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How I Escaped Death? Part II

He's a struggling writer. He aims to write only what he's experienced in his life.

How I Escaped Death? Part II

Rohit, my son rushed me on a scooter at mid-night to a hospital on the 7th of August' 20.

The doctors and nurses checked me to find out the cause of my stomach pain. They prescribed oral medicines to ease my pain. X-Ray of the chest was done. Then they advised me for CECT.

At the end the, the Department of Gastroenterology gave me the CECT report:


Then they referred me to cardiothoracic centre.
I was admitted to the next hospital at noon on the following day.

After getting admitted, I got further medicines and routine check ups.

My Biopsy report :

Left lung: four pieces of grey threadlike tissue altogether measuring 1.4×2cm..

After checking the biopsy report the ward doctor said my lung would get healed gradually. I didn't need operation. Then I was discharged on the 13th of August, advising me to visit the hospital after one month for follow up.

On the 14th August morning I went for a morning walk,

I could barely stretch my right leg as before while walking due to cramp on my right calf. I felt pain flowing downward from the joint on my right hip.

I pushed on but it was my futile effort. I sat down on the sideways for a while, so that, the numbness would disappear.

As I regained strength, I stood up and I returned home. My hope of walking till David’s guest house had to be postponed.

The following morning, I walked for a short walk. The cramp on the right calf reappeared.

From then on, I figured it out, I needed complete bed rest for some days taking the prescribed medicines every day.

I visited the hospital for the follow up after a month. The doctor told me to repeat biopsy test.

2nd Biopsy report:

4 cores of light brown colored tissue, each measuring 1.5×0.2 cm.

After observing the two biopsy reports, the doctors concluded that my left lung had to be operated.

So, to reconfirm, I was told to go through bronchoscopy test on the following day with the empty stomach. The bronchoscopy test came out to be negative on Friday.

Then the doctors kept my prescriptions and test reports and informed me that the operation would be performed on Monday.

My son nodded his head agreeing to the doctors. Then we returned home

I told my wife to keep the money ready for funeral also. She got emotional, but I was not. I had no energy to argue with her. I kept quite

After some days, a YouTube visual became viral. It was about a prisoner whose family members were informed that he was dead in the hospital.

His wife and daughter arrived from the West Nepal to Kathmandu to claim the body.

The management didn’t want to hand over the body to them on the pretext of corona virus infection.

But the daughter stealthily got into the moratorium and shot the visual of the body. Then she uploaded the video on the YouTube.

She narrated on the video that eyes were missing from her dad’s face. She told the story with confidence, for she was a nurse by profession.

Later on, it became a scandalous news on the TV for weeks.

My wife also came to know about it and she understood.

I stayed home through out the months of September and October taking all the prescribed medicines. During the day, I sat on the terrace for sun bath.

Alternative Medicines and Two Sad News

I wanted get healed and live. So, I experimented using alternative medines also.

I drank distilled cow urine from the 20th of August. I took moringa powder every morning till the end of October.

I further experimented with garlic, ginger and other spices intakes to stop coughing.

I pressed on till Chabahil spice shop in the afternoon on the 1st of November. I bought 100 grams of black seed from the spice shop. I rinsed one tea-spoonful of it in a cup at night.

I drank the water and swallowed the seed, the following morning. Then I walked till the Boudha main road without stoppage on that day. I felt black seed was the perfect suppliment for me.

I visited David on the 2nd of November in the evening to know if his new passport had arrived.

Instead of updating me about his new passport, he was curious about my sickness. I had already informed him through the emails.

I visited David’s guest house every evening to know if he had received any email from HMPO.

He always had a monosyllable, ‘no’.

On the 23th of November afternoon, I asked him to forward me all the emails from HMPO.

Right from the following day. I stopped visiting him. Beacause, I realised that I was just trapped to listening to his gossip about U.S. election, religions and the pandemic. Those things were beyond my comprehension.

My only concern about him was that he must get his new passport at the earliest, so that, the Nepal Department could stick the 6 months student visa stamp on it.

My next worry, he must never get infected with the virus.
I came to know when I read an email that was sent to him on 22nd of July. He might have forgotten to reply that email!

I then focused writing for Hubpages than keep on communicating to HMPO and VFS on his behalf. My HP account grew from 3 articles 15 after 4 years.

Meanwhile, I had emailed David that I was focused in writing for Hubpages. He replied me that he could help me to write if I visited him.

I thanked him and I had to inform him that I was a lucky person to have towering figures of writers on Hubpages who guide me.

Meanwhile, my black seed regular intake enhanced my health.

I visited the doctor every month for follow ups. My reports of monthly X-Rays showed improved results. I gained weight every month by one kg. And it was from 54 kg to 61 kg in the 4th month.

The doctor checked my blood test on the 2nd of Feb’21. He said my blood was free from bad cholesterol. So, he cut down my medicines.

I had sent emails to the friends in U.S., Germany, Holland, France and U.K. in the first of the lockdown. I got reply that they were safe.

Towards the end of the year, I got two sad news.

One in October, I got a message from Beth: Jack Cosgrave had passed on to next life in August'20.

Another sad news, the famous climber Doug Scott passed away on the 7th of December.

He had replied my email that he'd come to Nepal in April’20. I had requested him that I would take him to an Ashram where Hugh Wilkinson had spent time with a God realised sage. Doug had agreed. Wilkinson was the British Envoy for Nepal (1924-29 A.D.)

Absolute Truth

Even the best civilization falls. Creation, preservation, and distruction- this process goes on.

Nothing is can be made permanent. Only aftet God vision, your achievement becomes permanent.

There is change, as Buddha says.

But there is also the changeless, Absolute Truth. Men are born, laugh and cry and die- changless this too.

-Right Life by Renu Lal Singh.


I shared my black seed story to one person each day right from the 1st of December’20 till I conclude this article.

I have told my story to over a hundred persons. Those person who had time to listen, I told them how to use it as a medicine and how to use as spice in the curry or pickle. I also told them to check it out on YouTube.

I also warned them that persons with low pressure and pregnant woman shouldn’t take it. I further informed them that some may get skin allergy.

I had learnt about black seed from Nepali writers and hearsay. I further learnt from two articles:

Kalonji , Black Seed or Nigella Sativa Seed and Its Health Benefitss by Rajan Singh Jolly.

Amazing Black Seed Oil: Does it Cure Everything But Death and Make Your Hair Grow? By BkCreative.

I’ve also learnt about Black Seed from YouTube. I thank them for sharing their knowledge and experience.

I cherish the fond memory with Nir Kumari Lama who would treat me with lunch someimes. During those days I taught in a school. I shared a room in the same house. where she was my neighbour in the opposite room in 1980. That was my first year in the Valley. I had come from Assam.

She’s survived by her wonderful husband Arjun, a daughter, a son and grand daughter.

I cherish my beautiful memory with Dough Scott and his group trek to Kanchunjunga in 1988. Crossing Ming Mo La pass was a challenge.

I can never forget Jack Cosgrave and 8 serene souls from U.S. Jack had led the group and explored the Shamans in Kalinchowk Himalaya. JB, the shaman from Nepal was Jack’s best friend. And later he became my fast friend along with other souls.

Without the daring support from my wife who borrowed money from her dad and raising fund from her relatives and the community centre for my treatment, it would have been impossible to scribble this article to share with the world. I’m indebted to her, my son and all her relatives including Amreeta and Nanu who attended me in the hospital

I quote U.G. Krishnamurti, “You had no choice about your birth, but you have some control over your death.” Every soul, known and unknown from near and far had helped me. Their strength and support had helped escape death using some control over it.


© 2021 gyanendra mocktan

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