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His Footfall Towards My Time and Ever After, Part-2.


Make a character, take yourself into it, go ahead. Self wrote.


Standing by the window, I was looking at the pendant and remembering granny. Granny and I often used to sit on the porch and watch the sunset. And granny used to tell me the story of her life.
Granny had received this house as a gift from her owner. The gentleman was one of the prominent silk merchants of that time. Although he was very moody and rude, the man had a deep love for his mother. The man built the house for granny as a return gift for the love and care that was served to his mother till her death.
After, the woman died the grandmother started living in this house. Granny was 45 at the time. So she did not have the courage to start a new family. After serving she had no strength and confidence left in her to start everything again. Like other days, that morning granny left the house to catch the city bus at 5 a.m. to go to her workplace. It was a rainy day and was still dark all around, so that day Granny went out with a torch.


While passing by a local wood-cutting shop, she suddenly noticed a small hand wrapped in red cloth in one corner. Going a little further, a small face became clear in the granny's eyes. A newborn who turned blue in the cold. She picked up the baby in her lap and wrapped it around her cardigan. She took the baby to the hospital after making sure that it was alive.

It was a rainy morning when I got a new life and my Granny. It was also a rainy morning when I lost her forever. That is why it scares me, it makes me feel empty, doesn’t let me sleep.

I was walking along the road to the factory in a daze.

—“Good morning Eliza. I've been waiting for you. I'll go with you as long as I'm here. Even if you hate it.” The bicycle surprises me whenever I see it.

—“This bike is weird, right?”

—“No.” I said hurriedly.

—“The day I first met you I saw you staring at my bicycle.” He smiled.

Again he has spoken out my mind loudly.

—“I love it so much. My mother bought it with her savings as I love cycling. She was very upset that I made it a mess and put the backseat into the front. This seat was for her. My mother and I used to roam around the hill in my hometown.”

—“Why do you always wear brown clothes?”
—“Do I? I didn’t notice. Maybe it has become a habit, or maybe I like brown.”

He is the kind of guy who only cares about things that he loves. He has become quite familiar to me in these two days.

Some time passes by, slowly I started to realized that I am also waiting for him every day to see that he is here seeing me from afar with his big smile.


—“Tomorrow I'm leaving, Eliza. I have been very happy with you. Maybe I'll come here often, or maybe I won't. Be well."

—“You too.”

I went ahead. I did not dare to look back. I never looked back before. But today I wanted to look back. Just for once but couldn’t.

I am missing my granny very much today. The night my granny died, she told me,

-“I am happy to think that there is someone in this world who will remember me. Someone I have who will laugh and cry remembering me. Do you know what people are most afraid of?”

—“What is it, Granny?” I asked as I was wiping granny's hands and feet with a wet towel.

—“People are most afraid to think that this world will forget them, that there will be no one to remember them after their leaving.” Granny took a deep breath and began to speak again.

—“My loneliness used to bother me a lot. This world will forget my existence, I was afraid to think about this. But not anymore I have you now.”

—“Only one presented in this universe controls everything related to us and that is time. You have to find the love that you deserve from the time that you have. So, when I won't be with you anymore, please find your time that will give love that you need, that you deserve, my little fairy.” She hugged me tightly by saying this.

Today is a rainy morning again. I am sitting at that station. The pendant is in my hand.

—“Waiting for me?” the broken voice that I got used to now. Today he came riding on his bicycle like the first time we met.

I nod and walk towards him saying yes.

—“I used to love to do everything with my granny. Now she is not with me, I don't know anymore what I love to do. So help me out to find what I really love to do?”
He is looking at me with a smile.
—“Let's go to your favorite place. Which way?” He took his hand away from the left handle of his bicycle and I get into it.
—“To the east.” I said
wet grass is glistening in the light of the sun. It seems that granny is leading me towards my love, towards things that I want from my time.

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