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Ghosts Demons and Spirits in My Home Part Two

This is a story about three ghosts, a man, a child and a ghost dog and about poltergeist activity in my house.


I Feel and See Ghosts

I have seen many ghosts and spirits in my time. I do not like to see them and I am always terrified when I do. Even though I have nice positive visits from ghosts or spirits, If I had a choice, I would choose not to see or experience anything paranormal because of the fear I experience.

I have lost friends because I see ghosts, and I seem to have ghosts and spirits hanging around me all the time. I have been called a witch by some people when I was younger after sensing ghosts in their homes.

Here is another one of my encounters with a couple of spirits story. Sounds crazy but every word I say is the truth.

Bad Vibes

I used to move house often when I was younger as I tried to find a home I would not feel afraid in. On this occasion, I moved to the outskirts of town to a house that was fairly new. The house was built on what used to be farmers fields so I hoped there would be no ghosts in this house, but there was.

I got the keys on a lovely sunny afternoon and went in the house to take a look around. It was a big spacious and bright house that overlooked the golf course. I wanted to feel excited but instead I felt dread. My stomach felt tense and I could not relax. In one of the bedrooms was a small amount of dog faeces on the floor although the rest of the house was spotless. When I saw the dog poo I really felt uncomfortable and wanted to get out of the house. My partner quickly removed the poo and the agent could not explain how it had got there but by then I was already not feeling good about this house. As lovely as the house was, I did not want to move into it. I felt that the house had really bad vibes. My boyfriend talked me out of my anxiety and reminded me that we did not have much choice. Circumstances at that time meant that we had to move in. I reluctantly agreed to move in.

Ghost Dog

On that first night in the house, I was sat downstairs with my partner watching television. There was only us in the house that night and we were both shocked when we heard the sound of something running across the bare floor in the bedroom above us. It sounded like a dog running from one side of the room to the other. Stunned we both went upstairs and to the bedroom and turned on the light. The room was empty except for the bed in the middle of the room. We turned off the light and went back downstairs. Another couple of times that night we heard, clearly, a dog running back and forward in the bedroom above us. I was too freaked out to want to sleep upstairs so I slept on the sofa that night.


Spooked Friend

The following night a friend came to help us unpack and organise the furniture. It got late so I invited the friend to stay over for the night. I let him have the bedroom and my partner and I made a blow up bed downstairs. We did not tell our friend about the dog running about in the bedroom. Later that night the friend came downstairs and asked if he could sleep on the living room floor with us. He looked genuinely scared even though he was a grown man. We agreed to let him sleep on the floor. He said he did not want to talk about what had happened and I did not want to push him that night. The next morning he told me that he felt someone stood at the side of the bed. He thought he might have been dreaming until he felt and saw the bedding being slowly dragged off the bed and off him. He said it was at that point he came running down the stairs. That friend left my house that day and I have never seen or heard of him since.

Poltergeist Activity

Poltergeist activity soon followed. Usually activity would be in the kitchen or the top of the stairs. In the kitchen cups would rattle spilling its content. Cutlery would rattle in the drawer. Milk jug could be clearly heard moving around whenever I left the kitchen. Milk would disappear from the milk jug when I left the room for just a moment.

Objects would fly across the room and pictures fall off the wall. Things like keys would go missing often and some stuff disappeared never to be seen again. The same objects would be moved around, even if I moved those objects to different positions in the house they would still fly across the room. I started getting rid of objects that fly around the house more than once for safety reasons and to get rid of scary haunted objects.

One day, I heard a loud bang coming from my bathroom and when I walked in the room there were 3 objects on the ground unbroken. Window was shut. Objects flown far enough to get past the taps and sink bowl, from the shelf they were on, to hit the bathroom door on the other side of the room. .

The most annoying thing to happen, was the rattling of the kitchen door handles. Some nights the rattling would go on and on all night. You could see the door handle moving back and forward but every time I approached the door the rattle would stop. The door rattling became louder and rattled every time I put volume up on the TV in the living room. If I turned down the volume the door handle rattling would stop.


Ghost Child

One night as I sat on the settee with my partner sat on the floor between my legs, with his back to me watching TV. I heard the sound of a very young girl call out 'Mummy'! She sounded like she was so close to us that she was between us. My heart banged it was so clear. My partner spun his head around and looked at me in shock. 'I did not hear that', he said, although it was obvious he clearly did.

The little girls voice continued to ask for her mummy on other days, usually when I was alone. Sometimes I would hear her on the stairs as I went up or down them, as if she was sat waiting and asking for her mummy whenever I went past her. Other times I would hear her in the kitchen or living room.

I felt that this little girl was the cause of the poltergeist activity going on in my home. Sometimes I would feel so drained with all the activity that I would shout at her and tell her to stop. She seemed to need a lot of attention or was constantly trying to get my attention and I was drained with it all. I did not know what else to do at the time and I could not share my experiences for people thinking I was crazy.

Dark Mass Ghost

On one occasion I was upstairs cleaning when I suddenly felt overwhelmed with fear. I could feel and see a dark mass working its way upstairs. I felt terrified but had no where to run. The dark mass hovered in the door way to the room I was in and I could not escape. The dark mass seemed to be like a heavy dense smoke and it felt ominous and I felt too scared to move. Eventually I managed to scream and get the window of the bedroom opened ready for escaping out of it. As I screamed out of the bedroom window I could see some children who were playing outside. They all stopped and stared at me hanging out of the window. The dark mass just disappeared and I got out of there quickly.


Ghost At The Door

For months I slept downstairs because I was too afraid to sleep upstairs. One night as I lay sleeping on my blow up bed in the living room, there was a loud knock on my front door. I jumped up and popped my head out of the living room door and looked at the front door to see who was knocking in the middle of the night. I could see through the mottled glass of my front door, the figure of a big man dressed in black. I could not see any features of the man but it looked like it might be a large police man dressed in black. 'Hang on I shouted' towards the front door as I scrambled to get my trousers on. Another loud booming knock on the front door. 'I am coming' I shouted as I switched on the light in the hallway and approached the front door. As I approached the door, the solid mass of a big man just disappeared. I opened the door quickly and there was no one there. I was really shook up. My partner ran around the street looking for who it could have been that was at the door but found no one.

Years later I shared this story with a long term resident of the area. He told me that my house was built on old farm land. The farm had been sold when the farmer, who had been a big man, had hung himself in the barn after accidentally killing his young daughter by backing into her with a tractor. The dog had starved to death. I had goosebumps because I knew it was the farmer, his young daughter and their dog I had the experiences with.

And Finally

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Poltergeist Activity

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