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Forbidden Fruit 3: The Worthington Emerald

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


Beginning the Surveying ...

The next day, Nathan meets with the contractors to ascertain how much money will be needed to renovate the hotel and tear down the theatre.

“You know, people say the place is haunted. Old Bruce lived there alone in that big place with no heat or lights. But, I hear tell that somebody saw flicks of light and strange sounds.” The contractor Steve Crenshaw relays.

“Ridiculous! The old fellow probably had a couple of kerosene lanterns and used one of those fireplaces. As for the sounds, that could have been just about anything.” Nathan replies.

“I don’t know—” Steve says.

“Look Mr. Crenshaw, if you can’t do the work, I’ll just find someone else who is willing.” Nathan admonishes.

“I’m just saying—okay, I’ll have an estimate for you in the morning.” The two men shake hands and Nathan is off to the jewelers to get the emerald ring appraised.

Kowalski’s Jewelers in just a few short blocks down. It is an old established firm. Although the original proprietor—Jude Kowalski is no longer there—his grandsons do a very good job of servicing the public. Nathan walks into the establishment and shows Harry Kowalski the ring. The look he gives Nathan is one of surprise and wonder.

“Then you recognize the stone?” Nathan says.

“That’s the famous Worthington Emerald. I thought it had been lost after the demise of Corky Worthington way back in the 1920s.” Harry says eyeing the stone.

“My wife and I just found it amongst the rubble at the old theatre site.” Nathan informs Harry. “By the way, I’m Nathan Worthington.” Nathan says, extending a freshly manicured hand.

“I’m Harry Kowalski, my brother Samuel and I run this place. I never thought I’d be setting eyes on that rock, nor you for that matter.” Harry states accepting Nathan’s hand and giving it a firm shake.

“You know something about my family?” Nathan questions.

“My grandfather told me all about the Worthington Emerald and how it was obtained from its original owners the Manchesters. Bad blood that is, if you don’t mind me saying.” Harry states.

“Well, I do mind you saying. All I want is for you to appraise this ring—not give me a history lesson.” Nathan snaps at Harry.

“Hey ... I’m just saying.” Harry says throwing his hands up in the air.

“That’s the second time I’ve heard that remark. What’s with you Americans—you have a limited vocabulary?” Nathan retorts annoyed and then seeing the look on Harry’s face retracts his statement.

“I’m sorry. I just wish people would stop trying to give me advise. All I want is to rebuild the Grand Worthington Hotel and get on with my life.” A frustrated Nathan laments.

“You gonna rebuild the Grand? What about the theatre?” Harry asks in astonishment.

“Yes—I’m going to rebuild the Grand.” Nathan mocks.

“And, what about the theatre?” Harry repeats.

“I’m completely demolishing that thing.” Harry informs.

“Thanks the heavens for that.” Is Harry’s reply. “I’ll have the estimate for you within an hour—when my brother returns from a business luncheon.”

“Okay, here’s where you can reach me. I’ll be at the Hilton Garden Inn.” Nathan hands Harry his business card and points to his cellphone number.

“Okay Nathan—I guess you know what you’re doing?” Its more of a question than a comment.

“Don’t worry—I know exactly what I’m doing.” Nathan smiles, tips his hat and casually walks out the door.

It was uncanny how much Nathan's mannerisms mimicked his great uncle Corky Worthington!

It was uncanny how much Nathan's mannerisms mimicked his great uncle Corky Worthington!

Not Exactly Great News

When Nathan arrives at his suite, he finds a note from Pamela. It reads: Went to do some light shopping. Since I’m in New York—I may as well take advantage of it. Love Pam.

Nathan smiles and decides to give his father a call. “Hello dad, how are you?”

“Your brother Michael and I a getting ready for a 1:00 pm meeting with the Benedict Brothers. I told them about your New York venture, and they showed a lot of interest.” Liam Worthington conveys.

“That’s great news, dad! You’ll never guess what happened yesterday.” Nathan says.

“I can’t imagine, Nate.” His father replies while rushing through some papers.

“I found the Worthington Emerald.” Nathan tells to a now very quiet receiver. “Dad—did you hear what I just said?”

“Yes, I heard you Nathan Daniel.” Whenever his father uses his son’s first and second name; it’s never good.

“What’s the matter, dad?” Nathan inquires, bracing himself for the worst.

“Son, I didn’t really want you to go to America, but I was willing to let you have a go at that hotel. Now you tell me you found that accursed ring?” Liam proclaims incredulously.

“Now don’t you start, dad.” Nathan answers not at all liking the direction the conversation is taking.

“That ring has been nothing but an albatross around the neck of this family for decades.” Liam explains.

“I’ve never heard you talk this way dad. You’ve never mentioned the Emerald to me or Michael. Every time either of us would ask you about it—you practically turn blue.” Nathan states.

“Son, that should have given you an indication of how bad it is. Now you tell me you have it in your possession? Get rid of it.” Liam orders.

“I’ll do nothing of the kind.” Nathan counters.

“Son, I can get you all the backing you need for that Grand Worthington Hotel from the Benedict Brothers. What on earth do you want with that ring? Please don’t tell me you are going to give it to Pamela?” Liam is on the edge of his seat.

“And, what if I were?” Nathan says smugly.

“Are you out of your mind?” The veins are rising up in the back of Liam’s neck.

“Take it easy, dad. I couldn’t bribe Pam to take the ring. She’s terrified of it!” Nathan chuckles.

“Thanks the heavens for that. Now, if you are determined to keep that blasted thing—keep it away from the hotel. I’ve got a bad feeling about that stone.” Liam cautions.

“Dad—please” Nathan says shaking his head in disbelief.

“Just do as I say. Put it in a safe deposit box and leave it at the bank. Ship it back to London and give it to Sydney Manchester. I’m not sure he’d take it but at least it would be back into that family.” Liam suggests.

“I’m not about to let that emerald go—at least not for the present time. Go on to your meeting with the Benedict Brothers and if you think that their offer is lucrative—take it and wire me the funds. I’ll be needing it to give to these contractors. Even they are spooked about working on that hotel.” Nathan adds.

“Just be careful, Nate. I love you.” Liam replies.

“I love you, too dad.” Nathan hangs up the phone. He’s never known his father to talk that way before. He knew that his father cared for him, his brother, little sister and his mom. He just never heard him say it like that. It made him uneasy about his whole venture.

To Be Continued ...

Forbidden Fruit 4: The Worthington Emerald

  • Forbidden Fruit 4: The Worthington Emerald
    There have been two warnings to Nathan Worthington to give up the notion of possessing the Worthington Emerald and the Grand Worthington Hotel. Pamela is besides herself with fear and Nathan with folly!

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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