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Hiding in the Shadows as We Flee From the Dark

My name is Wrik Dutt. I am extremely passionate about writing. I enjoy creating new worlds and endless possibilities in a fictional world.

Waiting for a week seemed apt to finally glance over the e-mail that dictated ones very future. Although, John felt it did not seem like the best time to read an email with the contents of this one. John had quite a rather anxious idiosyncrasy, typically when he had to face something so very momentous, so very vital for himself. He waited for a week as he kept brooding about this appalling yet vital email.

Was he truly good enough, would his human mind seem matured and learned enough for him to prove his father wrong? Else, was he like his father described him. Averagely intelligent and too egotistical for one's liking. John always happened to be the best at academics. Always at the top of his class, all through high school. He was far from average and too astute and intelligent to even choose to settle for mediocrity.

The gifted mind wanted to be a lawyer. He applied at the dream university he always hoped and fantasized going to. They had sent him an email regarding his application. He waited a week to prepare for the worst, although he truly hoped for the best. He needed the time to process how he would respond to the two possibilities which would not only affect his future but his self-respect. Could he redeem himself to his father, the way he always hoped he could?

Later in the night as John tried sleeping, the unread email kept him worried and apprehensive about the same. However, he failed to suppress his curiosity any longer. Opening such important emails half asleep is usually not the greatest of choices. He had to know, for his dream was on the line. As he managed opened the email with eyes that were barely open, the sudden rush of adrenaline kept him awake. He had been privileged enough to study at Harvard University. He would be starting two months from now in September.

All of a sudden, he got a phone call. Phone calls at 3:00 a.m. usually were quite suspicious. It was his beloved mother. She was crying as she mumbled, “He’s dead… Your father, he’s dead!” John did not know how to respond. Although, he felt as though he was suffocating and cried a river of tears. A few seconds later, another deeper voice said, “Remember boy, curiosity killed the cat!” John heard another gunshot.

© 2019 Wrik Dutt

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