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I Heart U: Part Three

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So Lonely

As soon as Mariam got home she burst through her door and began to cry. She was so in love with Rob, she just wished he felt the same way about her as she did him. Mariam couldn't stand the idea of seeing him with another woman. She knew she had to tell him how she felt about him before he and Cherish became an item.

The next morning felt horrible, she hadn't slept a wink but she knew if she wanted to win Rob she had better perk up pretty quick, so she drank a gallon of coffee, got dressed and headed off to work.

As soon as Mariam walked into the office she noticed Rob and Cherish chatting as usual, but she wasn't about to let Cherish steal all Rob's attention. She walked over towards Cherish and Rob, gave him a big hug and asked, "Rob do you have a second? I need to talk to you about a new article I am writing." Rob shook his head and replied, "why yes I do, let's step into the office."

Mariam couldn't help but notice they had a tag-a-long Cherish had followed right behind them and was just as cheery and annoying as ever. Mariam not wanting to deal with Cherish's usual high-pitched interruptions, looked at her and asked, "Cherish this is kind of a personal work conversation if you wouldn't mind excusing yourself?" Rob looked over at Cherish who acted as if she didn't hear Mariam and asked her to leave. Cherish looked over at Rob and replied, "anything for you." Mariam could feel her skin crawl just seeing how close Cherish and Rob were becoming.

Once Cherish left Mariam looked over at Rob and said, "Rob I want to write a romantic piece about two best friends who fall in love." Rob looked over at Mariam and asked, (who is this couple you have in mind)? Mariam looked at him and said, "Oh now Rob I can't give away that detail yet." Rob chuckled and replied, "Mariam you are something else, and I would love for you to write your piece, I am sure it will be lovely." Mariam gave Rob a hug and told him you wouldn't regret it.

As Mariam walked out of Rob's office she couldn't help but notice Cherish backing away from the door. Mariam thought to herself "What a nosy snot" and walked back to her office. Of course it wasn't long before she noticed Cherish tagging along. Mariam looked over at Cherish and asked, "can I help you?" Cherish replied, "Mariam I have something to tell you." Mariam looked back at Cherish and said, "okay, what is it?"

Cherish smiling her usual big cheesy smile said, "Rob asked me on a date." Mariam wanted to cry so bad, she heard what Cherish had said but didn't want to believe it. Mariam looked over at Cherish and asked, "when did he do this, we just had dinner last night?" Cherish Replied, "this morning, while we were having coffee." Mariam looked over at Cherish and told her she needed to go to the ladies room and walked away, Mariam didn't feel much like talking.

Mariam calmly walked into the restroom, then went into a stall and began to cry. She couldn't work like this and she felt as if she had just lost the man of her dreams. Mariam tried her best to compose herself, wiped her eyes and headed back to her office. She noticed Cherish walking past her office door a couple of times but every time she saw her. Mariam grabbed the phone and pretended she was taking a business call so Cherish wouldn't bother her.

After work, Mariam spotted Cherish and Rob walking together like usual, except this time Cherish was getting into Rob's car instead of her own. Mariam was heartbroken, she just wanted to go home and sulk. On her way home from work Mariam stopped by Don's Bakery to grab her a bite to eat.

Don was standing at the register just as cheery as ever and asked, "what can I get you today Mariam?" Mariam looked at Don and replied, "everything you got behind your counter would be a great start." Don answered back, "Mariam, I will even throw in the kitchen sink and chuckled." Mariam looked over at Don and asked, "how do you stay so happy?" Don replied, "Mariam it's because I don't let people bother me." Mariam looked over at Don and said, "I wish it was that easy."

Don grabbed a couple of rolls and chicken tenders, wrapped them in butcher paper, handed them to Mariam and said, "here they're on the house beautiful." Mariam looked at him with a big smile, thanked him and walked away. Don followed behind Mariam and asked, "where are you rushing off to?" Mariam replied, "I am heading home to cry and be lonely." Don looked at her and said, "Mariam a woman like you should never be lonely." Mariam replied, "if only that were true." Don looked at her and said, "Mariam if you ever want to talk just stop by and I will lend an ear." Mariam shook her head, walked toward her car and headed home.


Once Mariam got home all she could think about was how lonely she was. The last year of her life had been spent with Rob, laughing and talking the night away. Now he had Cherish to talk to instead. Mariam thought to herself, "I can't let those two be together, I love Rob and he doesn't know it yet but I think he loves me too." That night before she went to sleep Mariam vowed to do everything possible to come between Cherish and Rob.

The next morning Mariam woke up more determined than ever, she knew office apparel was usually basic wear but she had a couple of outfits she knew would knock Rob's socks off. She slipped into a low v-neck mini dress and slipped on her highest pair of heels Mariam figured if Cherish could dress sexy, she could too and do it even better.

When Mariam walked into the office you couldn't hear a pin drop. People were turning their heads and staring in awe as she walked by. Mariam even noticed Rob doing a double-take as she purposely walked by his office. Mariam ran into Cherish in the break room and asked, "so how did your date go with Rob?" Mariam didn't really care but she knew if she wanted to sabotage Cherish and Rob's relationship she had better play nice.

Cherish immediately begin gushing about how wonderful their date went and how sweet Rob was. Mariam already knew how nice Rob was and she figured their date went well but she listened anyway and pretended to be happy for them. Mariam looked over at Cherish once she finally shut up and said, "glad you two had fun" then walked straight to Rob's office. Mariam was going to use the fact that Rob was letting her work on a new article, which was different from the usual beauty pieces she wrote as an excuse to spend more time with him.

Mariam walked into Rob's office and knocked, Rob answered the door and just stared. Mariam could already tell her apparel had him a little tongue-tied. Mariam giggled and asked, "well are you going to let me in?" Rob laughed and replied, "of course, I am just admiring the view." Mariam laughed and walked in. She was used to his flirty joking but that was as far as it had ever gone with her.

Mariam sat down and began to explain her article in great detail to Rob. She told him the title is (I Heart U) and the two main characters are best friends, who have known each other for years and have never acted on it. The male lead ends up falling in love with someone and that is what causes the female lead to realize she loves him. Rob looked at Mariam and said, "this is going to be a tearjerker." Mariam looked over at Rob and replied, "I sure hope so, now let's get to work."

Mariam spent the rest of the workday in Rob's office discussing her new article. She made the suggestion that they should start interviewing a few loving couples to get a better idea of how couples relate and maybe a few of them will have a similar story to her piece. Rob told that sounded like an excellent idea and he couldn't wait to get started.


Bliss and Sadness

After work that day she noticed Rob was walking with Cherish again but she didn't get as upset as she usually did because she was hoping that was about to change. Mariam headed straight to Don's Bakery after work, she felt so bad for just walking away while he was talking yesterday and she didn't want him to think she was mad at him.

Don was standing outside, leaning against his building. Mariam had never really paid much attention to Don before but now that she was she noticed he was quite the looker. He had dark black hair, dark skin and was buff as can be. Mariam walked over to Don and asked, "Hey what are you doing?" Don looked at Mariam and replied, "my goodness, you look beautiful." Mariam replied thank you and asked if he was ready to lend an ear? Don looked at her and replied, "anytime."

Mariam had talked to Don quite a bit but she never really got a chance to know too much about him until that day. Don looked over at Mariam and asked her if she felt better today. Mariam Looked over and replied, "why yes and things are starting to look up." Don looked over and asked, "not to pry but, you mentioned something about being lonely if you don't mind me asking what was that about." Mariam replied, "to make a long story short, I am in love with someone who is dating someone else."

Don looked over at Mariam and said, "Oh, sticky subject there." Mariam replied, "I know" and asked him if he was single. Don paused for a second then replied, "yes, but only because my wife died a few years ago." Mariam looked at Don and said, "I am so sorry Don." Don looked over at Mariam and told her the story of how she died.

His wife's name was Elisa, they were high school sweethearts. Elisa was diagnosed with breast cancer and lived with the awful disease for five years. Eventually, her frail body gave out and she passed away. Rob and Elisa were wanting to start a family but they never got the chance because she had cancer.

Once Don was finished Mariam was drenched in tears. She couldn't believe how selfish she had been. To expect sympathy from this man who has gone through so much. Mariam looked over at Don and said, "You are so strong, I wouldn't have been able to take it." Don looked over and replied, "I thought I couldn't either but I did, she wouldn't want me to be unhappy." Mariam looked over and said, "Your right and I am sorry for trying to throw my petty problems at you." Don laughed and said, "hey, I am used to it I work at a bakery" and they both began to laugh.

Don looked over at Mariam and said, "I better let you go home, so I can get some work done." Mariam replied, "okay, I will catch you later." Don said, "it will take a pretty big net to catch me." Mariam laughed and said, "your silly" and headed home. On the way home she thought about the talk her and Don had and she felt so heartbroken for him, what a love story Don and Elisa must have had.

Love Stories

The next day at work Rob was waiting for Mariam in her office, he walked up to Mariam and asked, "so you ready to get to work?" Mariam replied, "as ready as I will ever be." Rob told Mariam he had two couples lined up for them to interview. One had been married for fifty years and the other were going through couples therapy and in their thirties. Rob told her he would right down the information and she could conduct the interview, Mariam shook her head and replied, "Let's get started."

The first couple they interviewed was the couple going through counseling. Mariam looked at the lady, who appeared to be kind of shy and asked, "what's your name?" She replied, "my name is Margaret Tomkin and this is my husband Robert Tomkin." Mariam looked over at the couple and asked them if they wouldn't mind telling her how they met.

Margaret explained to Mariam that her and Robert met in College and they got married not too far after they graduated. She then went on to explain how they ended up in couples therapy because Robert never listened and ignored her daily. Margaret seemed to blame everything on Robert, so Mariam decided to ask him his version of their love story.

Robert told the same version of how they first met but his version of how they ended up in therapy was totally different. He admitted he wasn't as attentive to Margaret as he should have been but that Margaret made it hard. All she wanted to do was fight. While he gave his version Mariam could see the anger build up in Margaret and she knew she had to talk with the couple before she sent them on their way, she may not be a therapist but she was a great judge of character.

Mariam looked over at Margaret and asked, her to see things from Robert's perspective as well as her's. Margaret began to cry and replied, "I am trying, I know in reality, this situation is just as much my fault as it is his but sometimes I have a hard time admitting it." Robert walked over to Margaret bent down and said, "baby I love you more today than I did yesterday and that is the way I will always feel about you. My heart belongs to you and only you." Once Margaret began hugging him, Mariam knew the couple would be okay and she thanked them for sharing their wonderful story and they left.


The next couple was so adorable, they even held hands as they sat together. Mariam couldn't wait to hear their story. She looked over at the gentleman wearing a brown-edged cowboy hat and asked him what his name was. He looked over at Mariam and replied, "my name is Albert Churchill and this is my beautiful wife Vivian Churchill." Mariam couldn't help but notice the smile that appeared on Vivian's face when he said that.

Albert and Vivian both began to tell their love story about how they met, she was his nurse back in the sixties. He had been in a racing accident, it appears Mr. Churchill was quite the daredevil when he was younger. Vivian told me about their beautiful family they had made together. They had four boys and one girl, all their children were just as successful as their parents. Mariam knew it had to have something to do with their parents loving relationship.Once they were done Mariam knew she had just heard a true love story. She walked over to the loving couple shook their hands and thanked them for their time.

Once they left Mariam looked over at Rob and asked, "did you get everything down?" Rob replied, "I sure did and boy that last couple was amazing, their love could write a book." Mariam looked over and said, "I know that is what I want my love story to be like." Rob looked over at Mariam and said, "I am sure it will, your an awesome woman Mariam" and left her office.

Mariam began writing her article right away, she now knew what she was going to be naming her Characters they were going to be called Robert and Vivian Tomkin and it was going to be quite different from the piece she was originally planning on writing. She had gotten so much inspiration from the couples she had just interviewed that she couldn't help but incorporate their relationships into her piece. They were now high school sweethearts instead of just friends as she had originally intended and they have a beautiful family. Vivian had just been diagnosed with cancer and the couple is fighting together to keep her alive. Mariam knew this was going to be a piece to remember and she couldn't imagine writing it with anybody else besides Rob. Mariam didn't know how but she knew somehow this was going to bring her and Rob together.

To be continued...........

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