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Home Alone With A Cop Chapters 1-6

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Chapter 1

His Aunt had been looking after him when George's parents had gone to America for one week.George had a lot of fun with his Aunt Sally.But there was a problem when George's parents were about to arrive to the UK where George lived.They missed their flight and Aunt Sally had an abrupt phone call from her Grandmother saying his brother was in some trouble with the police so she had to help out her brother which is also George's Uncle.But the problem was what to do with George.

She called George's Mother and she told her they needed someone to look after George.George's Mother knew this cop which was her father's friend and he was close to their family so she said she will call him up and he will look after George for the day.The cop arrived and George was told he will be safe with him because he is a police officer.George looked at him and kept on staring at the cop and then the cop whose name was Bill asked George "What's Up".George Replied By Saying "Nothing".But then George kept on staring and the cop was feeling a bit uncomfortable and told George not to worry and told him he was just looking after for him for one day.One hour passed and the cop called Bill let George do his stuff meaning play his video games like Fifa,Minecraft,etc and watch some YouTube Vids.George then turned on a clipping of police officer reality show and told the cop Bill that he was not a real police officer and told him that he was not wearing a uniform or had a gun & hat.Bill then laughed lightly and told him he was not on duty and when he is on duty he wears his uniform.Then George asked him if someone ever try to shoot him or hit him like shown in the movies or video games The cop Bill replied by saying a few times he had been threatened by a gun but was never shooted at.He told him he had a lot fights with criminals when he was a young upcoming police officer. George still did not believe him that he was a cop.

Then after a few minutes there was a loud noise outside and there was this man trying to snatch a mobile phone off this girl.Bill the cop saw it from George's house and ran out from the front door and shouted loudly at the thief "leave the girl alone am I copper".Bill said it with so much anger that the thief got so scared he ran off dropping the phone down on to the ground and running off.George looked from the house and told Bill who came back in the house that he still didn't believe was a cop and said that if Bill the cop was a real police man he would have arrested the thief. Bill then gets a phone call.It was George's mum saying they were just outside after that the doorbell rang. Bill opened it and they were here. George was happy to see his mum and dad. The first question George asked his mum was if Bill was a real police officer.His mum replied yes he is a real police officer. George asked her mother for proof so his mother just showed a picture of Bill in a police uniform from her iPhone. George then said I knew Bill was a police officer and that he was teasing him all the time they were together. George's mother told Bill that he might have to look after him again in a weeks time because they might have to go to America for a few days for some business. Bill said he will always be at George's service. Bill left and said bye to George George replied back by saying bye back and had a mischievous smile on his face when saying bye to Bill.

Chapter 2

George was told by his mother not to be mischievous with Bill the cop when his mother was ready to go to the airport.The doorbell rang and Bill The Cop came into to the house.He was wearing his police uniform.George instantly looked and stared at Bill the cop.George's mum told Bill the cop if George was messing about he should call her and she will give him an ear full.Bill the cop told George's mother not to worry and George's mother said bye and gave George a hug and left.Bill the cop asked George what do you think of his police uniform.George replied back asking him that did he catch any bad guys today.Bill the cop replied back saying he was on patrol in the town centre and everybody was being a good boy.George asked if he could be a police officer when he grew up.Bill the cop replied back saying why not.George then went in to his room and started playing video games.He started playing games where he is a cop.

After a couple hours of video games he came back down with his iPad and started watching police videos.Bill the cop got worried that George was getting obsessed about being a police officer. He asked why he wanted to become a police officer and then George replied back saying he wanted to be a hero when he grew up.Then Bill the cop said he could be a hero if he became a doctor,fireman or an old age carer.George then replied back saying really, and he was then told by Bill the cop that if you really wanted to become a hero he can help others right now even though he is small and become a hero by doing good things for other people.George then laid back on the idea of becoming a cop and when to his room and started reading a book.

George then told Bill the cop he was going to sleep.Bill the cop asked George if he had a bath and did he brush his teeth.George replied back saying no and said mum is not here so she won't find out.Bill the cop replied back saying all heroes brush their teeth and take a bath at night and never lie to their mother.Then George got excited and went upstairs and had a bath.He brushed his teeth also.He came back downstairs and asked Bill the cop if he was a hero like him now.Bill the cop replied back saying yes he was and said goodnight to George.

Chapter 3

The next morning George went downstairs and saw Bill the cop sleeping it was 7:20am and he was wondering whether he should wake him up.His uniform was on the chair with his hat. George tried on his hat and started acting like a police officer and started talking loudly.Bill the cop woke up due to George's talking and playing so loudly.He got up and looked at George's who was in his own world.Bill the cop said hi to George and George looked at him and fell silent.Bill the cop said he was going into the bathroom to have a shower and said he will fix both of them up with some breakfast.

Bill the cop had his shower and he went downstairs to check on the fridge to see if they had anything to make breakfast with.The fridge was empty with a few leftovers which smelled really badly.George after playing round in the morning told Bill the cop that he was really hungry and wanted Beans and Toast.Bill the cop said he had to go to the supermarket and to get some food to make breakfast.He told George he had to come with him because he was not gonna leave him by himself.Bill the cop had a glass of water and some milk he also poured George one too and they set off to go the supermarket.

Bill the cop got the eggs,beans,bread and milk and went to the cashier to pay for it.The cashier looked at him very strangely and with anger.The cashier was once a criminal that Bill the cop arrested for stealing in a large jewellery store. Bill the cop got a bit awkward with the cashier staring at him and then the cashier said "nice kid you got there" and asked him how old he is.Bill the cop said with some anger that it was none of his business and told him just to get on with his job.The cashier said to Bill the cop that there were a lot of kidnappings happening and told him to be aware.Bill the cop grabbed his collar and told him not mess with him.Seeing this George got scared and told Bill the cop to stop it.Seeing this Bill the cop let go of the cashier and went back home with George.

Bill the cop cooked George with Beans and toast and he had some toast himself with a coffee.George started asking Bill the cop why he grabbed the cashier's collar Bill the cop replied back saying he was a criminal and he was not a good person.George asked Bill the cop that will he protect him because he gets scared sometimes.Bill the cop patted George on the head and told him "always".George told Bill the cop that he wanted to go to a fair in the town center which had started a couple days ago.Bill the cop said he will take him in the afternoon.

Chapter 4

George then was getting ready to go to the fair with Bill the cop.Bill the cop told George to stay with him all the time when he is in the fair.They get in the car and go to the fair.There are lots of rides and bumping cars everywhere.George goes on in a few rides and when he is in the bumping cars ride Bill the cop tells him he will get them both something to eat.He tells George he will be back in 5 minutes.Bill the cop goes to the cafe nearby and orders some fish and chips.While George is playing bumping cars a man who is tall and muscular and big joins the bumping cars ride.He then keeps on bumping into George's car and tells him that there is free ice cream in the fair and he tells George he will take him to where they are giving free ice cream.George then tells him he will go with his friend Bill the cop who has gone to get something for them to eat.The big muscular man then gets off the bumping car and then grabs George and starts running very fast in to the car park.The man who controls the bumping starts calling security and tries to stop the big muscular man and the big muscular man shoved him aside.The man gets to a van and tries to shove George in but George starts fighting and starts screaming & pounding.He then starts calling Bill the cop by shouts by as loud as he can.Bill the goes outside and tries to see what all the fuss is about.He faintly hears George and he starts running to where he hearing George's voice.He gets to the car park and he sees the big muscular man hitting George and trolling to get him in the van.Bill the cop then gets his gun out and shoots in the sky and tells the man to let go of George or he will shoot him.Then a man from behind attacks Bill the cop but Bill the cop swivels back and grabs the man and throws him down on the floor as hard as he can.He then runs to the big muscular man and tries to catch him but the big muscular man then lets go Of George and gets in to his van and drives off picking the other guy that attacked Bill the cop.Bill the cop then makes a phone call to the police and tells them the situation and then takes George back home.The police friends of Bill the cop come to George's house and start discussing the matter with Bill the cop.George sits down with him and looks scared and worried.Bill the cop pats George on the back and tells him not to worry.

Chapter 5

George was told by Bill the cop to go and play on his Xbox while his police friends discuss the matter with him.Bill the cop told his police friends that he needed a police man standing by George's house all the time for a couple of days.Bill the cop friends agreed that they will keep Henry the police officer with them all the time for a couple days till they solve this issue they are having.Bill the cop then made some dinner for him and George.He made Lasagne.George really liked the lasagne and told Bill the cop that when he retires he should become a chef.Bill the cop tells him his father taught him how to cook because his mother died when he was very young and his father took care of him when he was small.George then brought up the topic of the kidnapper that tried to kidnap him.Bill the cop told him as long he was with him he didn't need to worry and he said he will protect him and put his own life is in danger if he had to.Henry the police officer that was stationed outside George's house came into the house and told Bill the cop he heard some gunshots nearby hearing this Bill the cop put his bulletproof vest on and got out his gun and told Henry to stay with George.George then told Bill the cop when he was going outside to be careful.Bill the cop heard a gunshot and slowly moved to where he heard the gunshot.But there was no one there.After waiting for 10 mins and searching the area Bill the cop decidedly he should go home to George.When Bill the cop was crossing the road a huge van came at him with blistering speed and toppled Bill the cop over.Bill the cop while recovering tried to get his gun but the men inside the van came out quickly and attacked Bill the cop and dragged him into the van.They put a gun on his head and said "don't move or we will shoot you".Bill the cop was in agony and when he looked up he saw the man in the supermarket who was a cashier looking at him and the cashier then looked into Bill the cop's eyes and said to him "am gonna make you pay for everything you done to me".Bill the cop then said to him "You were a drug dealer i had to put you in.I am sorry for what happened to your mother.I know she went into depression after you went in the nick.But i looked after her all the time you were in jail.Also I am still looking after her now because you haven't changed.Your still too busy to look after your mother because of the dodgy deals you still do".The cashier's mother was like a second mother to Bill the cop.She looked after him and checked in on him when Bill the cop was a child and teenager.The cashier then said to Bill the cop "I don't care".

Henry and George were getting worried that Bill the cop hasn't come me back and then George asked Henry that they should both go look for him.Henry who is dear friend of Bill the cop was really worried and he didn't want to put George's life in danger but because Bill the cop helped him so much in his life when he was there on the streets and having drugs in his teens he decided to risk it.He told George to stay with him the time.Henry and George went outside and started looking for Bill the cop in the middle of the night.Check out what happens in the chapter 6.Coming soon.

Chapter 6

Ted was the name of the person that kidnapped Bill the cop.He had a long association with Bill. Ted's mother Rebecca was very close to Bill the cop when he was a small child.After holding Bill the cop Ted said to Bill the cop "Bill, because of you i have never got the love of my mother and that's the reason i am doing this to you".Bill then got up and then told Ted "You were always a screw up, i shouldn't have helped and defended you for so long".After hearing this Ted got angry and punched Bill the cop hard but Bill the cop being so strong didn't even flinch.Ted noticing this then took a baseball bat and whacked Bill the cop hard on the head.This time Bill the cop felt the pain and let out a loud groaning sound.Ted then said to him "How do you like that?".Bill the cop then warned Ted and said to him "When i get done with you, you won't like it and you know i don't threaten, i make promises".

George was with Henry and they went to the place where Bill the cop was kidnapped.They could see something like a bracelet.George went running to it and picked it up and said to Henry "This is Bill's".Henry then inspected the bracelet and agreed with George that it was Bill's.Henry was in two minds wondering that should he carry on with George or take him back to the house because he was scared that something bad could happen to George.The reason was that the people who kidnapped Bill the cop were very close by. Henry decided to risk it.Henry and George went and searched the empty warehouses and looked for Bill the cop.Bill was then taken to a warehouse close to where Henry and George were looking for him.

Ted was taking Bill the cop to a warehouse and just as there arrived he pushed Bill in the warehouse.Bill then let out a huge scream and then Ted got worried because he thought someone might hear the scream.He then asked Bill the cop what happened to him.Bill the cop said to him "My head's aching and that is why i couldn't control myself".Henry and George heard the scream and knew it was Bill.They had now figured out where Bill the cop was held hostage.This was because of the scream they just heard and now they were just conjuring a plan on how to rescue Bill the cop.Check out chapter 7 of this book coming soon.

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