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Ghost Stories - Part 2


Before We Start

A reader requested more paranormal stories, so this post is for them. Hope you enjoy! I have a few more experiences of my own which I will start with, but I asked my mum and sister if they would give me their stories to share because they have far better experiences to tell than I do. So, get ready because this will get creepy.

The Little Girl Holding a Basket

When I was eleven-years-old I remember sitting at the kitchen table doing my homework. It was late afternoon in summer so the sun hadn't set yet and I really wanted to go play outside before dark but had to finish my homework first. I was facing the entrance to the hallway -a hallway where many things had been seen- and at the corner of my eye, I could see a girl standing there. I thought it was my sister so I didn't pay much attention. It looked like she was holding a basket and wearing a hat and a dress. I thought it was odd. The girl bent down and picked something up, it looked like she put it in her basket and when I looked up no one was there. That moment happened within seconds. I was a little spooked but being eleven I needed to go play outside, that was my priority. I told my mum and she said that a psychic told her about a little girl with a dog that would hang around her. I wonder if it was the same little girl.

Was That You?

I don't remember what age I was, maybe ten or eleven, and we were having a birthday party (I can't remember who's). The adults were mostly outside and the kids were all running around inside. There were around eight kids that were there that night so you can imagine how crazy the house would have been. Some kids were watching T.V. and others were chasing each other through the hallway, playing hide and seek, doing all the normal kid stuff. Eventually, it was time for cake, so everyone was going outside, but at the corner of my eye, I saw a little kid in red poke their head from the hallway -the same creepy hallway where most stories have taken place- when I looked the kid was gone. I thought it was my stepbrother because he was wearing red that night. So I ran into the hallway after him. When I looked he wasn't there. I ran to the back door and noticed that all the kids were outside playing tag together- including my stepbrother. I asked him if he had been hiding in the hallway he said no.

I still wonder if my brain just thought I saw a kid in red or if I actually had. We will never know.

My Phone

When I was 16 my phone use to slide off the desk by itself. I thought it was just because I was moving around a lot or I had bumped it. I saw it slide right off onto the ground. The first time I thought nothing of it because I thought maybe I had done it. But it happened for about a week or two every few days.

My friends were over one day and I was in the middle of telling them about it when they saw it happen. We thought it was creepy but I still wasn't sure if it was anything paranormal.

I tried to jump around, shake the desk, checked if it was on a tilt but nope, there was no explanation.

Then one day, I had a whole bunch of crystals on the desk with me (I was really into crystals at the time) and I was researching how to activate them -don't ask, I was going through a phase- and all of a sudden the whole desk began to shake. I freaked out and ran away, didn't go near the desk for hours.

After that my phone stopped flying off the desk and my desk never shook again.

My Aunties Haunted House

My aunt was living in a haunted house for a few years. I personally never saw anything but I was there when things happened. Of course, I was too busy watching T.V. or playing with my toys to care at the time so I missed out on seeing anything. Though I do remember being scared of my aunties room. I felt uncomfortable going near it so I use to close her door, weird.

So, one night my mum, sister and I were sleeping in the spare room at my aunties. Sometime during the night my mum woke up and saw a girl walking out of the room. She thought it was my sister going to the toilet and she said: "Are you right there?" There was no response, which she thought was weird. She waited a moment but heard nothing. Then she realised that she could hear us both breathing. Yep, we were both beside her asleep, no one had left the room and she probably just talked to a ghost.

Another friend of my aunties was staying there one night in the spare room and the door opened by itself while she was asleep. That same friend was in the kitchen one day, we were all there, and as she bent down to pick something up a jar fell from the bench onto her head. My aunty and mum saw it fall, they don't know how it fell but safe to say everyone freaked out.

One night two other kids were over at my aunties house along with my sister and me. I didn't see this, unfortunately. Anyway, my sister was standing near the kitchen bench, along with one of the other kids, and on the bench my aunty had this little crystal statue thing. In front of my sister the crystal went flying across the room. She thought the other kid did it but they had no idea what happened. My aunties friend saw it happen and freaked out because she saw it go flying across the room by itself.

Girl In Chains

Back when my sister and I shared a room she woke up in the night and turned over in bed. Standing there at her bedside was a young girl. She was in chains, her black hair was in two buns and she lunged forward at my sister. My sister hid under the blankets, scared to move.

I'm sad I missed out on seeing that.

Here's A Few Short Ghost Stories For You

My mum and stepdad recently bought a house and the first time they went to go see it the door flung opened by itself.

They also saw a bag of lollies fly off the shelf and land in the middle of the kitchen.

My mum recently saw a man walk out of a phone booth onto the road and disappear at 11 pm.

She also woke up one night and could hear the T.V. was still on in the kitchen. So she got out of bed. You need to walk through the lounge room to get to the kitchen and she could still hear it clearly. The moment she opened to the door to the kitchen everything went silent and the T.V. wasn't on.

Back when I was just a baby, in the middle of the night my mum woke up and when she turned over in bed there was a face with black eyes and a wide smile zoom down at her. And of course, she hid under her blankets for the rest of the night.

A few years ago while I was asleep a picture of a woman popped into my head and it felt like she was there with me. I couldn't see her face but I could see a dress she was wearing. The next day I asked my mum and sister if they knew anyone who wore a dress like that and they named a few people but we weren't sure. We went to visit my grandmother and we also asked her. She brought out a photo album and we went through it. Yep, you guessed it. One of the photos was of a lady wearing the dress I saw. We asked who she was, turns out she is my grandfather's sister who passed away.

That's It

So there you go, most of the stories that we have are all written here for your entertainment. I love hearing ghost stories, so if you have any of your own please write it in the comments below. It's so fascinating.


Elise (author) from Melbourne on July 03, 2019:

Very interesting indeed. Thanks for reading Linda.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on July 03, 2019:

Your stories are enjoyable and scary at the same time. You and your family have had some interesting experiences!

Elise (author) from Melbourne on July 03, 2019:

Thanks for reading. I'm glad you enjoyed

bm-boy on July 03, 2019:

wow, what a nice post and article.Thanks for your content.

Elise (author) from Melbourne on July 01, 2019:

You're welcome!

Shawindi Silva from Sri lanka on July 01, 2019:

OOOOH!!!!! that's so creepy, and thank you for your article !!!

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