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Forbidden Fruit 4: The Worthington Emerald

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Will the Worthington Emerald claim another life?

Will the Worthington Emerald claim another life?

A Restive Night ...

After Pamela returns from shopping and has a light dinner, she decides to take a soothing bath before retiring for the night. As she closes her eyes, she hears a small voice as if speaking from a great distance away. Pamela sits up and looks around but finds that she is still alone in the room. Shaking her head vigorously, she slides back into the tub to once again be caressed by the bubbles. Once again, she hears the same voice. As before, she sits up in the tub. However, this time she speaks.

“I am Pamela Worthington—who is there?”

“I am Daphne Worthington.” The voice replies.

“I must be dreaming, you can’t be Daphne Worthington. She died a long time ago.” A frighten Pamela replies.

“Yes, I did but I have come back to warn you.” The spirit utters.

“Warn me?” A frighten Pamela inquiries.

“Yes, you must have nothing to do with that Worthington Emerald. It has brought death and pain to the Worthington Family ever since it was acquired.” The spirit says.

“But—I don’t understand?” Pamela queries.

“Oh, I think you do. I know you want nothing to do with that emerald—a wise choice. However, your husband is captivated by it as my husband once was. As I once was.” The voice accounts sadly.

“The sisters.” Is Pamela response.

“Yes, Angeline and Yvette would never have returned to that burning theatre had it not been for my lust for that stone. The repairs would have been made had it not been for me.” The tortured spirit communicates to Pamela.

“Is this real or am I just imagining this?” Pamela enquiries more to herself than to any apparition.

A Visitation …

A Visitation …

“I must leave you Pamela. Remember, the Revenge of the Manchesters reaches beyond generations. They will use anyone who dies wrongfully because of that emerald. You are safe as long as you resist the evil influence of that stone. Beware of the Grand Worthington Hotel for in its walls death is harbored.” After that, Pamela feels a very cold breeze and then all is calm again.

Pamela towels herself dry and slowly walks into the master bedroom of the luxury suite. She sits on a small stool in front of the vanity’s mirror stroking her hair with a soft brush. As she stares into the glass she sees that her reflection is not the only one. There is the silhouette of two women. When she turns around, there is no one else there.

“Angeline and Yvette!” Pamela says delicately and Nathan appears.

“Darling, let’s leave this place. There is nothing here for us.” Pamela acknowledges, rising from her seat to embrace her husband.

“What are you talking about? Pam—you’re as white as a sheet, is something wrong?” Nathan touches his wife’s cold, clammy shoulders and then rushes to retrieve her robe.

“You won’t believe me if I tell you, Nate. You’ll think I’m mad.” Pamela laments.

“Try me.” Nathan declares.

“While I was in the tub soaking, the Spirit of Daphne Worthington came to warn me about the emerald. Then just before you entered the room, I thought I saw the silhouette of two women.” Pamela tells Nathan, still visibly shaken. Nathan leaves her for a minute to fetch her a small sherry.

“Here, drink this. You probably fell asleep and had a dream. Darling—don’t give in to superstitious mumble-jumble!” Nathan chides.

“I knew you wouldn’t believe me. You’re so practical and levelheaded. But I tell you, Nathan Daniel Worthington—no good can come from this venture. Beware of the Grand Worthington Hotel for in its walls death is harbored.” The last comment was in a voice very different from Pamela’s.

“What’s going on—what’s this nonsense?” A startled Nathan responds looking at his wife as if for the first time. Then, shaking his head as if awakening from a reverie, he leads Pamela to the large bed for a soporific night’s sleep. However, it is anything but peaceful. Pamela tosses back and forth and several times during the night, she awakes either in tears or screaming. Nathan doesn’t know what to make of it. Nonetheless, he is very stubborn and refuses to harken to the pleas of his wife.

The emerald has always been the ring of choice because of its bewitching beauty!

The emerald has always been the ring of choice because of its bewitching beauty!

You Have Been Forewarned ...

The next morning, after kissing Pamela on the forehead, Nathan heads back to Kowalski’s Jewelers to receive the appraisal on the emerald.

“The Worthington Emerald is appraised at 2.5 million dollars.” Samuel Kowalski tells Nathan. “I have thoroughly cleaned it and nestled it within this exquisite titanium and ivory ring case. A stone of this value should be so presented.”

“Thank you, Mr. Kowalski. You do my family a great service.” Nathan retorts.

“Now, if you will do me one. Here is my bill. Please take that ring out of my store. My wife slept very lethargically last night. She kept waking up crying and telling me to get rid of that thing.” Samuel conveys.

“My own wife had a very unnerving night. Do you really think there could be something to that curse?” Nathan interrogates.

“I do indeed. This is why I insist you take that ring away immediately. Actually, you should have left it where you found it.” Samuel decides handing the package and the bill to Nathan.

“Don’t be absurd, Mr. Kowalski. I have no intention of doing anything so ridiculous. This will be put in my safe deposit box in City National Bank.” Nathan declares, grabbing the package. He gives Samuel his American Express Card and impatiently waits for the transaction to be completed. Upon receiving his receipt, he bows politely and leaves the establishment.

Samuel’s brother Harry comes from the back room. “You give that accursed emerald to Nathan?” He asks shaking his head as if in relief.

“Yes—I gave it to him, and I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes for the price of that damn emerald.” Samuel admits, looking at his brother from over his glasses. “That thing is nothing but doom.”

“Well—it’s out of our hands. He’s been warned and if he doesn’t want to listen—he’d better brace himself for what comes next.” Harry walks over to the window to observe Nathan.

“It’s his dear wife that I feel sorry for.” Samuel comes over and stands next to Harry. “That woman is in for a very rough ride.”

The two brothers watch as Nathan turns the corner and is completely out of sight. Then they look at each other, shake their heads and return to their work, each saying a silent prayer for Mrs. Nathan Worthington.

To Be Continued ...

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