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Forbidden Fruit 6: The Worthington Emerald

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


I Know I’m Not Crazy ...

The next day, Bert is reminiscing to everyone regarding his encounter.

“I’m telling you that I was doing my rounds for the night when I saw something that looked like a shiny green ring.” Bert beings.

“Hmm ... I heard about that ring, and it has a curse on it. But what would it be doing in a pile of rubble?” Jose Hernando asks.

“My wife Julie works at City National Bank and she told me that blasted ring is under tight lock and key there. Mr. Nathan put it there himself.” Will McGuire states.

“Alright, what’s going on here?” Steve Crenshaw has recently arrived on the location and is drawn by the crowd.

“Bert says that he saw the Worthington Emerald over there.” Jose points to the spot that was earlier vacated hurriedly by Bert.

“Is that true, Bert?” Steve asks as all eyes are now focused on Bert. Then Bert looks around and shakes his head sheepishly.

“All I’m saying boss is that I saw what looked like a green ring. And, after that—my blood was made to run cold.” Bert responds visibly shivering.

“What happened next?” Will calls out.

“I saw two women heading toward me. I know it makes me sound looney, but I tell you two women—like were floating toward me.” Bert says and by the expressions on the other workers faces, they believed him.

“What did you do next?” Steve asks and everyone listens expectantly.

“I ran like hell—that’s what I did. Jumped into my car, pointed it towards home and never looked back. It ain’t no way I am going to stay around here after sunset—not for any amount of money!” Bert declares and there are a chorus of “you got that right” echoing after him.

“It seems as if its starting again.” Steve shakes his head sadly.

“I knew I wasn’t crazy—what happened, Boss?” Bert encourages.

“I’m told that not too long after the accident, the city ordered Corky Worthington to clean up the mess. Well ... every time a crew would come out to do the job, weird things would happen. It seemed to occur after sundown and around this same location.” Steve informs the men.

“Now, the pay is very good, and I know that everyone of you could use the money. If we work until about an hour before sunset; we should be able to avoid whatever is out there.” Steve concludes.

“That sounds like a sensible plan.” Steve turns to see Nathan quickly approaching.

“So, are now you a believer?” Steve queries.

“I still think it’s a bit of utter nonsense but if it will satisfy the men and keep them happy—I’m game.” Nathan retorts.

“Fair enough, okay boys—let’s get to work.” Steve gives Nathan a weak smile and goes to his temporary shack to commence work.

Will Steve regret this move ...?

Will Steve regret this move ...?

An Interesting Telephone Call ...

Pamela is lounging around the apartment when she receives a telephone call.


“Hi, my name is Charlotte Kowalski, but you can call me Charlie.”

“Hello Charlie.” Pam says.

“My husband and brother-in-law own Kowalski Jewelers. Sam was the one who appraised the stone.” Charlie informs Pam.

“Yes—I think my husband mentioned this to me.” Pam nods her head in agreement.

“I really need to speak to you—concerning the ring. Can we meet somewhere for a bite to eat?” Charlie inquires.

“Is this important, Charlie?” Pam probes, her curiosity is heighten.

“I’ve been having a series of dreams.” Charlie states.

“Lets’ meet at Boucherie Union Square in a couple of hours.” Pam suggests.

“That sound just fine—I’m picking up the tab. See you then!” Exclaims Charlie. “And—let’s not discuss this with our husbands, agreed?”

“Agreed!” And both women hang up.

Two hours later, Charlie and Pamela meet at the restaurant.

“How did you manage to get us a table?” Pamela inquires.

“Let’s just say a couple of people owed me a favor!” Charlie smiles and Pamela knew she had found a good friend.

“I wanted to meet with you regarding Daphne Worthington.” Charlie begins. “She seems to be very fond of you.”

“Are you on speaking terms with the dead?” Pamela asks in astonishment.

“I have a very open mind and a flair for the clairvoyance.” Charlie replies in a straightforward manner.

“She came to me and warned me regarding the emerald and the Bonaparte Sisters.” Pamela informs.

“Ah yes, Angeline and Yvette!” Charlie exclaims.

“Were they French?” Pamela questions.

“Their father was—their mother was American. There's been quite a few “sisters” who left the United States and embraced a new way of life.” Charlie replies, remembering what she had read in an outdate journal.

“Why would they be so set on me?” inquires Pamela.

“Because your husband is so enchanted with the emerald and it is assumed that he will bestow it on you.” Charlie declares.

“I won’t take it even if he paid me. I’ve always been a diamond girl.” Pamela offers.

“Diamonds are a girls best friend.” Both Charlie and Pamela giggle.

“I’m glad we had this conversation.” Charlie adds.

“So am I. I understand now that I can’t have anything to do with that jewel, unfortunately my husband is not so easily convinced.” Pamela shakes her head.

“He will be.” Charlie says in a voice that startles both women.

To Be Continued …

Forbidden Fruit 7: The Worthington Emerald

  • Forbidden Fruit 7: The Worthington Emerald
    The crane seems to have a mind of its own. With determination, it goes after Bert Singer. Men scatter in every direction to avoid its onslaught and the operator springs for his life, breaking his leg. Coincidence … you decide!

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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