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Forbidden (Part 2)

Farrah is a writer who has written several published and unpublished works. She loves writing romance fiction and horror stories.

The man watched the play of emotions on the lady's face and he frowned slightly, a look of uncertainty on his. His confusion finally cleared and hr watched as she approached, a little hesitantly.

“Kara?” he asked uncertainly.

As he spoke, Kara noticed his voice; it was rich and deep, with a calming ring to it. He might be Aidan’s split image, but their voices sounded different.

Aidan’s had a voice that had a slight feminine lilt to it and it annoyed him if anyone made any reference to it.

As she stared at him, it was hard for her to believe she would meet someone else that was so like Aidan. Life with him was hell already, and now she was to face his double?

Noah would likely be staying in the house for the duration of his visit. How would she cope with added emotional torture? All the pain and loathing that had plagued her existence for several months rose within her and she stiffened slightly.

“Kara?” he asked again when she remained silent, his confusion deepening.

“You must be Noah”, Kara replied matter-of-factly, a little coolly and he nodded. “Come with me, my car is packed at the garage.”

She turned and sauntered away, not bothering to check if he followed. Noah stared in slight puzzlement, confused at her attitude. Was it something he wore? It couldn’t be something he had done as this was his first time meeting her; his brother’s wife.

Where was the hug and pleasantries he had expected from her seeing her husband’s twin for the first time? Instead he sensed a coldness about her and anger directed at …..him? That was odd.

Noah gathered his thoughts and followed her. She walked fast for a woman and had gone quite far. But he soon caught up with her, throwing his long legs one after the other. This was one period where his 6’3 frame and extra legs came in handy.

They walked on in silence and soon got to her car. She got in and didn’t wait for him to get in before almost driving off.
They drove on in silence and he took the opportunity to study her. She looked different from the slightly blurred picture Aidan had sent to him, prettier. She was very slim, which matched her height, 5’ 9, giving her a lithe, graceful look. Her face was her most striking feature of all. It was slightly lean, but with enough flesh not to look gaunt. Her cheeks were prominent and high, giving her a slightly haughty, yet regal look. Her eyes, which were at present fixed on the road, were somewhat deep-set, and met a nose that was aquiline. Her lips were slightly drawn in a taunt, angry line which, for the life of him, he couldn’t seem to understand. But in all, she was a very beautiful and striking girl and he could see why his brother had been drawn to her.

“You seem angry, Kara”, he said and she turned to look at him for the first time since the trip started over 10 minutes ago.

“I’m not”, she replied. “Just tired. Plus I still have to drive down to Brian’s school to pick him up and that has been on my mind.”

His face brightened at that and he grinned. “Ahhh, my little nephew. How is he by the way?”

“He’s great”, Kara supplied, not bothering with additional details, as she the expectant look on his face. “I hope you don’t mind, but I would like to stop over at his school to pick him up.”

“Not at all”, Noah grinned. “I’m dying to meet the little man. How old is he now?”

“He’s almost three”, she replied softly, unaware of the smile playing around her lips.

The Story Continues...

Noah caught her smile, one she didn’t know she was giving. It was evident Kara loved her son very much. The mention of him had cracked a smile at her otherwise austere appearance. “I apologize for not being able to make it down for his birth. And for your wedding too” he added.

Kara shrugged, “It’s not a problem. I understand you were indisposed at the time.”

Did she? Noah wondered. Her countenance and tone seemed at variance with the very words she spoke. Her back was rigid and she still had her eyes fixed intently on the road.

Kara made a sharp turn and drove straight through a close. She approached a school and slowed down, joining the other cars as they headed for the same direction.

The King’s Pride Group of Schools loomed within view and soon all the cars turned right as they were directed to the school garage by the security man.

Brian was sitting in the school lounge, along with a few other kids and they were all being chaperoned and tended to by a heavyset, middle aged women who knew Kara and smiled at her as she came in.

“Mummy!” Brian squealed on sighting her, running to her. She scooped him up, lifting him high in the air and he squealed further in excitement. You’re late!”

“I know, baby”, Kara replied nuzzling his neck, an act he loved and she was rewarded with gales of laughter. “Mummy had to go pick up a friend”.

Brian looked above her shoulders and smiled on seeing Noah. “Daddy!”

“Not daddy, baby”, she corrected. Uncle Noah. But her correction fell on deaf ears as Brian repeated. “Daddy!”

He began to squirm and wiggle, indicating he wanted to be let down and she complied. The next scene floored her and she didn’t know if she should be concerned by it or smile at the apparent display of affection between the uncle and nephew.

She watched Brian get caught in Noah’s arms and thrown in the air. Since Brian liked being thrown up very much he seemed to be in a world of excitement.

“Daddy, my aunty flogged a boy in my class today”, he supplied. “The boy was a big baby and pooped on himself.”

“Really? Awww…..he was a big baby indeed, Noah replied and Kara noticed he had not bothered to correct Brian calling him dad. “I’m sure you my man are a big boy and can never do such.”

Brian’s chest seemed to swell in little manly pride and he voiced and emphatic no. “I cannot poop in my pants. If I want to poop, I will run to the restroom like a big boy”, he supplied, stressing the word run to emphasize how fast he would move.

“This is not daddy, baby”, Kara said, cutting into their little conversation. “This is Uncle Noah, daddy’s brother.”

“I think you should let the child be”, Noah suggested, seeing the look of incomprehension on Brian’s face. “At this age, I don’t think he can fully comprehend what your words mean”.

“I don’t think that would be ideal”, Kara countered. “He may be a child, but you’ll be amazed at how much they can understand when you explain things to them”

She turned to Brian and, shaking her head slightly, said “No daddy, Brian. Uncle Noah”.

Brian looked at her, then back at Noah and, throwing his little arms firmly around Noah, yelled, “Daddy!”

Kara gasped in exasperation and she could feel Noah’s eyes on her, watching her. “You will only confuse the child if you insist on correctly him. Why not let him see me and Aidan together and then you can tell him. Nothing else will convince him right now.”

Kara shrugged reluctantly and reached over to take Brian from Noah’s arms. She was shocked when Brian pushed her hand away and clung to Noah. That was weird; Brian never rejected coming to her, no matter who was carrying him, even his father.

“Baby, come to mummy”.

“No”, he replied, and then turned his face away from her to place his head on Noah’s shoulders.

“I’ll carry him to the car”, Noah said and then was in front of her, making his way to the car.

Kara drove, Noah sitting quietly beside her, his eyes shut and his head leaned back. She couldn’t tell if he was asleep, but he seemed tired. He had assumed that position as soon as they got into the car, after they had successfully convinced Brian to sit at the back and not in front with ‘daddy’. He had fallen asleep not too long after.

Kara was tired herself, but she continued driving. Soon she got to estate and made her way through the family streets to her home. It came into view and she sighed in relief. Her body ached and she was dying to have a little rest. She got to the gate and horned, and some seconds later, the gate slidded open to allow her entrance into the place that was both home and a prison to her.

© 2019 Farrah Young