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I Heart U: Part One

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Mariam Meets the Big Apple

Mariam Allen woke up to the loud blaring buzz of her alarm, she had already hit the darn thing twice and now she was running late again. She rushed out of bed and immediately ran downstairs only to realize she forgot her briefcase. "Oh if it isn't one thing it's another) she thought to herself."

Mariam is working as an intern for one of the hottest magazines in New York called Fashion Rocks and she loves it. Well, let me rephrase that, she loves the magazine and her hot boss Rod Stanton, but everything else, like the long hours and crappy pay, is the pits. But if she doesn't stop being late she is bound to be jobless, which would be even worse.

Mariam rushed back upstairs grabbed her briefcase and darted like nobodies business downstairs and out the door. When she got to the office she didn't even get a chance to sit-down before Essie-May was asking her to start running errands.

Essie-May is truly hideous, her beauty masks the fact that she is pure evil. She hates Mariam and crushes her every chance she gets. She describes Mariam as a country bumpkin from Tennessee with no class or taste. Essie-May acts like the boss but in reality, she is just a basic magazine writer. Either way, she is still higher up on the totem pole than Mariam is, at least for now.

Mariam looks at Essie-May and obliges, she knew if she said anything besides yes, Essie-May would go totally crazy and she didn't feel like hearing her mouth. Essie-May looked at her with that usually disgusted look on her face and started barking her orders. "Go get me a dark coffee and make sure it's not too hot, with two and a half sugars, one light cream, and a gluten-free bagel, with strawberry cream slathered on the bottom only and make sure they don't touch." Mariam grit her teeth and smiled, she wanted so bad to call Essie-May a control freak, but she kept her comments to herself and went on her way, she knew she needed this job and Essie-May's horrible attitude wasn't going to cost Mariam her job.



Mariam headed downstairs with Essie-May's long list of orders and headed out the building towards Don's Bakery which was only a block away. She went to open the door when out popped her drop-dead-gorgeous boss Rob Stanton. He looked at Mariam smiled and told her good morning.

Mariam's face immediately turned four shades of red and she looked at him and said, (bland to do) and then realized she said something that didn't make sense and said, "I mean same to you" and walked away looking down at the floor.

Mariam could not believe she had just made an utter fool of herself, every time she talks to that handsome man she fumbles and gets tongue tied. Oh well, she knew she had better hurry anyway before Essie-May blew a gasket. She shook her head and headed to the counter to get Essie-May's order.

Mariam looked at the big, friendly man behind the counter and said, "Howdy Don, I got another order from Miss Crazy." Don looked up at Mariam and told her to behave, then started to grin. Mariam began to call off Essie-May's order and Don got to work. He knew Essie-May would totally crush Mariam if anything was wrong. Once everything was done he handed Mariam Essie-May's order and said, "don't let them drive you, crazy sweetie." Mariam looked at Don, smiled and replied, "I won't Mr. Don" and headed back to work.


Essie-May was waiting for Mariam at the door tapping her heel and looking like she was ready to explode. Mariam knew she had only been gone a couple of minutes, but she figured Essie-May would throw her usual tizzy. Essie-May looked at Mariam and screamed just as obnoxious as can be, "You are an incompetent idiot, I gave you one thing to do and it took you forever, just take this food and eat it yourself and get me something else. This time, don't take all day."

Mariam had about had it with Essie-May's mouth and she was going to say something, but thankfully Rob stopped the little scene. Rob walked up to Essie-May and Mariam and told them, "ladies I need to see you both in my office." Mariam's heart dropped she thought that was it, Essie-May was about to win.

Rob closed his office door and asked Essie-May why she was screaming? Essie-May looked at Mariam and snarled then told him, "it's her Rob she is an utter accident, she never gets anything right and she is always late. This stupid little twit is getting on my nerves." Mariam could feel tears swelling in her eyes and knew she had to defend herself from Essie-Mays criticism she looked at Rob and said, "Essie-May treats me like a dog, she gives me lengthy, demeaning errands and treats me like a fool. She hasn't said one kind word to me and I have been nothing but respectful to that monster".

Essie-May's head looked like it was going to spin and she was about to make a comment until Rob looked at her and told her to shut her mouth and let him speak. He looked at Essie-May and told her, "Essie-May we have been down this road before, I am the boss and if you want to continue working here you better straighten up." Essie-May looked at him in shock and shook her head. Rob looked at Mariam and said, "honey I am so sorry she has been so horrible to you, everybody from here is not like her". Mariam looked at him and said, "I know and thank you so much for nipping this situation in the bud".

Mariam couldn't believe she had just talked to Rob, but she did and he seemed to like her, maybe not like she hoped but, at least, he liked her as a person. Rob dismissed Mariam and Essie-May and told them to behave. Essie-May walked away grumbling, "he talked to me like a child." Not afraid to voice her opinion to Essie-May anymore Mariam looked at her and said, "well, it's because you act like it, you sour faced beetle." Essie looked at her in dismay and stomped away. Mariam just felt good that she didn't have to kiss-up to that woman anymore.


Dinner Plans

By the end of the day, Mariam was ready to go home, she knew she had to change a couple of things and make the most of her internship. So she went home made her usual ramen noodle plate and went to bed. She knew she had to stop being late and start showing Rob she is writer material.

The next few weeks went by pretty smoothly, Mariam woke up on time and was never late and Essie-May stopped hounding her, life was going pretty peachy. Well, except for the fact that her internship was nearly over and she still hadn't gotten any articles published yet, but she was about to change that. She knew she had some good pieces she just had to figure out how to get Rob to read them.

Mariam walked to Rob's door just as he was walking out, he almost bumped into her. Which to be honest she really wouldn't have cared. Rob asked Mariam, "What can I do for you?" Mariam's mind started racing and she paused for at least an awkward minute then just blurted out, "I have an awesome article about love and life, could you please read it?" Rob looked at her and replied, "of course, maybe we can discuss it over dinner, do you have any plans tonight?"

Mariam though she was going to pass out, sexy Rob Stanton just asked her out. I mean even if it was just for business, it is still awesome. Mariam looked at Rob and answered, "Nope, I am completely free." Rob looked at her and smiled then said, "I will meet you at the Regatta at eight, don't be late." Mariam smiled and assured him she wouldn't.


Mariam rushed home and put on the sexiest black dress she could find, with matching heels and purse, then polished up a bit. She knew she had to show him she wears much more than trousers and big blazers and actually has quite a good sense of fashion.

Once Mariam was ready she headed out to the Regatta and was actually a little late but Rob had made plans so their table was ready. So she quietly sat and wait for Rob. When Rob arrived he didn't even recognize Mariam. He looked at her and told her, (You are quite the beauty) Mariam just blushed and smiled. Rob sat down and asked Mary, (Well, where is this article you been dying to show me. ) Mariam realized she left it at home and said, "I can't believe this, I left it at home." Rob looked at her and said, "that's okay I can swing by and pick it up after we enjoy our meal."

That night Mariam and Rob talked and laughed all night, they had a whole four-course meal and Mariam was so happy she didn't have to eat noodles yet again. After they had eaten their last course they headed out to their cars and Rob told her he would follow her,

On her drive home, Mariam couldn't help but ponder over the lovely evening she had just had with Rob. She started fantasizing about a lovely goodnight kiss, followed by Rob confessing his undying love for her. Of course she knew that more than likely wasn't going to happen but a girl can dream.

Once Mariam got to her house she open the door and Rob followed, she went to her room got her article gave it to him and he left. She kind of sighed to herself she kind of wished her dream would have come true but at least, he took her article.



The next day at work Mariam was greeted by Rob telling her she was officially an employee. Mariam was so happy she knew this meant that he published her article and she was finally moving up. Rob looked at Mariam and said, (now comes the hard part, you need to write at least five full articles a week and they have to be turned in before midnight of each day. ) Mariam looked at Rob and said, (no problem boss, I got this. )

Months went by and Mariam Consistently published article after article but she started developing real feelings for Rob. The more she talked to him and had dinner with him, the more she fell in love. Rob was seeing different women and didn't seem like the settling type. I mean he hadn't even made any gesture towards Mary that he was even interested in her.

One day while having dinner and discussing work matters Mariam decided to change up the subject a little. She looked at Rob and asked, (what kind of girls do you like Rob? ) Rob kind of dumbfounded smiled and answered, (I love intelligent, kind, beautiful women, why you ask? ) Mariam looked at Rob and said, (just curious) and changed the subject. Rob looked at Mariam and said, (now you can't ask me something like that and expect me not to ask you as well. ) Mariam looked at Rob, smiled and replied, (I like strong, intelligent men. )

Rob looked at Mariam and said, (Mariam, you are a lovely woman, I am sure you will find your match. ) then went back to talking business. Mariam hoped that would get him to break but it didn't. She knew winning Rob's heart was going to be a task but she was up for the fight.

To be continued.............................................

  • I Heart U: Part Two
    The second part of Mariam's tale of love and self-discovery. Will Mariam win the heart of Rob her handsome boss or not?

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