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Fred the Angel and the Angel Bell - A Flash Fiction Story Part 1

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in Psychology.


It is often said that when a silver bell rings an Angel has gotten their wings. This is so not true however. You see an Angel doesn’t fly. They just kind of pop in and out as they so please. So you see when a bell rings. It’s a bell ringing unless it is an Angel bell. What is an Angel bell you might ask.

Well an Angel bell is a bell when rung calls forth an Angel to help answer a prayer. How do I know this you might also ask? I’m a real Angel. My name is Fred and I am answering a bell call as we speak.

I must explain. The Angel bell is not a literal bell. It is a sound which comes forth from the head Angel when he sends us on a new assignment. My assignment this time is waiting for me in a town in New Jersey. He called on us to help him to seek out a truth

Fred popped in standing on the beach. “Odd.” He thought, “ In all my assignments I’ve neve been to a beach before.”

“This is nice.” He said to no one in particular but a woman walking by answered him.

“Yeah, I love it here.” She kept walking up the beach.

He watched her walk away for a few moments then lifted his face to the sun. He felt rays dance across his face. The warmth made him feel good inside.

“Are you gonna stand around all day with your eyes closed and your head help high?”

“What are you doing here Death? Just visiting or do you have work to do?”

Death looked at Fred. He smiled. “I’d like to say just visiting but I’m here for the woman who just passed by. She’s going to meet her untimely end in a rip current.”

Fred looked in the direction the woman had gone. So sad to go and not know the One. He sighed. He looked back at Death. “I do not seek your duties. I enjoy creating endings which are good and happy.”

“Fred most of my endings are happy ones, there are a few I do not like but they are their choice while still alive. So until next time I have a soul to reap.”

Fred stood there for a few more minutes then headed towards the boardwalk. As he walked along he smiled and said to those he saw. Some smiled and returned his greeting. Others just passed by. Still others glared at him. He finally came to a donut shop. He pulled the door open and went inside. A young man stood at the counter.

“Hi, my name is Fred, I’m looking for James. We talked on the phone.”

“I’m James, I don’t remember talking...wait. Oh yeah you’re the new guy. Okay follow me I’ll get you started.”

They walked into the back room. “Fred this is Shawn. He can show you the ropes around here. I’ll leave you two to get started. I have to get back to the register.”

James turned and walked out.

Fred turned to Shawn. There was a moment of awkward silence until Shawn began to show Fred the job. Fred picked up his duties pretty quickly. There came a point when Shawn decided it was time for a break. The two of them went outside to sit on a bench.

“So, Shawn how long have you been here?”

Shawn looked at Fred. “This is my second season here. I came here last year cause I needed some place to work. I was laid off from my regular job due to downsizing. I came here cause I needed the money and I like it here so I do this during the summer and move down to the arcade down the boards in the fall and winter. It’s not great money but until something better comes along...well you know. So what are you here for?”

Fred wanted to say I’m and Angel who was assigned here but instead he used the standard back story of being a loner who floats around the country doing odd jobs here and there. Hex was relieved to find must

A few days had passed

A few days later Fred had learned a lot about Shawn. He had already formulated a plan. He set out after work. He appeared in other little town up the coast. A place the locals called Ocean Grove. He walked up Main Street until he came to a little cafe. He entered the cafe and sat down at a table.

A few minutes later a thin red haired woman approached the table

“What can I get for you…”

“Fred...my name is Fred.” He smiled up at her.

She smiled back. For some odd reason she felt like she’d felt like she’d met this man before. “Well Fred my name is Jeannie and I’ll be your waitress today. How can I help you?”

Fred looked over the menu. “I’ll have a French toast bagel with cream cheese and a cup of coffee.”

“Okay Fred I’ll go get your order and be right back.”

“Sounds good.” Fred looked around. “Not busy today I see.”

Jeannie looked around. “No, business is off this year. It’ll pick up soon I hope.”

“Sorry to hear. This place seems like a place where people would flock. “

“You’d think...I’ll be right back with your order.”

Fred glanced around. How could he help this woman and also Shawn at the on same time. He knew Shawn was not who he claimed, He was more. It dawned on him. Just then Jeannie came back with his order.

“Here you go.

Thank you Jeannie.

Fred got up to leave. He turned amd looked back at her. “See you soon.”

Jeannie came back to get his bill money. “Everything was great, thanks.” He smiled. “Hey if you’re ever in Seaside stop by and say hi. I work at the Tasty Donut shop. Though I don’t know why it’s called that because they sell more than donuts.”

She laughed. “I sure will. I get there every so often. It was good meeting you Fred. If you’re ever back this way stop by. The next bagel is on me.”

Fred got up to leave. He turned amd looked back at her. “See you soon.”

He turned and walked out the door. Jeannie looked at the door as it closed. She wondered why he’d said, “See you soon.” She shook her head. Just a figure of speech she reasoned.

© 2021 Timothy Whitt

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