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I Know Nothing (Prologue)

This is a story based on my imagination. A realistic truth about relationships. Caution: This is not so happy story

Here I am again, broken. Fooled by the promises, hurt by I love yous. Betrayed by the sweetness. When will I ever learn? When will I accept the fact that this is all over now? When will I cope up with the changes that were forced for me to accept? I once again bitten the trap. I once again overseen the red flags. I once again let love took over, little did I know, that love was a mask. A mask that hid the pain, pain that once again over ruled me.

Funny how a month ago, I was determined to forget. Funny how you just barged in again and make me the happiest, built me up then tear me down. My hopes were raised up so high, only to be slaughtered down.

Can I surrender?

Because I… Surrender


“Ready. 1 2 Charge!”

Well… I guess, this is it.


I smile at the bitterness of life. I see nothing but flashbacks

Your smile, the warm hugs, those sweet kisses.

“Pulse is getting weak, doc!”

“No… Again! Fucking breathe!”

I hear you…


© 2020 Jenevieve Martin

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