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If Hard Work Doesn’t Pay Off (Then What Will) Part 1

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.

Most of us were raised up to believe that if we want success in life, we have to work hard to receive it. One would wonder, does this statement stand or hold any essential truth?

To inquire and attempt to speculate on the statement a story about a hard-working young man who starts taking on responsibilities before he turned the legal adult age of 21. He was determined to make his hard work pay off. Read on.

Joe was born to a destitute family of six, living together in a very tiny house, if you could call it that. The single room that served as their dining cum living cum bedroom was always gloomy, like the skies outside and so was each person who dwelled there.

Well, almost everybody, but Joe, he was always smiling and finding ways to make the best out of the worst of circumstances. Many admired his positive attitude and flashy bright smile. Most believe that’s his dazzling smile was what kept Joe going and what open doors for him.

The family barely existed, living life as it was handed down to them. From a minor age, Joe had worked as a helper for a wage that was as poor as the family was. When he was barely seventeen, he was miraculously offered the job of a security guard at the nearby town. His handler had been really helpful to him, and he could not thank him enough.

Mark Alexander was the sole owner of a security company called Never feel Unprotected Inc. He hands pick Joe to work for him when he was in high school. Joe worked for a friend of Paulo trying to make end meet and contribute to the family income.


Mark friend Paulo would work Joe long hours as he’s only focused was solely on the financial math of his merchandising efforts. Paulo owns a grocery store and Joe would stock the shelf, clean the store and on sudden occasion, he would run the cash register when Paulo short of workers.

After long working hours, Joe barely brought home enough money to help his mother pay the monthly bills. However, when Mark approaches Joe and offers him a job as a security officer, he was more than happy to accept.

Joe took the job instantly and though the salary was not much more, yet every little more was a chance at adding to the poverty-stricken household. Joe worked long hours to please the owners and made sure that no one ever had a complaint about him.

He worked relentlessly, spent money as thrifty as he could and brought the rest of it home. He lived with a mother, two sisters, and his aging grandparents. Over the years, his employers gradually grew fond of the hardworking boy, Joe, and his pay raised, though gradually.

By the time Joe was twenty-one, he had enough money to rent for himself a small apartment, close to his workplace. Though the apartment was nothing big or grand, yet for Joe, it was freedom – the best he had ever since he was a child.

Mark Alexander made sure Joe understood what was expected of him. He was a commanding and forceful man; he demands a lot of his employees. Although he didn’t pay the wages to fit his authoritative behavior, he expected a lot of his workers.

He would mess around with the girls but made sure Joe understood he was not to mix business with pleasure. Mark paid one girl a little more to be the lead over all the other girls. She was the main squeeze she considers him her sugar daddy


Her name was Melanie Lane, she was short and attractive and took her overseer and the lead over the girls serious. Though Joe’s employees were helpful to him, the long duty hours and the work he had to do, was pretty much all he had in life.

His owners ran a 24*7 security company that specialized in protecting people and businesses. The customers were of different types – fidgety middle-class people, the arrogant wealthy and youngsters with shifty eyes.

Most people wanted Joe as their bodyguard as he was built, big husky body and he had the face that made him looked as he was not the man to mess with and He was such a gentleman to his ladies’ clients.

Joe was a professional and make sure he carried his self accordingly. He was hired to be the bodyguard of a high-profile celebrity who requested him. She was paying the megabuck, but Joe only received pennies and the majority of the money went to Mark.

She traveled and Joe went alone as her protector. The only good thing about traveling with Laura Wright was she paid for Joe expenses, his hotel room, food, and gas expense. Joe was a big guy who food expense alone was over two hundred dollars a week.

He had a healthy appetite and when he ran errands for Laura the gas expense was sky high as well. She never complained nor did she mind. Laura was the type of woman who wanted everything to go her way and she didn’t give the people who work for her a choice she made all the decisions.


Joe, on the other hand, was not trying to yield to her demand when she came on to him and required him to mix pleasure and business. He was a clever young man, He said ‘NO’ in a way she knew he was not giving in to her demand.

Laura leads Joe to believe she’s okay with him, keeping their relationship strictly business. The next day went on like any other day. Except, two days later, Joe found himself receiving a call from Mark telling him his service was no longer needed.

Joe was confused. And he prayed to God that the situation would pass without any problem. He did not really want to mess up at the job he had been so earnestly doing. Joe kept a sharp eye on everything.

Then two days before Joe received the call he worked for a party Laura was giving and Joe ran across a young lady he used to go to High School with. She was offended because Joe was present when she walks in the room and was subject to a search, Joe shared with her he was only doing his job.

She jumps to defend and screamed, “I Don’t allow males to pat me down”.

Joe shared with her I won’t inappropriate search you. “Forget it,” the ratchet bottled blond spat, holding her arms in the air. Joe knows Sally has a history of causing trouble in life, especially from back in his old neighborhood.

She was a little younger than he was, did a lot of drugs -- and half the guys on his block. Joe was surprised that Sally wasn’t serving time in jail for drugs as she was heavily involved in it.

Joe felted it was clear she was hiding something. “Just do what you’re told,” Joe ordered.


“You have no idea how to treat a young lady, do ya?” This stung Joe. He’d always prided himself on being a gentleman. He didn’t grow up in the best of circumstances, but he’d never raised a hand to a woman and was always focused on doing the right thing.

He respected his mother, grandmother, and two sisters too much to be too much of a sexist toward the opposite sex.

After Sally dropped her arms Joe said, “Just lift your arms, Sally. Please?” He didn’t want to have to pull his weapon on her or detain her by force. Fortunately, Joe’s hard look that he meant business was enough for Sally to finally comply.

He patted her down and felt something lumpy along the side of her shoe. “What’s this?”

“It ain’t nothin’,” the unkempt girl said defensively.

One more touch and he were sure; the girl was bad news. He carefully slid his fingers into her shoes, and there it was, a small pouch of a stolen pot. He was as anxious as the girl, and before he could let her know he decided not to report her, the girl reacted.

She suddenly started shouting blaming Joe for misbehaving with her during the search, and before he could react, a group of peoples had gathered there, looking at him weirdly, like he was a pervert.


“What’s going on here?” Harry asked. He was an imposing man, standing a few inches taller than Joe’s six feet two inches. Where Joe was young slight but muscular, Harry was old, wide and flabby. The girls all called him Big Daddy.

“He’s searched me inappropriately, sir,” Sally said with an innocent pout on her face.

Harry’s hard expression melted a bit. “Is that true, son?”

“What?! No. She…I mean, I…”

“We can’t have you offending nor acting inappropriate with any of the girls, Joe,” said Harry, as his eyebrows high, jaw set.

“I am very disappointed as we thought we could trust you,” Melanie Lane, the short and well-built overseer of the girls agreed.

Sally started behaving as if Joe had molested her and soon the matter escalated. To bring order to the party, Laura took Joe from his duty and He was marched off to a different room.

Sally, dialed 911 for help and soon the police were at the doors. They interrogated both Sally and Joe, but since Joe failed to turn in the proof that after a search he found drugs on Sally and it was the rules 'NO' drug allowed in the party, the accusations leveled upon him and stood firmly against him.


He could show no evidence, no eyewitnesses, nothing; just a ratchet girl who was framing him for no reason. Harry had no other option but to turn him to the police where he was bailed by a friend, the next morning.

It was a nightmare for Joe, but the problems had just begun. When he reached the security company the next day, he was informed that though everyone was morose to inform, yet he could no longer be retained by the bosses, due to the fiasco that happened last evening.

Joe was devastated, He found himself, saying, “I did nothing wrong and what I did was my job.” He felt I gave my all work long hours only to get fired and if hard working doesn’t pay off, then what will?

What happened? Why was Joe fired? He was deeply hurt because he did nothing wrong and was doing his job. The only mistake he made was not turning Sally in for what he found when he searched her.

The reason for the search was NO drugs and no weapons. It was meant to be a clean, lively enjoyable party. Did Joe have a hand in his firing? Perhaps Laura assists in getting Joe fired as she was upset with him because He refuses her advance to mix business and pleasure.

Stay tuned and join me on Part 2 and learn the outcome as I reveal more detail on Joe getting fired, Sally outcome and so much more.

If Hard Work Doesn’t Pay Off (Then What Will) Part 1

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