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Moin is a student of Humanities (Arts). His hobby is writing Short Stories, Poems and Articles. He lives in India and loves meeting people.


Happy (Part-1)

It is a fine morning. The tweeting of sparrows, the squeaks of squirrels and the song of the wind woke up Moin. He is an 8 year old boy who lives in the heart of Peace Wood. This wood, as its name suggests, is popular for peace and serenity. No one lives here, except Moin and his animal friends.

We see Moin climbing down his tree house, Peace Home.

'Good morning!' he cried, stretching and yawning. 'Time to collect some fruits!'

He went deep into the wood and starts collecting fruits. He has a natural ability to distinguish which friut's better. When he reached an apple tree, something strange happened. Some of the apples dropped on him. Moin looked at the sky. He saw birds retreating from a particular direction. The earth beneath his foot started to tremble. He ran deeper to know what had happened. When he reached there, he found a giant pit. When he bent to look what caused it, he was astonished! He saw a spaceship. He hid behind a tree. With a click and a dust of smoke, something emerged from the spaceship. It was a tiny thing; it could reach the height of Moin's waist.

It climbed out of the pit. Moin, now, saw him as clear as anything. It was a creature. Its head resembled a rubgy ball. Its body was a spacesuit. His hands were twigs. It started looking around, as if looking for something that might have landed on earth. Moin thought it best to run home. But, as he moved, a twig snapped under his feet.

The rugby thing heard it. And it advanced towards the tree Moin was hidden behind.

'If you come any closer,' Moin said trembling, 'I will hit you.'

But, the little creature approached closer. Moin mustered up courage, picked up a log and was about to hit, but stopped abruptly. The little creature smiled at him and tapped its tummy. Moin dropped the log and understood what it wanted. It was hungry. Moin picked up an apple and gave it hesitantly. The little one chewed it. When it had finished, it jumped on Moin and hugged him. Moin felt so happy. He had never felt as happy as he felt while it hugged him. The little thing climbed down and pointed at Moin's house. It ran towards it.

'Hey!' Moin called dashing after him. 'Come back! Where are you going?'

(To be continued...)

© 2020 Moin Khan Muzammil

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