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I Am Santa Claus Part 2 - A Flash Fiction Story Sequel

Tim is a local educator who earned his Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Albright College in Reading, PA. He is an avid writer and artist.


I Am Santa Claus Part 1

I Am Santa Claus 2

“So Joe, your first lesson is in the off-season avoid the elves as much as possible. Let me tell you they will wear you down.”

“Santa,” A small annoyed voice called from behind them. “What are you doing skipping out on us again. You know it is almost time to start the Christmas preparations.

“Darn Santa finder! I gotta remember to disable that thing the next time.”

“What?” Joe said.

“Nothing,” Santa replied. “Joe meet head elf Beliminda. Belminda this is Joe. He is going to be the new guy you get to annoy. I mean help.”

Joe looked at Belminda. “You're kinda cute.”

“Stuff it bud. I’m old enough to be your great,great,great,great grandmother. Now, I take it you're going to be the new Claus.”

“Yes, I’m the new Claus.

She looked Joe up and down. “Nice, but we got a lot of work to do to whip you into shape before Christmas. So if you two are done wasting valuable Christmas minutes we can be on our way.”

“Wait just one moment.” Santa said as he put his hands on his hips. “You’re not in charge here…”

Belminda smiled. “Neither are you anymore…he is.” She pointed at Joe.

“What…but…”Santa stammered. “He’s not even trained yet.”

Belminda crossed her arms. “Not my problem. You’re the one who did not use the proper channels in the selection of your replacement. Now since he declared himself the Claus, he is the Claus. So now if you’re done chit chatting we best be back to the North Pole to begin his training or Christmas is not going to go well


North Pole

Joe followed Belminda and the former Santa Claus into a large room filled with elves. Joe looked around. He noticed a couple hundred sets of eyes focused on him. He said the first thing which came to his mind.

“Didn’t anybody ever tell you it is not polite to stare.”

All the elves echoed a round of “no sir,” “yes sir,” or “right sir,” before they returned to their work. Joe turned to find Belminda and Santa. Their faces read as unhappy.


Belminda spoke first.

“Let me remind you…no let this be your first and one of the most important lessons. Article 5, paragraph 25 states and I quote. “No Claus will ever show any disrespect by thought, word or deed towards any elf. Elves like all you come in contact with must be treated in a jolly full attitude.” So now you must. So now you see you apologize to all the elves in this room.”

Joe Claus stood there looking at all the faces who were now once again looking at him. Joe stood there for a few moments. Then he decided to do what any respectable Claus in training would do, he let out a trial, Ho, Ho, Ho then looked at the elves.

“Look elves, elvi, no I guess it’s just elves. I’m sorry for getting snippy with all of you. It’s just I…well I’m new to this Santa Claus gig. It’s going to take some time for me to adjust. I’m looking forward to working with all of you and in making this the best Christmas ever.”

The elves let out such a thunderous round of applause it even made Belminda smile. The former Santa Claus just stood there. He smiled. He had chosen corrrectly. The next part of the day was filled with introductions to all the department heads, signing this or that contract and finally some Elfin food which Joe found quire tasty. In fact after one meal his pants even felt a little snug around the waist. He loosened his belt one notch. After lunch they made there way to the reindeer stables. Belminda stopped at the entrance to the stables.


“I want to warn you.” She said. “The reindeer are notoriously finicky. They might not like you at first.”

Joe smiled, “I never me a reindeer who didn’t like me.”

“Met a lot of reindeer before have you?” Belminda quandaried.

“No,” Said Joe. “These will actually be my first.”

Belminda smiled. “Well, may we continue?”

Joe squirmed a little. He better learn to listen more and open his big mouth less. Belminda threw slid back the two big barn doors. There in the middle of the barn sat a gleaming red sled. On either side of the sled we’re rows of reindeer stalls.

“Wow,” said Joe. “This is cool.”

Suddenly heads with antlers attached popped out of each stall. All eyes watched Joe. Each of the reindeer slowly exited their stall and walked over to where Joe, Belminda and Santa. The former Santa greeted each one with a wink and a soft pat on the nose. He introduced each of the reindeer to Joe. Joe recongnozed the names. Each reindeer came over to Joe sniffed him a little then went back to their stall except for Dasher. He let out a loud harrumph and stomped noisily back to the stall.

“Don’t mind him. He can finicky at times.” Said a female voice behind Joe. He turned to find a quite attractive red headed woman standing there,

Joe just stood there. He was sure his mouth was hanging open. The woman held out her hand. “My name is Elise, I’m Santa’s daughter.”

“I’m Joe.”

“I know who you are. I’ve heard a lot about you since my father got in his mind to retire.”

“Retire…I thought…”

“Come on Joe we have so much more to see. You can converse with Elise later…now come on.” Santa pushed Joe out of the stable. Joe and Belminda headed out the stable doors. Santa stopped and turned to Elsie.

“He does not know…I told him I was dying. Which when you think about is not a lie. We all die at some point….”

“Dad, you have to tell him…about all of it…including our betrothal.”

“I will, I will. Now you can tag along if you promise to keep quiet.”

“Dad you can be quite incongible at times.”

Santa laughed.

© 2021 Timothy Whitt

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