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His Footfall Towards My Time and Ever After, Part-1.


Make a character, take yourself into it, go ahead. Self wrote.


It's 3.43 a.m., it's pouring outside. Today I won't get to sleep tonight. I cover my face as much as possible with a scarf so that the muddy smell of rain can't reach me. I take out all the dishes from the deck and start washing. Furthermore, I am not finding any better way to avoid the sound of the heavy rain, or maybe I am just trying to make myself busy. I don’t hate monsoon. It's more likely I want to avoid it eagerly. And of course, I failed to do every time. Everything from the last week is floating before my eyes.
Last Thursday, as soon as I completed my breakfast I heard a sweet voice….

—“Happy birthday.” My only friend Amy is standing there with some wild roses in her hand and with her lovely big smile.
—“Thank you and good morning, Amy” I replied with a smile and took the flowers.

“Listen, we are having dinner at my home today. It's your birthday, so mom is going to make something special for you.” Excited Amy finished her words without taking any breath.

—“Ok, I am getting late for work. I need to go now, Amy.”
—“I will come to pick you up.” Amy said loudly.
Today I wanted to be alone at my home but seeing her that much excited I could not say no.

I was walking a little faster as I was late already.

—“Can you tell me exactly where the woodshop is?”

Suddenly there is a broken voice from behind.

A man in a ruffled leather jacket is sitting on a bike. It seems that age is around 30. The strangest thing is that the back seat of the man's bike is attached to the front and a huge umbrella is hanging over the back of his head.

—“Go straight and take the road on your left, and you will get there.” Without further ado, I started walking again.


—“Are you going that way too?” He asked.
I replied with yes.

—“Let's go together.” Without waiting for my answer, the man got off his bicycle and started walking with me.
Though I was a little hesitant, I did not say anything out of politeness. I walked quietly with the man.

—“Do you live here?”, he asked.

—“Yeah”, I answered briefly.

—“I make wooden jewelry and furniture. Oakwood from here is very popular I heard. So I am here to get some and to do some personal stuff.”

I was afraid of being late and was a little annoyed too.

—“I know you're annoyed.”
I was shocked by the man's words. This is the first time since my grandmother died that anyone has spoken my mind clearly on my face.

—“I was just trying to alleviate this uncomfortable situation a bit. I couldn't figure out how to do it. Honestly, I have the only specialty in my life apart from doing woodwork and eating, that is being talkative. Since you are not saying anything I gave it a try.” He was saying the words with a full smile.

—“I am really sorry to make you unprepared. May I...?”

—“This is the store you were looking for.” I interrupted him before the man could finish. Then I just started walking straight before he could say anything to me.

—“Thank you and sorry again.” He said it loudly.


As soon as I went to freshen up after returning home Amy's call…

—“Eliza, let's go. Everyone is waiting for you.”

On the way to Amy's house, as usual, she kept talking about all the complaints she had against me. She's happier on my birthday than I am that is giving her feels like an idiot, I'm 19, but I'm 30-40 years old in terms of behavior, I'm not happy to be with the type of person at all, she's a very nice girl and that's why our friendship lasts and so on.

—“Happy birthday, pretty.” As soon as I entered the house Amy's mother greeted me with a smile.

—“I made your favorite orange pudding for you. Let us introduce you to our guest.”
—“You?” Again that broken voice. The guy from the morning.

—“Do you know her?”

—“Yes. This morning she was the one who showed me the wooden shop.” The man answered Amy's mother's question.
—“She is Amy's friend, Eliza. And he's Joe, my cousin.” She introduced us.
—“Happy birthday and nice to meet you again. My sister really likes you.” He said.

—“I know.” I replied.

After paying my gratitude for dinner I was about to leave when Amy's mother stopped me,

—“It's midnight. Amy fell asleep, and I have to do something urgently. Joe will take you home. I will not leave you alone. It's not safe.” She is not going to listen to me. So I just left with that guy quietly.
—“You are very quiet. The quietest human being I've ever met. But I really can't stay long without saying anything. So I will keep talking and you at least listen. Sometimes if I ask something, just answer with yes or no. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. I love working with wood. The trouble is that sometimes it feels annoying, but I can't give up the job. As I said I love to do this. Do you have something that you love to do?” he asked me.

—“I used to love….” I didn’t know why I couldn’t complete my words.


—“It's alright. I am staying here for a week. You can tell me the other time if you want. And you don't have to if you do not want.”

—“We are here. Thanks for accompanying me” I said. He left after saying goodbye.

—“Your birthday present.” I was about to close the door when he ran back and held something in front of my face.

A wooden pendant. A picture of a girl is seeing the sunset.

—“Actually, I have nothing to give you now. This is the first pendant I made. Maybe 10 years ago. So it's a little old. I….”

—“I love it. It's beautiful.” I said before he completed his words.

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