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Getting to Real - Part Two

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Elaine had never been pretty or desirable. She never had real dates or boyfriends. Those who took her out expected sex as payment for their time. When she refused, she was left as trash.

At the age of thirty six she married Stanley. He was an older unpleasant man who needed a wife to quash rumors. She had met him at work, his office was on a different floor. They had lunch together on occasion, as neither had friends in the building.

He dated her and as she had no unpleasant traits, offered marriage, but made it clear what he wanted and expected. Elaine agreed because she had no choice, save living and dying alone.

The marriage began in neutral. She slightly liked Stanley at inception which moved to dislike in a short time.

As Elaine was employed and earned her own money, Stanley demanded she pay her 'portion' as if they were roommates. She did.

Time passed.

Unknown to Elaine, Stanley had amassed a fortune. She didn't know because he hid it from her. He planned to divorce her and purchase of a younger more attractive wife.

Fortunately for Elaine, Stanley was struck down by a car and killed on his way to his attorney.

As he left no will, had no children, she got his fortune, plus the settlement as result of the accident which took his life.

Elaine suddenly had money.

Now, so many men were chasing her down, as if she'd become beautiful. She dismissed them. She knew their smiles and flattery were fraud; they were after her money.

Elaine decided to select her own puppet. He would be a man she could control. A man who had no connections, no family and no real future.

Glenn was her choice.

He was handsome, he was young, had no money and no future.

She went after him with determination. It didn't take more than a few meals at top restaurants, a few expensive gifts, to get her desire.

She married him at a registrar's office, for her relationship with him was nothing she wanted to publicize.

For their honeymoon, she took him to a minor hotel in the Azores, where no one she knew or wished to know would be.

She enjoyed him, and slowly made it clear he was living at her desire.

Newly Wed

The first year of marriage was simple enough. Glenn lived in her house, under her rules. That he chose to continue his job to have pocket change, and to send money to his parents in Jamaica was not worthy of objection

Further, his absence during the week days granted Elaine some space. She liked her time without Glenn. She could leave the house, meet persons of a certain quality, attend venues with her friends and enjoy her life.

She saw Glenn in the same category as if he were her dog. He was noticed when she wanted to notice him. As long as he behaved according to her demands, everything was smooth.

Glenn seemed wise enough to grasp the fact she was the head of the house and it was always going to be her way. As he appreciated the finer life style she offered he conformed.

As long as Elaine had away time where she could be without him, as long as he was useful in bed and made no difficulty, she was pleased with her choice.

A Brief Hiatus

When Glenn'ss father died and he wanted to go home for the funeral, she sent him but declined to go. He did not argue with her. He packed, she drove him to airport.

Once he was gone she had a strange sense of freedom. She realised Glenn was her responsibility and with him gone, she had none but herself. She decided to take a vacation with her sister in the South of France.

Her sister was divorced and contemplating the purchase of man as Elaine had purchased Glen. They spoke much of it, pros and cons.

They returned to England after a month had passed. Elaine thought to call Glen, find out how he was doing, and did so.

They discussed return and next week seemed ideal.

She paid for his ticket, met him at the airport, prepared to be the consoling wife. He was very quiet and she was kind. The marriage ran smoothly.

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