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Ghostlydog Part 2

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I am dreamer I often dream of how the world would be if we had all been born purple. Fantasy and Horror are my faves,


Ghostly Dog part 2

Chapter 4
After my discussion with Pete, it's later than I thought but I'm restless, and I don't want to go home my thoughts are jumbled, and rushing through my mind. The things that I had grown out of you know, the things that go bump in the night are real. I don't know if maybe I'm losing my mind. I'm walking along the sidewalk by the park, and it's dark I have my hands in my pockets, and my head held down, and I am deep in my thoughts when off in the distance I can see a man in robes. It looks like he is attacking another man who was on his knees. It looks strangely similar to when the witch had attacked me. My instinct is to help, and I changed into the beast and I charged the man in robes don't ask me why the beast is incorporeal he should just pass right through. I don't I hit the man like a freight train knocking him 2 or 3 feet into the air, and he crashes to the ground I'm stunned I look over to the man on his knees, and I'm shocked at what I see. I can only describe it as a living corpse part of it was skeletal parts of it had meat hanging off of it its bones its eyes glowed green it stood up and looked at me, and it said run, I looked over at the man in robes. He began to stand, and the zombie said again follow me, we need to run away. Knowing now that things aren't always as they seem I followed it, it moved quite fast for what was something long dead. The man behind us was wearing a neckless, and I could hear jewelry jingling, but I didn't look back we turn down an alleyway my new companion opened to a sewer grate, and we dove in. He said we would be safe in here. I could hear scuffling behind me even as the beast I had a chill running up my spine. I heard something say behind me in a raspy dry voice, this doesn't smell like meat I cant eat it. My new friend said this is a friend we don't eat friends and he looked at me and said, follow, and I did we walked for what seemed about an hour. He said you could change back. I know what you are the dead see everything. I realized that I could always turn back in the beast if I felt like I was in danger, I change back into myself. We left the sewers and ended up in a cave a wide open area that was well lit it is filled with living corpses in different states of decay. My friend turned to me and said my name is Ike.I said hello who was that man that was attacking you? Ike answered that was an exorcist they are quite persistent and very dangerous. Just then a group of about five of the living corpses came in from another area carrying a box these corpses were dressed in uniform, and in the box, pieces of another corpse Ike looked at them and said how did the mission go. One of the corpses says we managed to liberate one of the prisoners, but the others have been exercised. Ike said ouch well they'd be back as a ghost if they didn't give up their souls and if they did well, they are gone for good. Take those bones put them back together make sure they're in the right order we don't want somebody walking around on their skull give him a few days, and he'll be good as new. I asked who they are? Ike said those are special forces you see the exorcists don't like any of us they won't like you they don't like Pete there in a constant war with the witches and all other forms of magical creatures. We here at the AOD have special forces groups that will go and an attempt to liberate any magical creatures that the exorcists capture. I said, so the exorcists are the bad guys? Ike said there are no good guys or bad guys good and bad are relative terms the exorcists do their jobs we do our jobs, and the wheel keeps turning. I have to say I was even more confused than before but knowing that there was a special forces group that would try to liberate me from the exorcists was comforting. I asked, so Pete told me that magic comes from different sources are the exorcists magic too? Ike said in their way their magic comes from trading their souls to beings that covet souls just like witches they just call it something else. Why souls? Ike, said angels and demons for all their power don't have them that makes souls the most valuable thing in all the worlds. That's why you, my friend are so special NO one can take a soul it has to be given you scare everyone. Do I scare you? Ike said, no the dead see everything. I can see you're a good person, and anyway my soul is so old and dried I doubt you would want it. I asked him what does AOD stand for; he said an Alliance Of the Dead. I said okay that's quite ominous are there other dead things walking around. Ike said all kinds, but most of them fall under the AOD. There are graveyards everywhere; we know most of what's going on all over the world. Nothing can hide from the dead. I said could you guys check up on Marcy and see if she's okay and maybe tell me where she is. Ike said sure we can give us a day or two and will give you all the information you need. I said you wouldn't scare her or anything there's not going to be a zombie in her house. Ike said no we would just listen and whisper to a graveyard near her one of the dead knows where she is. Ike said by the way we don't like to be called zombies that's a pretty derogatory word we are the undead. A zombie is a mindless creature, and I hold three Ph.D.'s thank you very much. He showed me a way out and said we would be in touch. It was much later than I thought it was when I got home and my dad was sitting in his chair, and he was angry. The first words out of his mouth were restriction, you will never leave the house again, and why are you out so late. I told him I was walking and just lost track of the time. I was put on two weeks restriction which for me wasn't much I didn't have any friends anyway it didn't change anything.
Tuesday morning comes just like every morning I get up to eat breakfast grab my books and go to school. It's tough to concentrate I have so many questions and so few answers I feel lost. History class is my third period. Coach Smith teaches it is he a real oddball he always has way too much cologne on he makes the stupidest jokes, and sometimes I wonder if he even knows he is teaching a class. At the end of class, the coach asked me to stay and shuts the door, and I think I must've done something terrible. He reaches his pocket and hands me a card you know a business card. The card says AOD for a moment I'm shocked. The AOD is all shambling mounds of bone and meat I ask him your member of the AOD, and he says yeah I am Ike, and I wondered how? He says we all have what's called glamour it's a tiny bit of magic that lets us look human so that we can get a job. Everybody has to have a job eternity doing nothing will drive you insane, but the a smells a dead giveaway that's why I always smell like I drank a bottle of cologne. I said oh now I understand he said yeah I don't want to stink like five bottles of five cents cologne every day but I don't have a choice. Anyway, anyway to the business at hand he said we'd located Marcy. It's not very good news she is not at her grandmother's, as a matter of fact, we can't find her grandmother anywhere. I asked where she is. Ike says she's an asylum the places like Fort Knox. I'm not sure why she ended up there, but I can tell you it's not a good place. I put a couple of guards on her well as close as I could get to her. They can't get too close there's a really powerful presence there, and I'm afraid there are other forces at work. I thanked him, and he said sure anytime if there's anything else you need let me know.

Chapter 5
After school I stopped by Pete's house it does matter that I'm restricted my parents don't get home till about 6 o'clock, and I get out of school at three, so there's a big window. I asked Pete to answer a few questions for me why didn't he tell me about the exorcists why didn't he tell me about the AOD? Pete sits down, and he says there are a lot of things that you don't know. I guess it's time for me to tell you everything sorcerers like me we don't make deals with angels or devils we explore the in- between we find ancient tomes we build arcane machinery and from those things we do what some would call magic some call it science. There are others like you know who trade their soul for magic a soul is a very powerful form of energy, but so far we don't know how to use it, we do know that it contains free will. Up until you, a soul had been given nothing could take someone's soul the exorcists take souls by creating a religion and tricking people into thinking they go to paradise when they die, so they freely give their soul to whatever religion the exorcist are pushing today. The witches use their souls to gain magic they trade with demons. Angels and demons don't have souls, They for all their power can't rival a soul if you ever see an angel or a demon run the other way. The AOD are people who didn't give their souls one way or the other and refuse to even after death. That energy just keeps fueling their body and the exorcist will capture them and tortured them until they either give their souls or exercise them to the point that their body is destroyed and they become a ghost, and then it starts all over again. I said oh my God that is just way too much to take in. Pete said we haven't even got to God yet, but the souls eventually end up in his hands were not sure what he does with them, but he is something somewhere in the in- between. I just stood there I think my mouth hung open for a good five minutes I know flies got there. Pete said, now you know everything I do I mean there's a bit here and there but, I know it's a lot to take in, but that's it in a nutshell. I thanked Pete, and I walked home I got in about 5:30 I sat in the chair right across from the picture, and I just stared at it, and all I could think about was Marcy. With everything I had just learned the only thing I could focus on was Marcy how could someone like her end up in an asylum. The more I thought about it, the angrier I got I kept thinking about the people that ignore her when she asked for help. There was her homeroom teacher, father Cruz, her mother; I was going to make them pay there was no way I could let this go. I sat there staring at that picture my parents got home, and they brought home dinner and asked me if I was hungry I said no. I just sat there staring at the picture my dad asked if I was okay, I said, no I just sat there staring at the picture. he asked if I wanted to talk about it, I said no I just sat there staring at the picture. The sun started to go down it goes down pretty late in Texas in the summertime it was about 9 o'clock. My dad goes to bed pretty early he has to get up early for work, and my mom follows they said good night and I was still staring at the picture. As I walk by the picture going to my bedroom I looked at it and I said this is what you made me for. When the sun was down, I turned in the beast I left my room the first person I went after was Marcy's homeroom teacher. Miss Lovejoy, she lived about five blocks away from me. I knew where she was because as a child I had gone trick-or-treating at her house. She was still awake watching TV her husband was sitting next to her they didn't have any kids. I stood outside her house it was well lit, but I didn't care it didn't matter if I wasn't there if I blinked out if her husband saw me didn't make any difference to me I dashed into the house as the light hit me I blinked out of existence blinked back in. As soon as Miss Lovejoy saw me, she started screaming and started running towards her bedroom where it was nice and dark. Her husband started chasing right behind me. I followed her close, and as soon as she hit the bedroom, I jumped right through her dragging her soul with me. Her husband stopped I turned around and looked at him. she fell to her knees. I was holding her glowing essence in my outstretched claw his eyes were wide open his mouth dropped, and I ate it. He just kept saying no, no, no, and then I had his wives soul why not his, he was in my way. Next, it was father Cruz the church is close three or four blocks away and who cares about exorcists. I knew father cruise lives at the small house behind the church. I was there in less than a minute he was in his kitchen washing dishes. I had just eaten two souls I was so strong. I was more solid now I could still pass through walls at will, but I was so solid when I wanted to be. I simply pass through the wall right next to father Cruz. I took solid form he grabbed the cross around his neck he started saying some prayer. I don't even know what it was it was loud, and I just looked at him and laughed I told him you don't even believe in that and I ripped his soul right out from his chest for a moment just for a moment I think father cruise realized he was living a lie. I ate his soul, and I ran out of the house. I could hear sirens there were police cars at Mrs. Lovejoy's house, and I ran right past them. I didn't even care if they saw me two police officers in one of the cars got a good look, and they started following me it didn't make any difference I just disappeared. I was so fast it only took me a few seconds, and I was 10 miles away standing in front of Marcy's house. Wondering if her mother was in the house, I ran in but it was empty there was no one there. I was so disappointed I want to rip the soul out of her chest so bad, but no one was there.I turned around and started home it was still pretty early there was now police cars everywhere red and blue lights on every corner of every street.I snuck into my room and went to sleep.

Chapter 5 Father Johnny
It started as a rather normal Monday night I had left the monastery, and I was out on patrol nothing ever really happens here, we have a few stray undead we capture bring in an exercise occasionally we have a witch. We are supposed to go out in pairs, but we don't that way get more time off. I had been patrolling by the park reading the good book when I had seen what looked to be a zombie, so I used my Rosa rope to incapacitate him. I was dousing him with holy water with a little Spritz of the dead away to make sure he could not move I had called the hallelujah Van for a pickup. When all the sudden something hit me, and I think it would've killed me if I had been wearing my magic proof vest. I was knocked to the ground it broke my Rosa rope and the zombie and whatever it was got up and ran away it took me a minute catch my breath, and I tried to pursue them, but they were gone. I made it back to the monastery where I was grilled by the Bishop about letting the zombie getaway and interrogated about what hit me there was serious damage to my magic proof vest whatever it was had broken almost every piece of reliquary that had protected me. So the big high honchos the bishops boys went into a meeting and discussed what was going to happen next. I think they were to kick me out I've made a few mistakes in the past like the time I dated the vampire how was I supposed to know. She was good-looking yes I know priests are supposed to be celibate but come on. Anyhow they came out of the big meeting and let me know that I was going to get a new partner they were calling in some super exorcist from Rome because whatever was out there was more than we can handle.

The plane landed, and I'm supposed to meet the super exorcist and bring him to the monastery. I'm waiting for him at the airport, and I don't see a priest exit the plane I see a Nun she's about 4 foot tall 4 foot wide she has little hair sticking out of her face her nose is bent and crooked. She's hideous, and she walks up to me and says you must be father Johnny I'm sister Aloysius the new exorcist in a deep raspy voice. I almost feel bad for whatever undead or thing we are going to run into she's the most horrifying thing I think I have ever seen. I take her back to the monastery, and the Bishop boys brief her.
Tuesday night
There some kind of attack going on this ghostly monster is attacking people sister Aloysius, and I are out looking trying to find out what it is. She refuses to get in a car she's walking she sniffs the air like a hound she's got the scent of something. I am following behind her she finds this a poor little zombie. Zombie just a small shriveled up little thing trying to sneak into a manhole she does not even say a prayer she grabs it by the skull and crushes it I've never seen anything like it, it makes a small squeal as she crushes it. I asked her are we supposed to exercise those and she says it's not worth it let's go. She follows the smell of this ghostly thing all over town and eventually she loses it. She looks at me, and she says It she gave him the slip this time, but I'll find it I'll find it.

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