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Limbo Part 1

Being a content creator,it is honour to work on this huge plateform about any aspects.I hope;my articles woud give you something more.

Here we go again..

How many times has it been?
Is the count even worth it now?
I find myself in the realm of the stasis where the time itself is static, a cold and dark place, like amazon in cold rainy nights, where the silence further consumes the sanity, how the slow breeze now and then rustles the branches, water dripping from creeping arms like branches make you feel like the only breathing soul but with the constant agony of lingering fear, only the chaotic and unrest beings lurk here.

Should I stop? Before I make it a habit of mine? I teleport here every time there is disharmony within me, whenever the symphony of life is disrupted. I haven't mentioned to anyone, about this Limbo, the Perpetual State of Oblivion, I am slowly growing comfortable with.
I guess it's time for an adventure again, traversing through this vast no man's land, lets see what's left for me at the end this time, What's the redemption this time?

With all the clamouring in mind I walked on wards; this part of the limbo is same every time, a bit of clearing in the woods, under a big old black sacra blossom tree i wake up; onward on the trail that leads to inner depth of the forest, there's a silhouette with a mystic aura, it always greets me and steps aside with a sinister grin to give me way ahead.

" Welcome again to Limbo, Ashen One, may you find what you seek, eh eh eh"

Instead of jotting down what comes to mind in the times of crisis.. i thought of giving it a story type look. First time effort though

Please read the next episodes

  • Limbo Part 2
    Story of this part is that, every time I wonder, 'do I even find what I seek? And what exactly have I been seeking? Coming here time and time again only to leave empty handed,' I lost sight of my wish._
  • Limbo Part 03
    _“All those who wander in the darkness seek the light, but when they reach the light, they turn away their eyes from the blinding glare.”_

© 2020 Osman Ghazi

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