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I Heart U: Part Two

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Mary is a photographer, writer, artist, animal lover, wife, and step-mother to four wonderful, beautiful, and very creative children.

New Face

That night after Dinner Mariam went home to reflect on her and Rob's conversation. She also could not stop thinking about how handsome he looked in his grey suit and baby blue tie. He was an absolute ten, Rob has such a great personalty, and an amazing sense of humor as well. Before going to bed that night Mariam vowed that she was going to make it her goal to win over Rob's heart.

The next morning Mariam woke up refreshed and eager to get to work to see Rob. She felt different this morning than other mornings. Mariam got dressed in something a little more sophisticated than she usually did and spent a little extra time on perfecting her hair then looked at her reflection in the mirror and said to herself, "Mariam you are so beautiful" and headed off to work.

While she was heading to work Mariam couldn't help but think about how far she had come since she first moved to New York. She now has an awesome full-time job and the high pay to match and on top of that her boss is awesome. Mariam knew she was lucky a very lucky woman and she appreciated every moment of it.

As Mariam walked into the office she couldn't help but notice a fresh new face in the office. The woman was beautiful and her smile was amazing, The woman noticed Mariam looking at her waved and said, "hello my name is Cherish Daily and I am here to serve as Rob's secretary." Mariam looked at the lovely young beauty and asked, "why does Rob need a secretary, he has all the help he needs?". Cherish looked at Mariam kind of stunned and said, "well nice to meet you too" in a kind of sarcastic tone. Mariam immediately realized she was incredibly rude to Cherish and told her she was sorry.

Cherish accepted her apology and asked her, "so what do you do here?" Mariam looked at the blonde beauty and replied, "I write, of course" and kind of giggled. Cherished laughed back and asked if she would show her around. Mariam agreed and started showing her around the office.


All Beauty

While Mariam was showing Cherish around they ran into Rob. Rob looked at Mariam and said, "I see you have met Cherish." Mariam shook her head yes and replied, "why yes I have and I was quite surprised, you never even mentioned anything about to me." Rob looked at Mariam kind of perplexed and said, "I didn't think I needed your permission." Mariam realized she was a little out of line, after all, she was Rob's employee, not his girlfriend. Mariam looked at rob and replied, "I am sorry Rob, I didn't mean to sound bossy and you're right it isn't none of my business." Rob told her is was okay and headed back to his office.

Cherish looked at Mariam and said, "wow that man is gorgeous." Mariam shook her head and replied, "yes he is" she didn't like what she was hearing come out of Cherish's mouth. But she couldn't get too mad at her either Rob was amazing.

The rest of the day went by pretty slow and Cherish followed her everywhere. Well except for when Rob had her running errands or answering phones. Mariam wasn't a snob, but Cherish drove her crazy. She talked really loud and was a compulsive gum chewer. Mariam was ready when it was time to go home. Just as Mariam was walking out the office she caught a glimpse of Cherish talking with Rob in the parking lot and couldn't help but feel a slight bit of jealousy.

As soon as Mariam walked in her door, her phone began to ring. She didn't recognize the number, but she decided to answer it anyway. Working for a magazine she got all kinds of unknown numbers. Mariam picked up and to her dismay she heard the squeaky voice of Cherish asking, "what are you doing?" Mariam replied, "well I just walked in the door" she was too tired to talk to Cherish right now, she just wanted to take a bath and go to bed. Mariam then asked, "how did you get my number?" Cherish replied, "oh, I looked at your phone." Mariam was shocked how intrusive, this girl was nuts. Mariam didn't feel like going into a long conversation so she told Cherish she would talk to her tomorrow and turned off the phone.

Leave Me Alone

Mariam fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow, she was even too tired to think about what Cherish had done. The next day at work Mariam walked in to see Cherish talking to Rob again. Mariam had a few things she wanted to make clear to Cherish, so she walked straight over to her and asked if she could talk with her.

Cherish looked at Mariam and replied, "Of course you're my best friend." Mariam was now convinced this girl was bonkers but she didn't want to come across too rude so she kept her composure and said, "Cherish you can't go through my phone, I just met you and that was not only intrusive but illegal as well." Cherish looked at her and just started bawling her eyes out and ran to Rob's office.

Mariam just kind of stood in shock and headed towards Rob's office to explain to Rob what had just happened and why. Before she could knock Rob was at the door with a rather unhappy look on his face. He asked Cherish to leave the office and wanted to talk with Mariam. Mariam looked at Rob and started to speak but before she could he interrupted her. Rob looked at Mariam and said, "Mariam you are a great friend to me, but you can't treat my secretary like that." Mariam in shock asked, "what are you talking about, I have been nothing but nice to her. Rob, she is crazy and the reason she was crying is because I got mad at her for going through my phone."

Rob looked at Mariam and replied, "Mariam she just wants to be your friend, be nice to her." Mariam didn't feel like fighting with Rob, he was kind of acting like a jealous boyfriend. So Mariam looked at him and promised she would be nice and headed back to her office.


Love Bites

After work that night, Mariam got another surprise call from Cherish, this time, she didn't answer. Which evidently doesn't work for crazy people because Cherish called her fifteen more times that night. Mariam even ended turning off her phone, she didn't know what Rob saw in this girl, for him to have hired her besides the fact that she was pretty.

The next day at work Mariam did her best to avoid seeing Cherish, she even went in the back way, but Cherish managed to find her. Mariam knew she had to be nice for Rob's sake so she told Cherish hello. Cherish took that as her cue to talk about random stuff for hours. By the end of the day, Mariam's head was pounding.

As she was heading out the door to head home Rob grabbed her by the arm and asked her if she wanted to have dinner. Mariam could never turn down that man, so looked at him and replied, "of course, you pick the place and time, I will show up." Rob told her the Regatta again which was his favorite restaurant.

Mariam headed home that night and got dressed right away, she dressed in her usually classic sexy evening wear and heading out to meet Rob. Once she got there Rob was already there, he stood up and gave her a big hug and said, "good evening beautiful." Mariam blushed as always and replied, "thank you" and blushed as usual. Mariam and Rob talked the whole night like they usually did and everything was going so perfect Mariam decided she was going to tell him how she felt about him.

But just as she was about to profess her love to him he decided to bring up Cherish. Mariam was highly annoyed as he began to describe how good she was at being a secretary. Mariam looked over at Rob and said, "you act like you like her and kind of chuckled." Rob said, "I kind of do Mariam" Mariam's heart dropped and she felt like crying. She couldn't believe what she was hearing Rob say. Mariam said, "Rob are you serious? She is a little crazy." Rob immediately defended her and told Mariam not to talk about her like that. Mariam was heartbroken and ready to go home. She didn't want Rob to know she was hurt so she told him she wasn't feeling well and left.

Mariam cried the whole way home, she couldn't believe Rob was falling for Cherish. But she knew she wasn't going to stand by and watch someone steal Rob out from under her feet.

To be continued...........

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