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Giving Love a Chance

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Adekitan is a Nigerian writer and poet. She has Self-published over seven novels. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends


Giving love a chance

MacDonald never knew he could fall in love so fast and hard especially at forty when he thought it will never happened, he has already told his friends that marriage may not be for him.

But now life is giving him a chance to love, and he will be damned if he allows it to slip away.

He knew Sharon is afraid to love him due to the past experience she had, and he is ready to convince her.
"You have a package delivered Sharon" she collected the parcel from the receptionist, and was about to open it when Abeni came into her office to call her for lunch.

"Hnmm seems like somebody has a surprise package, open it let's see".

Sharon giggled at her as she opens the parcel, inside was a single rose with a note attached to it, " I love you more each day, and I won't let you go" -MacDonald.

"Aww so romantic..I told you he truly loves you" abeni told her.

She held the rose to her nose to inhale the fragrance, tearing up.

Akin has never done something like this for her before, She is the one always trying to make him happy.

That set the tone for the week, everyday a parcel is delivered for her from MacDonald, and by the end of the week when he came himself to deliver the another gift parcel she knew he will not let her go.

She finally slips the ring into her finger, accepting that he is here to stay, a miracle heaven sent to her.

Their wedding took place in a small but classy way , just close friends and family were invited , it was the wedding that Sharon dreamed of.

"you look so beautiful my love, and I thank God that he pushed you into my path that night" Donald told her as he stared lovingly at her oblivious of the people busy wining and dining around them.

"I love you , I never believed love could find me again, now I understand why Akin left me, we were not meant to be." She whispered back to him, resting her head on his shoulder has they moved to the music .

Abeni and Bayo looked at the dancing couple and smiled , proud to have witness their beautiful moment.

"Darling l am home" Donald called out to his wife, who is already seven months pregnant, "how are you and my baby doing " he asked her with a lingering kiss.

"Just fine darling, though he enjoys kicking the heck out of me" she told him has she collects his jacket from him, "guess who I saw today honey?" She called back to him from the bedroom

"who baby?," he asked curiously, as he unknot his tie.


"Really?how is he?", now very interested.

"well he came to my office to apologise again and ask me to marry him, that the lady he left me for actually lied to him about the pregnancy that it was not even his".

"Is he crazy ? Didn't he see that you are married and heavily pregnant?",

"well obviously I didn't look pregnant to him, and I was sitting down behind a desk that hides that fact from him, but when I stood up and he saw me, he was shocked and starts to cry. I was just sad for him, but happy that he broke up with me when he did, for I may not have met you. You are my miracle." She told him , smiling through her tears has he held her close to him. "Oh darling, you are my miracle too."

© 2022 Adekitan

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