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Forbidden Fruit 8: The Worthington Emerald

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


Get Yourself Another Man ...

The next morning Steve meets with his crew to inform them of what happened yesterday.

“Now, do you believe me?” Bert asks smugly.

“I never thought I would say this but yes.” Steve lowers his head and then looks up again.

“I know this job means a lot to all of us but there are forces here that we can’t deal with. I’ve had an offer for another project upstate. It doesn’t pay nearly as much as this but there are no unexplained occurrences there. No moving cranes or wandering spirits. If I can get out of this contract, that’s exactly where I’m going. To hell with this project.” Steve declares and every one of his men are in complete agreement. Bob Morton, the subcontractor is not so agreeable.

“Just wait a minute, Steve. There is good money to be had on this project. I can’t see just walking away just because of a few mishaps.” Bob complains.

“Like I said, my men and I are walking. If you want to stay—I will recommend that your company be given full control over the project. That way—you won’t be losing a dime.” Steve offers.

“That sounds like a plan.” Bob shakes hands with Steve and offers to go with him to see Nathan. However, Nathan is already there and has overheard everything.

“I can’t believe you’d be spooked over this nonsense.” Nathan retorts.

“I know what I heard last night. I know what I felt last night. And, if its all the same to you—I want to nullify our agreement.” Steve answers.

“Well, it’s not alright with me. My father told me that you were the best in the business and I’ve always gotten the best. If you walk away from this contract—I will blackball you to future investors.” Nathan threatens.

“I can’t believe you would be so callous, Nathan.” Steve states in utter shock. “You’ve threaten several times to replace me with another firm—now is your opportunity.”

“I knew then that you would stick to the project. Tell you what—let your subcontractor do all the clearing and eliminating. Then, when the area is ready, your crew can return to start the extension to the hotel. That will give your men a chance to calm down and everything.” Nathan offers, reluctantly Steve accepts. He doesn’t have an option.

“Alright Nathan.” Then Steve turns to Bob, “You and your men have the responsibility of getting this place ready for my crew to take over. I will not be responsible for anything that happens here. Whatever problems you have—report them directly to Mr. Nathan Worthington. I hope I make myself clear on that?” Steve questions with no hint of a smile.

“You got it!” Bob relays. All three men shake hands. Steve and his crew prepare to leave while Bob sets up shop in the makeshift office.

The mysterious Abbie Wilkinson!

The mysterious Abbie Wilkinson!

Not Taking Any Chances ...

As soon as Steve and his men leave, Bob gets on the phone to an old friend of his.

“Cassandra, do you know if The Black Widow still lives down on Mulberry Bend, on the east side of Columbus Park?” Bob inquires.

“What do you want with her?” Cassandra Parkinson asks jealously.

“Never mind—just tell her that I want to see her, pronto.” Bob doesn’t like women who asks too many questions.

“Sure, Bob—you owe me a dinner for this.” Cassandra informs Bob and he agrees. About an hour later, Abbie Wilkinson is standing in the doorway.

“I hear you want to see me?” Abbie is not your typical widow. Thick jet black hair, bright green eyes, long trim legs, ample bosoms, and a deep throaty laugh.

“Why are you still in that part of town—you could live anywhere you want with your looks.” Bob says admiring the view.

“Did you call me all the way up here to ask me that?” Abbie turns to leave when Bob rises from his desk.

“No, I am in need of some of your special charms.” Bob says and Abbie finds herself a seat on the sofa.

“You are going to need a mighty powerful one—if you plan on keeping the Bonaparte Sisters away.” Abbie smiles.

“How did you know?” Bob asks in admiration.

“I read—besides everybody knows the damn place is haunted.” Abbie throws at him.

“So—can you do it?” Bob enquires.

“Yeah, I can do it but it’s going to cost you plenty. The ingredients are from a special blend I got from Louisiana. Badass juju!” Both laugh as Bob reaches into his wallet and counts off several hundred-dollar bills into Abbie’s hands.

“Where did you get a whopper like that.” Abbie stares in bewilderment.

“You got your sources—I got mine.” Bob gives Abbie a knowing wink.

To Be Continued ...

Forbidden Fruit 9: The Worthington Emerald

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