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Fred the Angel Returns, A Serial Flash Fiction Story Part 1

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in Psychology.


Fred the Angel is not your typical angel. He is assigned by Head Angel Gabriel to watch over those humans who seem to need a slight nudge in order to see their true potential. Here is the second offering of Fred the Angel. In this story he will encounter a down on her luck girl who needs to see what she is worth to herself and others. How will she find out the truth? We’ll you’re just going have to read the story to find out.


Looking For A Girl

Fred the Angel surveyed the building. It was a two story red brick building which had seen far better days. The facade on the building had crumbled here and there as evidenced by the scattered bricks which littered the sidewalk. An old sign on the building read AIDVA. Fred knew the letters stood for something at one time but what he didn’t know. He only knew the person he came for was here in the building.

Fred crossed the street. No one saw him even though dozens of people passed right by him. He was not ready to be made known to others. He had to, what the humans say, “scope out the joint first.” He glided through the wall of the building and stood in total darkness.

Fred stood there for a moment. He knew where the girl he came for was lying in the building. He could hear her sobs off in the distance. He started across the concrete floor. The smell of urine and sadness filled the air. Needles littered the floor of the building. His footsteps made no sound as he walked because he was still not a part of this realm. In time he would reveal himself to the one whom he’d been sent to watch over. For now he listened and watched as she recovered from her latest high. Soon the sobs stopped and the girl stood up on shaky legs.

“God,” She smirked. “How can there be a God when he won’t take this addiction away from me?”

Fred watched as the girl wiped her hand across her nose. She turned and walked right through him on the way out the door. He stood there for a few moments more before he left. He knew where she was going and would be waiting there for her. He blinked out of existence.

A few moments later he stood outside a run down duplex with faded and green peeling paint. The house was a mirror image of the other houses which lined the street. Around the outside of the yard stood a rusted and crumbling chain link fence. The yard was littered with various species of weeds and tall grass.

It was obvious the yard hadn’t seen a lawn mower in a long time. He watched the house with interest. It always amazed him when God’s creation ended up in such living conditions. It shouldn’t be this way, Man was created to help each other. After all in John 15:12 His Word says, "My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you."

The girl showed up right on schedule. He looked at her from across the street. Now that she was safely home it was time to set he plan in motion. He blinked out.

Here We Go

Amanda showed up for her job at the diner at her normal time of 6 A.M. She put on her apron, grabbed her pad and headed out to wait at her tables. She noticed a rather odd looking man at booth #5. He kind of had a glow about him. He looked up and smiled when she came over.

“Good morning Amanda. How are you today? I hope everything is well with your soul.”

Amanda stepped back a little. He had called her by name. But how? And why was he worried about her soul? Her weird person radar was beeping out of control.

Fred sensed her confusion and slight trepidation. He had slipped by using her name and had to regroup.

“Your name tag.” He said.

“What…” She said as she cleared her thoughts.

“It’s how I knew your your name tag. I’m sorry for catching you off guard, Just so we’re name is Fred.”

Amanda looked down at her name tag. “Oh...” she said. It explained how he knew her name. Man, she was getting jumpy lately. She looked back the man or Fred as he called himself. “How can I help you?”

Fred looked up at her. “I’ll take some of what you call coffee...for now.”

Amanda’s brow wrinkled. “Some of what we call coffee. What an odd thing to say.” She thought. She retrieved a carafe of coffee and sat it down on the table with some creamers and a cup.

“Are you ready to,order?”

Fred looked up at her. “Yes, can I have some strawberry pancakes with a side order of eggs and toast?”

Amanda turned and walked away to put Fred’s order in. Fred sat there and watched her. It was hard to believe this young woman could look so at ease in the daytime and time to her emotional support at night. Where to go from here? Fred bowed his head and listened for instructions from above.

“Fred, what are you doing?”

Fred looked up to find Garbriel sitting across from him.

“I was merely seeking some sort of direction to go in here. I’ve never dealt with this type of situation before.”

“Well, all I can tell you is guidance will come as it comes. In fact your next move will come shortly.”

“So I should not tell the woman who I am.”

“No...not yet. You will know when the time comes.”

With that Gabriel faded out.

Fred was sitting there finishing his food when the door to the diner opened. He looked up to see a familiar figure come in and sit at the counter. Fred got up from the table and walked to the next stool over. He sat down with his coffee.

“What are you doing here?” Fred scolded.

The man with the coal black hair and piercing dark eyes looked over at Fred.

“I’m here for the same thing you’re here for…a soul.”

“Dirk, you know a demon is not allowed…”

“Before you give me one of your speeches. I’m allowed here. You know the protocol. I’m given the same rights over whether to hang around to see where a soul is going....”

Fred pointed his finger. A not so nice gesture as one is told it is impolite to point but he did it to emphasise his message. “She is not and will not be yours.”

Dirk smiled, “Alas though she has called out to God. She has not committed and until she does...well she is up for grabs so to speak.” With that Dirk got up and left.

Fred went back to his table where he found his guest check. He left a tip, paid his bill at the register and left. He didn’t see Amanda anywhere. “This assignment just got a little more interesting.” He said out loud to himself. He walked across the street to a little park and sat down on a brick wall. While he sat he pondered over what he would need to do. He knew the next step but how was he to carry out a chance meeting. Fred jumped down off the all and headed up the sidewalk. He didn’t need to keep track of Amanda. All he needed to do was think of her and he would be taken to her current location.

Fred stood in front of a different house. It was time to set part two,of his plan into action. Fred stood in front of a different house. It was time to set part two,of his plan into action. He walked up to the door and knocked. The door opened. A woman stood there.

“Hello, Jane...I need your help.”

Here ends Part 1. The next part is coming soon.

© 2020 Timothy Whitt

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