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How She Fought Back #2

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When his mother hears what the herbalist says she burst into tears because she has suffered greatly on the child, she remembers that she labored for about seven days before she eventually give birth to the child. The son whom she has labored on so much is the son that

The herbalist says would soon give up the ghost. As she continues to cry she asks from the man if there is anything he can prescribe for them to avert the situation but the man replied that as the spirits are revealing things to him, if anyone attempts to do that, such a

Person’s life would go for his and after that has happened the boy again would die. Assuming the boy would not die, maybe he would have attempted to give his life for his he replied his mother. His mother continues to cry while his father says again in the form of

Asking the man that there is nothing that could be done for his son again and he should watch him die. The herbalist replies that he has spoken well, nothing could be done about his case again he reiterated. Reluctantly the man stands to his feet pulling his wife up from where

She has sited and the young boy he holds by his right hand and they walked out of the premises of the herbalists and return to their abode. His mother continues to cry while returning home such that everyone who passes by them keeps pitying his mother as if he is

Already dead, his father too was using strong head because his eyes were red like coals taken out of the midst of fire and it is certain that he is shedding internal tears as people used to say of an old man whose eyes are red that he is internally crying. How they got to their

Apartment then could not really be stated for it is full of tears, stumbling along the road because of the swollen eyes and could not see well. The sorrow and anguish of mind that have sunk into the heart of my mother makes her to forget the local drugs she uses to use for

Me, and his father has called her saying that, though we respect those herbalists, but we should know that our son is yet to die, we should not send him to his early grave when the Greatest One has not called him, let us continue to use his drugs for him for who knows, God


May have mercy and save him from the illness his father has told his mother. Always remember that those people are not gods, their words are not the final saying, he has stated. It was after the man says this that his wife remembers that she has not been given her son the

Drugs he was using, for she has abandoned him waiting for the time he will die, for she perhaps thinks that her son’s death would come early. As she changes her position and continues to give him the prescribed local concoctions by other healers in the land, she keeps

Praying within her mind that his son would recover from his illness, after all the herbalist is not god as his husband has said, why would she kill her own son with her negligence before her son’s death, she keeps thinking. Though there was no appreciable changes in his

Life as she continues to give him the concoctions, but along the line someone visits them from neighboring island which is bigger than theirs’ and the island has hospital built there by missionaries, the hospital is being ran by those missioners. The man who visited them and the

Boy’s father has been friends from their childhood days, as twenty children cannot play and be together for twenty years according to the proverb of the island, the man relocated to the bigger town about fifteen years back and has been employed by missionaries to be one of The gardeners in the hospital.


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