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Her Lost Memories (Synopsis and Chapter 1)

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Tiara Hale has a simple life with her family. Not poor, not rich, but they are happy. She has three protective and understanding brothers around her and a very loving mother and father.

She was happy and did not have to think about anything complicated like problems.

But everything changed when she met the guy named Luca who gave her the thought that the life she has right now is not hers.

[ Written in English. Might contain mature content. ]

Chapter 1


"Tia, you go straight home when shift at work is over. Don't go anywhere else. You know that it's not safe for a woman like you to go just anywhere. Not every place is safe." My mother instructed me before putting a spoon full of rice and dishes in her mouth and chew.

Us, my parents, and siblings are gathered together at the table, eating breakfast. Our routine is like this every day. While eating early meals, they are giving reminders and repeating them every morning. Like, come on, it seems that they're talking to a kid.

They've been like this ever since I went to an accident. But I completely understand the actions that they are doing. I get that they are worried about me.

"Everyone in this family doesn't have trust in me. I won't promise that I won't go to places, but I promise to keep myself safe always." I said and smiled at my mother.

I saw the skin between her brows furrowed and her brows almost cohered.

"You listen to your mother and go straight home. In case that something bad is going to happen to you, your brothers are not there to protect you." She almost shouted while lecturing me.

I ignored what she was saying and snickered.

She's always exaggerated about me getting into a disaster or something unpleasant without having them around. I mean, not only her, they are.

"Mother is right, little sis. We can not go there to protect you principally if we don't know where you are. Aside from that, we also have a job to take care of, just like you. So always be responsible about your decisions and actions." My older brother Kenjiniro uttered. I call him brother Kenji or Kenj.

My other two brothers and my father are nodding by hearing their very lectures. I hear those every day. Sicking tired, huh.

I feel sick and tired of hearing it anymore because it's already marked firmly on my head, but yeah, I couldn't avoid hearing that every day, I guess.

They are so overprotective of me. Because of that, I don't think I could have a boyfriend without them around to examine, study or analyze the one I've chosen. I mean, could I even do the pick for myself in this situation I have with my family. They will always be there to check if I chose the right one for me.

But it's not like I got to the point that I can't move the way I should or want and do whatever I want. It's not like that. It's not like I am strangled and lost in the air or not happy with it anymore.

But their reminders are redundant, though. It's hurting my ears and head.

I'm used to it now. Well, as far I believe, I guess yeah. At first, I'm not, but I am now.

When I said, at first, I was talking about the time when I woke up without any memories. They told me that I went from an accident, the reason why I lost my old memories. They told me I got hit by a car.

So the result now is, they are so overprotective of me. Always remind me of the same things they advise every day. To be careful in everything that I do and to every place where I go.

Honestly, I am careful double times all the time. I don't want the accident to happen to me again.

The doctor who handled me when I had the accident told us that I could still retrieve those memories that I lost back. But in indefinite time. The doctor also advised that it would help me remember things if someone from those memories I lost would help me remember them. They always help me by talking about the past and what happened in the past, but guess what? There's nothing like a piece of good news, still. It all happened to me three years ago, till now, I can't remember anything from the past. There is nothing even like a piece of memory that's getting back to my head.

Recently, my other brother gave me medicine that was prescripted by the doctor three years ago. He told me to drink them every day to help me recover those lost memories. He said that we could not afford that medicine at the time of my accident, so I couldn't take them earlier as possible to help cure my mind.

It has been a month since I got to take the medicine that my brother gave me. Still, my mind has no good response to it yet.

I hope I can still retrieve my memories back one of these days because I feel like half of me is missing.

"I'm going now." I voiced as I stood up and placed my bag around my body. I also fixed myself and made sure I looked decent enough to go to work already.

"It's too early for you to leave?" My mother asked.

"I prefer being ahead than being sorry to become late, mother." I verbalized and raised my shoulders.

"Okay, don't forget what I'm always telling you." My mother reminded me once again.

"Keep yourself safe." My brother Kenji said. Big brother Kenj is the oldest of us siblings.

"Take care." My brother Yuishiro stated. He is the second among the oldest of my brothers. I usually call him brother Yuishi.

"Be careful." My brother Akiro spoke. He is the third one of us siblings. I am used to calling him brother Aki or Akio.

"Be responsible." Then, lastly, my father aforesaid.

It's tiring to hear that every day, but I understand that they are just doing it because they are worried and concerned. Still, a blessing that they have to do that every day. It makes me remember to protect myself, take care of myself, be careful and responsible for all of my decisions and actions all the time.

"Alright," I said exhaustingly and giggled afterward.

They smiled and laughed.

I walked outside the house to ride a tricycle to get beyond the third street after ours. It's where the jeepneys are available. It is how far I have to go through every day to be able to reach my workplace. Yes. My workplace is too far from home.

Good thing, we do not have such overtime at work to consume more time from me. I think it's what I have to have. Because I got more time for myself, I can still sleep eight hours more a day. It would be difficult for me to stay at this job for a long time if not.

I work as a saleslady in a clothes and shoe shop in a well-known market in our town. My brother Kenji is friends with one of the workers of the shop. His friend Jamie Dimaryo is very close to the owner. Jamie is an excellent and loyal worker of the shop that is why the owner trusts her that much. She's been working there for a long time now.

My brother asked Jamie to personally refer me to the boss to be one of his workers, so I got in instantly with the help of his friend. His friend Jamie is also my friend now.

The tricycle which I ride in stopped. It is time to stop. I got to the place where I would walk to ride a jeepney.

I got myself out of the tricycle and handed over the ride fee to the driver.

"Thank you, Mr. James," I said after I gave the ride fee, smiling. Every tricycle driver at my place knows my family, the reason why they are very assured and confident that nothing is going to happen with me during my trip going to work. They always warn the drivers and threaten their lives, that's the main reason why.

"Take care, Tiara. My life is also going to get into danger when you get in danger today. I was the one who brought you here. You must ride a jeepney already, so I could see it happen before going back ahead home." Mr. James said, looking in directions where jeepneys are passing by. I am very used to this situation with the tricycle driver. They know that my brothers will be the worst creatures in other people's lives when talking about someone hurting one of our family members. They are going to be their living nightmare, I guess. How cruel my brothers are. They are uncontrollable.

I laughed at what he said.

"Alright. Thank you. But please don't worry about all my brothers, Mr. James. They are just very protective. That's why," I said to the driver. I feel awkward actually about me, trying to explain why my brothers act the way they do.

Mr. James laughed at me. "Yeah. I understand that."

"Alright. Thanks for that, Mr. James."

After the conversation, I moved fast to ride the jeepney that stopped nearby to wait for the passengers to come in.

I got inside the jeepney. I took advantage of being the first passenger to go inside and immediately go near the driver and hand over my ride fee. Then, I go to the rear of the vehicle, where the entrance and exit are just a step beside me. It's the door. I don't always do this. Just when I want to chill and don't have to help anyone at the rear handing over their ride fee to reach the driver's hand. When my family knew about this, they would get mad at me for sure. They always warn me about this. They say it's less safe at the rear seat. But there is no place like safe. They have to know that.

The jeepney waited for passengers to increase for about, I think, five minutes. Some passengers came in also. When the jeepney got filled with enough passengers inside, the driver decided to operate and make the run.

After 30 minutes, I reached my destination and got to the workplace safely.

I greeted my colleagues with a smile. They always greet me back and smile.

"Tia, why do you always have to be so beautiful?" One of them asked when I greeted.

People always praise me for my looks. It's a thing that I couldn't adapt. I don't know. I hardly couldn't get used to it.

I don't thank people for that. I just smiled awkwardly as an answer for a thing that is not a question, I know.

I don't know. I hardly feel like if I accept it by thanking people, I'm going to be conceited. Like, I don't want to spoil that something inside me to be proud of my looks and have that kind of pride inside me and be boastful in a way. I feel like thanking them is unjust. It's just so happened that I got this look, but I believe that we all have beauty, just you know, in different kinds of aspects.

My colleagues and I have started working at the shop. We fixed everything ready inside the shop, later on, we opened it up. This day is just like the regular days. We assist customers until our shift ends.

My colleagues are used to the fact that I sold a lot to the customers.

They always bring my looks to the topic. Maybe, that is one of the disadvantages of being pretty? They think that I sold a lot because I am pretty and male customers are coming back to the shop and looking for me to assist them by that means. They thought that it was okay to tell me that and it was okay to think like that. They thought it was okay to be happy to talk about it that way and be proud of it.

Maybe, in some ways, to some people, that is appropriate and most likely right, but I always learn that what they think is wrong whenever I encounter customers who are eyes are just on the things they are buying. But I still make them buy and come back because I believe that I am a good worker. Not only because of my looks but because I can do my job done well.

My colleagues are good to me, although there are just a few who treat me unpleasantly. But most of them are kind to me.

One of the things that my family reminds me of is not to trust people easily. They said it's better not to trust at all. They said people are unpredictable creatures on earth. Their actions don't often reflect what is inside them, what they are thinking or feeling. They stated people might lead me into trouble or danger, so it's better not to trust anyone at all. Maybe, the accident is kind of a lesson to me after all.

Well, maybe, they said that so because they don't want the accident to happen to me again.

As they told me, they are not sure what or who caused the accident that happened to me long back before. For that reason, it had brought consciousness about me trusting people to them.

At exactly 6:00 pm, our shift ends at work. I waved goodbye to my colleagues to head home.

My routine at every end of the shift is going to the small store nearby the shop where I work to buy something cold to drink to ease my exhaustion.

"Can I have a cola, ma'am?" I asked the seller inside the small store.

"Okay, lady." The woman answered and stood up from her seat to get what I was buying.

I find coins in my wallet to complete the cost of the cola drink I am buying, but it seems like I don't have enough coins anymore to pay the exact amount using coins.

I got the smallest paper bill inside my wallet to get it ready to pay when my order arrived. Half a minute later, the woman came and handed me over the plastic where she put the beverage.

I handed over the paper bill in my hand for my payment. While I wait for my change, I gulp my drink.

I looked over the store, and I saw the woman was still counting the change. It seems that she doesn't have coins anymore, too, to complete my change.

"Do you have coins?" She asked.

"I'm sorry, I don't," I answered immediately.

"Wait for me here. I need to find someone to exchange this bill with coins." She said.

I nodded and said okay.

Then, the woman goes somewhere.

I roamed my eyes around to my left and right.

I brought my eyes back to my front where the store was, but I seemed to have seen something that I'd missed noticing earlier. It's like someone was looking at me on my left.

I turned my head again to look at my left where a man was standing, looking at me with a very odd expression on his face. He seemed to be surprised while looking at me. He is also gaping as he stares at me. He has a handsome face and a very manly body.

I wonder why he is looking at me that way. But I don't know him, that's why I turn my head back to my front and ignore the man.

I concentrated on waiting for my change. It's just the only thing that I'm waiting for to start to head back home.

"Dianelle? Daya? Is that you?" I looked to my left side again when I heard someone was approaching me with that voice. I was surprised to see him now standing in front of me. He grabbed me on my shoulders to spin me to be fronting to him.

I was looking at him with my widened eyes and a bit of open mouth. I am shocked because of what this man did.

"You're alive! Why didn't you call me? I thought you were dead! We all thought you were!" The man exclaimed, and he possessed this disbelief expression lingering on his face. It's like he was very startled to see me. I can smell the scent of a cigarette in his breath.

I blinked a lot of times and removed the contact to his eyes. His eyes have something to say. It's talking to me. It's deep and broad. You can define it just while looking at them.

I gulped, then I used my free left hand to remove his hands holding my shoulders.

"A--I-I'm sorry. I think..., you've mistaken me for someone else. I don't even know you."

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