometimes be unclear and cause his decisions to be hard to live with.

Hopefully, Joe won’t have to learn the hard way, it's not easy, especially when fighting high emotional battles to make the right decisions and move forward. When you fail to make the correct decision to move forward the future is very miserable.

Although it is difficult to get out of the rut of feeling that you been thrown a curve ball and the world has wrong you, this article will share an honorable story, about a young man, Joe, who lived to do what’s right, but after being hurt and feeling he lost everything, He’s left with a decision whether to continue to do right or change to a wrongdoer and get off on a rocky path that leads to destruction.

Moreover, after Joe lost his job he cursed himself and that ratchet of a girl. How could she do this? He listlessly wandered through the roads, wondering what he would do next. Not only had the girl robbed him of this source of income, but slandered him.


Joe left his job searching and wondering who would be willing to hire him now? Every possible employer would shy away from hiring someone who had recently been in police custody and that too, for molestation. The future looks very slim for Joe.

After a long day in search of work and finding no solution, Joe returned to his rented flat. He looked around dismally; everything was so good until yesterday, and now, everything is built upon uncertainty.

Joe hated Sally even more, but that did not help him at all. He had lunch and saw a help wanted ad and applied for the job that he would try out every possible opportunity for employment.

He was uneducated, as he spends more time working over studying and getting an education and that was a real problem. Would anyone offer him a job? Joe decided that he would start early morning and find a solution somehow.

Joe was tired of searching and things got so bad now that He spent the day like a zombie, still stunned by the fact that he was fired. His night was spent sleepless and Joe was bothered.

The very next day, he showered, dressed and set out in search of a job. He first tried the local cafe, shops, and houses. No one wanted him. Either there was no vacancy or he did not suit the job or people were terrified of his recent police reports.

It was a small town, and fresh allegations of molestation did not go unnoticed. He was turned down at every place he could possibly think of. Days passed and yet, there was no opening. His saving was slimming day by day, and when the landlord knocked on his door for money, he could do nothing but leave.

He sadly packed his belongings and in search of where to live he shifted back to his mother’s house – the very place he earnestly wanted to leave behind.

However, Joe was no longer welcome as his mother had recently started dating a man, who lived there and was as mean as one could be. He did not like Joe at all, and the feeling was mutual. He was all over the house like a rash, bullying at Joe at every opportunity he had.

The house was not what it had been. With this man present, things had turned sour for Joe. He struggled hard to fight his emotions and this intimidating of a man as well. However, the harder he tried, the meaner the man became. Joe could not take it anymore and decided to look for some other place to live. With almost no money in his pocket, he did not have many options.


He called a high school friend, the guy who bonded him out of jail. His name was Morgan, he was a friend that he was not too crazy about asking for a place to stay. But he was stuck between a rock and a hard place, so he asked him and he said yes.

Morgan place was untidy and needed renovation, but it was the only option Joe had left. He knew staying with Morgan was better than going to blow with his mother’s boyfriend and maybe even going to jail.

Morgan himself had his own situations going against him as He was a delinquent, and when he heard that Joe needed money, he suggested that Joe should do some of the conning things he did like sell knock-off purses to the public and lie like they are real.

Through lying like the knock-off purses was a real one, Morgan himself had profited immensely from such sales and shared with Joe that this would undoubtedly help him earn the money he needed for a better life as well.

Morgan had no inhibitions about the illegality of selling the purses and he didn’t care that it wrong to con people, as long as it brought him money and he didn’t get caught or go to jail, it was all good for him.

But not so much for Joe. Joe knows what it’s like to be poor and didn’t like taking advantage of others. He also was aware that Morgan had been in and out of jail at least three times since they’d finished High school three years ago.

Morgan builds his life on doing things that will bring about something else to happen, a fast game. Joe told himself he would just ignore Morgan and let him be himself. But at times, as he watched Morgan’s mouth move a mile a minute over a couple of beers, his ears perked up.

Morgan stayed sharing with Joe something and saying, “I swear to God, Joey, this is a gold mine.” If Joe had the money for all the time he told him this is totally worth your time and well, it kinda legit. I mean everyone does it. The cops don’t care. He would be a wealthy guy.

Morgan even told Joe about knock-off purses that he thought was totally a sweet deal, and the ladies these days are eating it up more than ever. I got my hands on a huge shipment from China. So close to being authentic the Queen of England wouldn’t even notice it’s not real. Louis Vuitton’s, Chanel, Prada, Gucci…It goes on and on.”


Joe was hesitating to sell the purses at first, but he needed money and after Morgan thoroughly explained to him the tricks of the trade and how profits things were to be made. He told him he was in and Morgan introduced him to additional fellow sellers who excelled in the business and soon Joe learned how to deal and sell the knock-off purses.

Joe started off selling in small amounts, but he soon adapted himself to the trade and begin receiving a large volume of bags. He loved having money in his pocket and was quick at cutting a deal and did his best to steer clear of the police.

Joe knew selling knock-off purses wouldn’t create a better life for him, but he felt this could be better than being broke and in need. He worked tirelessly and soon realized that money was abundant in the trade.

His tryst at selling knock-off purses brought him acquaintances from a different part of the society. Joe told himself that they were not bad people, but they certainly had no regard for the law and the rules of the land.

Joe learned how to deal with selling bags that was not accepted by the society in broad daylight. He even found himself dealing with stuff he couldn’t imagine doing, things like selling drugs to crack to imitated jewelry to refurbish computers – you just had to name it and they would supply you with the best if the money was good.

Joe hated what he was doing and was thinking he needed to get out of this business, he hated thinking they were terrible people, people who had survived the idiosyncrasies of fate.

It was during the last few days of his life in the business that at his friend’s place when Joe was introduced to a girl named Jackie, who lived in the neighborhood. She was a beautiful girl, in her early twenties and a sweetheart.

But Joe was warned that she was in a relationship with the notorious drug dealer of the town, Larry. She was already Larry’s possession, and Morgan warned Joe to keep his eyes off her.

Morgan could tell Joe was attractive to Jackie the way he smiled at the thought of her. He and anyone that looked at her could see she’s a very beautiful young lady, only Morgan hoped Joe listen and stayed clear of her regardless of how beautiful she may be.

Joe received news from a friend gossiping about Jackie. One of his friends enthusiastically told him that there were rumors that Larry was now messing around with other women in the nearby city and Jackie was often left alone.


Larry stops attending to her needs nor visited her regularly as he used to do all these years. He also told Joe that rumors were there that Larry was going to marry that new chick and so Jackie was in distress.

What caught Joe’s attention as he was told Jackie confronted Larry about his mistress and they had a fight and He had cut her off from all the benefits that she used to enjoy.

Jackie was sad, lonely and had no money of her own and no family to turn to. She needed money and someone to look after her as well. Joe thought poor girl, and then he went to visit her at her home.

Meanwhile, the moment Joe walked inside Jackie’s house He could tell she was going through some bad times. It showed that she was emotionally tortured.

Jackie was aware that Larry was a drug dealer, but he cared for her, looked after her needs and demands. But now that things have gone sour and he cheating on her, he has gone to the extent of deserting her, and Jackie was in desperate need of a friend and Joe wanted to be that shoulder she could lean on. Without access to the money that he regularly gives her, Jackie is wondering what to do to continue living.

Jackie cried on Joe’s shoulder and told him, “I know, maybe, I shouldn’t feel this way, but being Larry’s girl had its advantages – free gifts, cheap deals and purchases from the local stores, people eager to serve me in order to please Larry.

Jackie even told Joe every since Larry walked out on her, everyone had started behaving rudely. She feels like a nobody now, with no money and no power and feels as if nobody cares about her at all.

Joe starts hanging around Jackie and comforting her. They started spending more and more time together. Joe helped Jackie to feel better and gradually they were talking about dating.

Over the next couple of months, they talked about their parents, childhood, lives, preferences and what not. Their personal grievances brought them closer to each other and they become good friends within a span of a few days. They met each day and their bond strengthened further.


Moreover, words got back to Larry that Jackie had a loving glow and looked better than ever. Joe had helped her back up on her feet and the heat had died down. Larry knew that meaned another man was in the picture and that made him realized that he had made a mistake to leave Jackie for a new gold-digging woman.

Larry was very remorseful thinking about how poorly he had treated Jackie and wanted her back. The new girl was hot and sexy, but she was only after the money, and never wanted to take care of him as Jackie did.

Larry was missing Jackie badly and to make it up to her, he wanted to take her out for a late-night dinner the coming weekend. Though Jackie had disagreed with his proposal, yet after constant pursuance, she had agreed to meet him on Friday for a dinner and night out.

Larry was really grateful, but Jackie wasn’t at all ready to get back into the old relationship so soon. She was afraid of being hurt again. So, even though she had agreed to Larry’s request because she was afraid of what he might do to her or Joe.

Jackie explains to Joe what a dangerous man Larry can be and hope he understood why she agreed to go to dinner with him. When Friday evening came, she dressed and put on accessories and chose her new knock-off purse to go with the outfit. She met Larry outside her home and they were on their way to one of the finest restaurants for dinner.

Jackie told herself she did not want anything to do with Larry and his lifestyle anymore. Although the emotions tried to flow in her heart, Jackie did her best to hold them back.

She was afraid what Larry might do to Joe and wanted to protect him as he was the one who brought her back to life when she felt like she was dying.


Except Larry was already contemplating their life together. He wants the relationship back between him and Jackie they used to have where they depended on each other.

Larry felt, how foolish was it of him to hurt her for someone worth not even a dime? He felt good with Jackie. He was determined that he would leave all that behind and again settle with Jackie. But someone else had different plans for him.

After having a good time with Larry over dinner, they headed to Jackie’s home, in Larry’s car. They were driving smoothly along the roads when they were suddenly stopped at the checkpoint. The police were searching each car and its passengers for drugs and so they had to comply.

Larry was completely clean, and he breathed a sigh of relief. However, his relief soon turned into terror when a purse full of cocaine was found upon Jackie. She was shell-shocked, and so was Larry.

They both were arrested and released on bond two days later. When they went to court, they both pleaded non-guilty, but the evidence was against them, and the policed packed them into the car – destined for the police station.

Jackie has been clean from drugs for months and had no access to it, so, how did the drugs get in her purse? Who set her up? Maybe it was Larry side chick he kicked to the curve. Was its Larry as his way of controlling Jackie again? He knows his people will get him off free, but Jackie needed him to be freed. What will happen in the court when they return for the final decision and the ruling?

Jackie may not know it, but she was so better off away from Larry and his lifestyle, Joe is a much better choice for her but she has to know that. Joe stands to get caught up if he steps in to help Jackie and the way he feels about her he will do anything to help her.

Jackie just found a job and this arrest will cause her, her job. She will be left thinking, “I was willing to take a nine to five working over allow a man to take care of me and yet I get caught up in an incident I am not aware of

Jackie is left feeling if hard work doesn’t pay off (then what will), does anyone understand why she feels this way? Life has a way of taking a turn for the worse if we don’t take responsibility for our choices.

Maybe some of us have not taken the time to think about it, but decision making is an essential part of life and how we choose to make them affect the outcome of it. Jackie was given a chance to be free of Larry but she chooses to allow him back into her life.

Was it a wise decision? Will she pay the ultimate price for allowing Larry back into her life, stay tuned as I reveal Jackie’s fate, Larry’s outcome, Joe parts in this tragic situation and so much more in if hard work doesn’t pay off (then what will) part 3.

If Hard Work Doesn’t Pay Off (Then What Will) Part 2

Day #192: Hard Work

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