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I Am Santa Claus 3 - A Flash Fiction Story Ending

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in Psychology.


I Am Santa Claus Part 3

“Come on Joe we have so much more to see. You can converse with Elise later…now come on.” Santa pushed Joe out of the stable. Joe and Belminda headed out the stable doors. Santa stopped. Elsie came and stood next to him.

“You haven’t told him have you.“ Elise asked as she watched Joe and Belminda walk away.

“Not exactly…I told him I was dying. Which when you think about it is not a lie. We all die at some point….”

“Dad, you have to tell him…about all of it…including our betrothal.”

“I will, I will. Now you can tag along if you promise to keep quiet.”

“Dad, you can be quite incorrigible at times.”

Santa laughed. “Remember our secret for now.”

“We have to tell him sooner than later.”

They headed back to the main house. Along the way Santa whispered this or that to certain elves he passed.

They had made it to the main houses where Joe and Belminda waited just inside the door.

“So, ” Belminda said. What’s on the agenda for today?”

Santa put his hand up and stroked his white beard.

“Well first we need to get Joe here a red suit. Then I think I will leave it up to Elise to show him around.”

Santa looked over at Elise who scowled back at him.

“What’s the matter dear?”

“Nothing dad. I mean what could be the matter?”

Joe leaned back over to Santa and whispered in his ear. “You got a feisty one there.”

“You don’t know the half of it my boy.”

Joe turned to look at Elise. She gave him a stern look. He quickly turned back to Santa.

Santa laughed. “Told you. Now Belminda can you take Joe to his suit fitting.”

“Let’s go hot shot.”

“Belminda be nice!” Santa chided.

She smiled, “I am being nice.”

Joe and Belminda went out the door.

“So where are we going?” Joe asked.

Belminda scowled. “The tailor shop. Where’d you think?”

Joe followed Belminda. He decided not to say a word



“I don’t know why I ever agreed to this.” Joe said as he looked at himself in the mirror. He shook his head. He looked so out of place in the baggy red suit. “I mean this Santa Claus gig is not for me. I mean who am I to think I can replace the big man. I know nothing about working with elves or delivering toys all over the world in one night. Not to mention…”

Belminda put her hands on her hips. “Stop being such a wimp. You think you’re going to be doing this all by yourself? No,you’re going to have your betroth…the former Santa, not to mention the elves, a logistics team and much more. So hike up your pant and be a man…or Santa in this case, and let’s get moving.”

Joe went and changed out of his outfit. He hoped he didn’t have to grow into the outfit. He walked out to where Belminda was standing.

“May I ask you something without risking my life?”

“It depends on what it is.” She smiled.

“What were you going to say before? I mean you started to say something which sounded like the word betrothed but then stopped.”

“I do not recollect saying it but no matter what I might or might not have said we must get back to Santa and his daughter.”

Belminda turned and walked out the door. Joe followed her back to the main homestead. An elf opened the door for them and motioned for them to the dining room. Around a big table sat a number of elves, Santa and his daughter. There were two empty seats. One between Santa and his daughter. The other at the head of the table. Belminda took the head seat of course.

“I’ve called you all here in order you may meet the new Claus. Everyone, I'd like you to meet Joe Cluse.”

All turned Joe’s way. He squirmed a little. In those eyes he saw a mixture of emotions from curiosity to I’m not so sure about this guy.

“Does anyone have any questions for Joe.”

Joe sat there thinking please, please don’t let anyone ask me a question. Thankfully no one raised a hand.

“Okay, “ Santa said. “I expect you all to treat Joe like you treat me. Scratch that treat him better than you treat me. Now we don’t have much time to get Joe up to speed on the North Pole operations so I’m going to partner him up with my daughter. Now let’s get to work. Meeting adjourned.”

The elves got up and left. Santa looked at Joe.

“I think the meeting went well.”


Joe looked puzzled. “Went well? Not one elf acknowledged me.”

Santa laughed. “A good sign they liked you.”

“Believe me it could have gone a lot worse.” Acknowledged Belminda. “Now If you don’t need me for now I have the naughty and nice list to audit.” She turned and left the room.

Santa turned to Joe and Elsie. “I have a lot to do so Elsie you will need to get Joe up to speed on how the North Pole operates.”

Elsie nodded.

“Ok, I’m going to be off.”

Joe watched Santa walk out a double set of doors and down a long hallway.

“His office is down the hall, well soon it will be your office.”

Joe glanced into Elsie’s eyes. “What?”

“I said…”

“No, I heard what you said. I’m just trying to soak it all in. I do have one question.” Joe stood there for one long moment.

Elsie looked at him. “What’s your question?”

“I don’t know how to ask this so I’m just going to ask…ummm are we to be married?”

Elsie took a step back. “Ummm who told you.”

“So it is true?”

“I would like to deny.”


“Let me explain. The job of being the Claus is prescribed to the first born male heir. Since my dad only has a daughter he had to find a replacement…you.”

“Where do you fit into all this?”

Elsie wrung her hands. “Well since I’m Santa’s next daughter I’m allowed to stay here at the North Pole. When he told me he’d found a person to take over for him. I tagged along. I guess you can say we scouted you out.”

“Interesting.” Muttered Joe.

“I was even there in the restaurant when he finally talked to you and accepted the position. He was supposed to talk to you about me and introduce me to you but he did not. Now here we are.”

Joe stood there for a moment. He looked into her eyes. Something in his heart stirred. He’d noticed how beautiful she was. The emerald green eyes, long red hair.

“Are you okay?” Elsie stammered. “I mean if you don’t want…”

Joe put his finger to her lips. “I have one question for you.”

She stood there for a moment. “Yes.”

“Are you okay with the whole scenario of marrying me?”

She laughed. “If I wasn’t I’d have argued the issue with my father. Truth is in spending all the time we did in getting to know you as a person…well I kinda started to develop feelings for you…deep feelings.”

Joe for some unknown reason leaned in and kissed her. She kissed him back. They both felt something stir inside them. A soft giggle behind broke their embrace. They turned to find Santa standing there with a wide smile on his face.

“I see you two are getting better acquainted. Now you both better be off. You have a lot of work to do. By the way both of you get used to working together. Next year this will be all yours.”

© 2021 Timothy Whitt

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