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Hospital Fighter Ch. 7 Police is Searching for Him

I write classic "good vs evil" creative writing pieces with smart twists inspired by vintage action cinema, gaming, and heavy metal.


“I think we got something on our “professional” a patrol officer notified the hastily promoted young village cop; clearly the Soviet police was on full alert when it came to the mysterious “preparat.” Now, he was a part of the top priority investigation and APB on a prime suspect dubbed “The Professional” and later on, “The Hospital Fighter” after other patrol officers provided more information.

“Apparently, this guy doesn’t live in this city nor does he have any identification; no names, family members, or known acquaintances.” The officers brainstormed their intel, “We also know that he was detained and escaped from a precinct upon interrogation by a police sergeant.”

“So is he a vagrant or an illegal immigrant?”

“No he is a Soviet, allegedly worked at a hospital for years until his termination for undisclosed reasons.”

“Does he have a criminal record?”

“No but he was detained by a sergeant, only to escape while wearing handcuffs; that same sergeant put forth the suspect’s description so an identikit is produced and ready to go.”

“Was he seen elsewhere?”

“Allegedly, killed some junkies in an abandoned factory; our undercover informant claims he befriended a few homeless people that were killed by them.”

“What else did our informant discover?”

“Our suspect is very interested in hospitals, says he was looking to break into one at night.”

“That explains the hospital fire from last night, must have been him.”

“We have a witness who barely escaped alive, the head doctor; he is being questioned right now; we know that the description he provided fits our suspect.”

“What about evidence?”

“Our investigators recovered bullet casings from a TT-33 handgun; used to gun down hospital staff; before he burned the place to the ground.”

TT-33 Handgun


“Burning hospitals is an act of terrorism so our suspect is officially wanted on terrorism charges; he could be anywhere so, we need to get as much manpower on this case as the state allows.” The village cop finished since he was now, the highest-ranking officer in the room – this promotion was indeed desperate with a side of deliberate – the man clearly wanted to make a career while the department saw his naiveté as a valuable resource to exploit. He was new in the department and therefore, raised no suspicion from other superiors since officers here had multiple agendas in recent history.

The city was not a major one; more like a settlement of urban size therefore, lower average salaries and standards of living which in turn, drove law enforcers to step over the line to complete a plan that came from top brass. Such plans included “detain X number of suspects.” Therefore, a traffic police officer could frame an innocent driver by claiming to find drugs in his car or accept a bribe to retract the allegation. An entire OMON element raided a disco and detained all attendees not only without a warrant but claiming it was a neo-Nazi gathering that conspired against the city’s administration. All crooked officers got bonuses for the faux arrests alongside big bribes on the other hand. Win-win.

While some albeit not every member of top brass had an idea about this, no one got fired or prosecuted; no allegation, no evidence, no case after all. Along with that, there was a shortage of officers to keep the peace on the streets hence, the department had to grin and bear it. Suspicions did remain and thus, gave limitations to crooked officers; harder to get a warrant and obvious lack of trust. The new village cop, however, was a new face with no backstory hence; his zeal would be treated as proactive – effectively, giving the corrupt officers a puppet proxy which turned the police force into an extension of Baryga’s drug operations – becoming his eyes and ears on the streets that are also eager to shoot on sight.

OMON was “promoted” to “krysha” of every drug dealer in the city, meaning; not only were they protecting them and engaging in turf wars on their behalf but also, supplying the “preparat” free of charge. Baryga’s grip on the city, effectively, tightened. City officials, despite this, branded those actions as “Drug Purge” to fit into President Gorbachev’s “Dry Law” (partial prohibition of alcohol that started in 1985 – increases in price, restriction of sales by amounts and time of day and prosecution of public drinkers.) This initiative had no losers; known drug dealers were getting arrested or wiped out if they refused to sell or carry Baryga’s green syringes; those who agreed were the last few drug suppliers in the city. The police chief, as well as city officials, always had something to show to the public. Always an arrested drug dealer put away for a long time.


© 2019 Jake Clawson