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Forbidden (A Short Story)

Farrah is a writer who has written several published and unpublished works. She loves writing romance fiction and horror stories.

Hi, I thought to share my first story here (although this wouldn't be the first story I've written). It is a story of love, pain and betrayal; of how far love would go and how it very much transcends the pain of violence and betrayal.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Chapter One

Kara drove on in the traffic, closing the little space that just opened between her car and the one in front of her. She had been in this cut-throat traffic for over two hours and it didn’t seem to be letting up. Her habit of always leaving one hour, thirty minutes early for any appointment would come in handy today, but only if the traffic let up anytime soon.

The driver beside her leaned out the window to hurl a barrage of insults at a bike rider that had dared to almost scratch his car as he tried to maneuver through the little space beside the car. The bike rider replied in similar fashion and a small scuffle ensued.

Kara killed her ignition and leaned back to watch the drama unfold. The bike man seemed to be quite wordy and hurled some unprintable insults at the other man, words that made Kara cringe. This was a typical occurrence in Lagos traffic, and for what it was worth, it was entertaining; a compensation for being locked down for hours on a spot.

She soon lost interest in the fight as her mind drifted, going everywhere and nowhere in particular. But at the back of her mind was the small gnawing thought that she was running late. An image of a scene from earlier played in her mind, and with it came a hardening; an act that reflected on her face. She remembered Aidan’s reaction when she’d told him she woupd be unable be to go to pick up his guest from the airport. The look of absolute rage on his face would have melted a lesser man and he'd held back at the last minute from hitting her.

This wasn't the first time that would happen, but this time around, she was shocked he'd been able to control it. Her arms and back bore the scars of months of violence. He was careful though not to hit her in parts that would be obvious.

The first time it had happened a few months into the their marriage, she had been shocked and stood disbelieving as he stormed out of the house, banging the door behind him. She'd known he was violent; had seen the signs in how he related with his siblings, employees or anyone that got in his way, but never had she thought he would lose his temper with her and treat her in that same shabby way.

The Story Continues

He came back hours later with a gift and apologized profusely. The sight of it had got to her heart and she forgave him. That singular incident had been the first in many and with each, came the customary gifts, each bigger than the last.

Three years down the line, the gifts had ceased coming, but the abuse remained and had even gotten worse.

Kara kept the physical and emotional pains of the abuse bottled inside, mostly because there was no one to tell. Losing her mother, the only family she’d known after her father rejected her mother her, made sure she was alone in the world.

Kara tried reporting him a few times to his family, but they saw him as their golden son. She noticed the warning look on his mother’s face the second time she had tried reporting him; her attitude had also become slightly cold towards her and that had been all the warning she needed to know looking to his family for succour was pointless and to keep shut on her torment and pain.

No one would believe her anyways. Aidan was the perfect husband to the outside world; loving and attentive to her needs. On several occasions, she had seen the look on envy on a few women when they saw her devoted Aidan was. She was sure a lot would also want to trade places with her in a heartbeat, but she alone knew what an animal she was married to.

Her pain and suffering seemed to give him a kind of sick pleasure and he didn’t waste any opportunity inflicting such on her.

The traffic finally cleared and so did her train of thought. A quick look at her dashboard showed she was already 30 minutes late. Noah’s flight would have landed already, which meant she would be late getting to him.

Noah was Aidan’s twin; the only member of his family she was yet to meet. He had been in Afghanistan; a US army officer drafted to serve in a war-zone all through her courtship and marriage to Aidan and couldn’t make it down. But he had sent congratulatory videos to them a week after the wedding, and another when Brian; her sweet little Brian was born.

Brian was the only light in her otherwise gloomy world and but for him, God only knew what she would have done. He had come at a time when she needed joy the most in her life and had filled her dark heart and days with his infectious smiles and trusting gazes.

She drove on at an increased speed, intent on making up for the time lost. Luckily, the road was clear all through to the airport, and it took her an additional 40 minutes to get there.

At the Arrival lounge, she scanned the faces there, searching for one which she knew was the exact replica of Aidan's. From the videos and pictures she'd seen of him she knew the two men were splitting image and a stranger would find it hard telling them apart..

She finally saw him, holding a placard with his name on it and she gasped. Not even the videos prepared her for the uncanny resemblance she saw. She might very well be staring at Aidan.

As though he knew he was being stared at, his eyes moved to her direction and he smiled slightly, recognizing her.

Her face remained impassive as she stared on, willing her feet that had turned to lead to move. She felt a sense of trepidation as she stared at the man that had shared the same womb with Aidan; one that had the same blood coursing through his veins.

She gave a low sigh as though resigning to her fate and with that, made slow, determined steps towards where he stood.

© 2019 Farrah Young