Short Story: From the Hurricane (Part 1 of 3)

Updated on May 8, 2018
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I have been an author since I was twelve. Writing ever since then and constantly improving with my mentors every year.

Credit to the original artist: Rave(n)
Credit to the original artist: Rave(n)

From the Hurricane (Part 1)

The beat of the electric instrumental song was a steady vibration in my ears. I glanced at the ceiling and the surrounding walls, all were tinged with a vibrant red, blue, and orange colors from the newly installed strobe lights in front and back of the gynasium.

This was the day, I’d finally come back to this hell hole of a place. I honestly don’t know why I did. Oh, wait I do know. I had been hanging out with my friends Hannah, Jenna, and Theresia. After a few hours of shouting, me being dragging and me being ambushed and tied up anyway against MY OWN WILL.

I’m here. I sigh, exhaling against my angeredly applied charcoal black lipstick I'd added coming over here. Home-coming, as some would call it, the grosses place for me to be right now for me. I don’t know why they would want to come, it’s a cult society. It consists of sex, sex, drama, and more sex. So as you can guess the easier you are the more on top you’ll be.

Haha, If you know what I mean. I wish that was just a joke, but you have to be with the trends too. You either play by the rules or get banished. Back to the cult thing, don’t you think grinding your ass up against a boys junk in a circle of your ‘friends’ doing the same exact thing and talking to just anyone in the group is crazy? I felt that was highly unnecessary and uncomfortable.

I was completely done once I saw that. Walked out and never came back in. Well, that’s what I wanted to happen, but Hanna had caught me before I could make my escape. Standing with my friend group I decided to snap a photo on my phone of the humping cult circle and sent it in a letter like email to the principal as a concerned parent.

I never thought I’d wined up back in this place again, looking completely sexy too if I might add. A smirk settles on my lips as I lift my drink once again for the 5th time. Its Sierra mist, don’t overthink it. I let out another breath, reaching to steal a chip from the food bowl to the right of me.

Seeing a dark figure appear out of my left peripheral vision intrigued me. For it was just standing there, what was it doing? I snapped out of it though since nothing good could come from talking to these assholes.

“Hey.” A voice called, next to me. My breath paused for a short second before sliding my eyes up the baggy denim jeans and the dark gray button up shirt, I have now come to know it is impossible to live without. This boy, no taller than 5’11, three inches taller than me, makes my blood boil.

I hate him. His short dirty blond hair styled shorter in the back and a few inches long in the front, always getting into his eyes. His slightly squared chin oval face. His green eyes were sharp rectangles like almonds.

Between his eyes he had a long nose the opens to his wide nostrils down that little curve to his lips that felt like as if they’d never changed from that soft plump baby like structure. My eyes went straight to his, before noticing the soft stubble on his chin. My response takes longer than I would have liked.

“What are you doing here?” I ask took a few steps back giving myself some space. I couldn’t believe it. His lips curve into a knowing smirk and raised his eyebrows slightly telling that he was amused and he shrugged his shoulders. I hated when he would do that because then no conversation. I brushed my black flower laced dress against my thighs straightening it out slightly.

Credit to the original artist Jem
Credit to the original artist Jem

“You usually don’t come to these kinds of things.” I states eying him all the while studying his facial expressions a bit, trying to get used to his now stubbly chin.

“My mom. She forced me to come here, apparently I need a ‘social ife’.” He said while using his fingers to air quote his air quote. Internally I chuckled, I’m sure the corner of my lips upturned barely a fraction? This was the one thing I liked about him. I couldn’t figure him out whether he is telling a lie or just telling me what happens and so I took everything he said as truth.

Not a truth I believed in but a truth that I could believe in. Sometimes just viably believing comes with so much frustration you just learn to leave it on the table. On the other hand I do hate not knowing a person. Though we have had some deep conversations in the past and they always leave me, wanting to know more. I just nodded my head.

“Yep, they pretty much rule the world and their sons. Daughters are too rebellious so we’re freer than you.” His saturated blue eyes dawned on mine, as his lips formulated his counter sentence, his body turned to me.

“No, no, no, young child” His voice soft. I could see the words dripping from his lips as he shook his head.

“You should know women are more oppressed than men, no matter however morally wrong it is. It’s true.” He swattled his little head a bit, like he knew everything. Though I knew he was being just as sincere as his mind allowed him to be, with facts he had retained.

“I know it’s true. I’m not an idiot unlike these neanderthals here. Which I’m surprised wheres you little group of friends?” I smirk knowing he would back them up.

I looked passed him and around the crowded dance floor or the many too sequenced colorful dresses and the boys black and white tuxedos. I wrinkled my nose in disgust so much for fashion it’s basically a glitter party full of tripping hazards. I sneered even looking down at my own self, body clinging black satin dress which was covered in lace that was a bit looser than the satin.

I crossed my arms under my chest feeling the small, black, flower patterned lace that reached down to my wrists unlike the black satin that stopped before covering my whole shoulder. Jem looked into the crowd of glitter dresses grinding against the useless pricks of boys, and bodies hitting each other of these poor high school children as of could make up for them not being able to dance. His right arm moved to scratch the irate spot on the back of his head, looking to see, in which I assume for his friends.

“You didn’t look for them? So you just decided to talk to the first person you know?” I asked, pushing my eyebrows up, wondering if I was that first person. Of course I would never say that out loud for fear of misunderstanding. I reached for another chip, having to lean forward, I leaned off to the side too avoiding being close to him. I retracted up to my original position leaning up against a beam. Once I got a few and tilted my head up to meet his eyes again that I had found trained on me with curiosity.

“What do you want, Jem?” I said with a little bit of power behind it, wanting to know what was behind his twinkling dark blue eyes. I bit into another chip.

“And answer my other question too.” I demanded.


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    • Natalia Thomas profile image

      Natalia Thomas 7 days ago

      I'm glad that I can make this story interesting enough for you to continue reading. Thanks for sharing your comment.

    • Shyron E Shenko profile image

      Shyron E Shenko 7 days ago from Texas

      Good job Natalia, now I have to read the following chapters to find out.

      God Bless.