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Fly Little Plane Fly Part 8


Amanda's Love For The Little Plane Built There Limitless Life

When we last left off Jon had seen Amanda for the first time in a while and he had just told her how she inspired him and that he wanted her to stay with him. What would she do? Amanda smiled at Jon and said, “ yes I will stay with you.” A year passed after she had said that and they were married now and both running the airfield and resort together. Jon wanted to teach Amanda how to fly the planes still and for their first anniversary, Jon had something up his sleeve for her. They were flying everywhere together in the little plane but it was getting old and Jon hadn’t retired it when he said he would so now it was really old and Amanda thought it really was time to retire it. Jon knew the time was coming he just didn’t want too yet. Amanda had always said she loved the little plane also but she knew it wasn’t going to last forever.

Jon flew her to the resort a few weeks after they both realized this even though they didn’t say anything to each other. Even though they didn’t say anything to each other they knew, Amanda did want to talk to Jon and soon because there was something he needed to know. Then he would retire the plane for sure. It was a limitless plane but there could be others, not just that one. Jon just grew up with that little plane being his little plane it was going to be hard giving it up for another. The small plane got them to the cottage a few weeks after that since Amanda had chickened out before and she told him that she had news over a home cooked meal after Jon had been outside all day. “ Wow Amanda the meal looks great I thought I would be cooking and you would be in your office working though”. He said. She shook her head and instinctively touched her belly. Jon didn’t notice that though. Amanda cleared her throat in hopes he’d look up but he didn’t. “ Jon what are you going to do with your little plane once you can’t fly it anymore”? Amanda asked. “ I don’t know probably use it for parts if I can”. Jon said. Amanda smiled and said, “ there will always be more planes in our ever growing future.” Jon looked right at her and stared.

“ Amanda what did you just say it sounded like you said you were pregnant.” Jon said, “are you”? he asked. Amanda smiled and nodded “ I just took a test from the drug store but I have taken two and they both have come back positive.” She said, “ when we go home I have an appointment with the family doctor I just made it today.” She said and smiled. Jon stood up and walked over to where she was sitting “ that is amazing news, Amanda, I am so happy yes I will replace the little plane for another one to keep you and our little bundle of joy safe.” He said, Amanda smiled and two days later Jon retired the plane his grandpa Jack had gifted him. He was sad and happy about it all at once. Things were changing and it was going to be great.

There were small planes that he could pilot still they were just a bit bigger than his first one. When his son or daughter was old enough he would give him or her a plane of their own like his grandpa Jack did for him. He was going to do it for his kids and Amanda knew that that was why she wanted him to retire the plane before it really did fall apart. Now Jon and Amanda couldn’t wait for the baby to be born a few weeks after Jon and Amanda found out they went to the doctor and got it confirmed. Fifteen years later it was Jacqueline's turn to fly a plane. She was fifteen older then Jon was but she was a girl after all. He wanted to protect her at all costs. Jacquline was given a plane to fly and she did with her father's help, just like grandpa Jack taught Jon. Jacquline would take over the business when the time came. She was given a plane a little bit bigger than her fathers to learn to fly in. Jacquline was about as good as her father Jon when it came to flying. She didn’t have her piloting license yet, but she would get it soon. When she went to school to get it, she was one of the only girls in the class. She became top of her course by graduation, and she owed it all to her dad. Her dad was one of the best pilots around. She wanted to be just like him in the piloting sense. Jacquline learned from what Jon taught her and even got to pick her own plane. She also named her private plane as her dad had done. She called her plane firebird and couldn’t wait to take it for a spin. She had the same look in her eye as Jon did when he got his first plane. That put a huge smile on Jon’s face.

They had been at the airfield all day when they got home Jacquline told her mom Amanda what they had done. Amanda Only smiled and then took her daughters hand and sat her down. “ Jacquline, your father, did this for you because his grandpa did the same for him and that means the airfield is yours.” She said Amanda smiled. She would go to the airfield with her dad and fly her plane, she had no limits when she flew her plane just like her dad didn’t have limits when he flew his. So they both had no limits when it came to flying. Jacquline really wanted to experience it though so the first time she flew the plane her dad was next to her. Just like it used to be when Jon and grandpa Jack flew. “ Dad it really does feel limitless flying the plane I never knew it was going to feel this freeing,” she said. Then something started beeping, and Jacqueline got nervous.


Did Jacqueline Fly The Plane

“ Jacquline what’s wrong you look nervous,” her father said. “ Do you know what to do now”? He asked. Jacquline looked over at her father and then back out to the sky and started chanting “ we can fly” we can fly,” Jacquline where did you learn that did your mother tell you”? He asked. Jacquline smiled and nodded she was so much like her father that she couldn’t wait to take over the business. She did want to fly a lot more though. She liked it, and she knew that it made her parents happy and her grandparents, so it made her happy. They were all going to be pilots and great ones at that. Jacquline was so excited to run the airfield one day that she made sure she got perfect grades in school and always helped her parents out. She would even fly the plane to the resort and vacation there with her parents, the best part was she was the one behind the helm.

Jon taught Jacquline all that he knew they would run the airfield together until it was time that Jacquline takes it over. Jacquline did everything she needed to, to show her dad that she could do everything he had done with the planes just in her own way. She passed her flying classes with flying colors even. That was why she was the primary pilot that went everywhere when her dad couldn’t believe that was. Would they have another child to run the resort or would Jacquline have to figure out a way to do both? Three years later they had another child her name was Jessica, but that put Jacquline at 17 though she did n’t care since there was someone else to help her run the businesses when she got old enough. Jacquline would run the resort until Jessica was old enough to take it over then they would work together to run both family businesses in the future. Jacquline took Jessica up the plane to see the resort one day when she was old enough to fly on her own and Jessica after just witnessing the resort once automatically fell in love with it.

Jacquline flew her plane with infinite precision. She knew what to do and if something happened to the plane, and something did when she was taking her sister to the resort, but Jacqueline fixed it, and Jessica couldn’t wait to get to the resort, see it and run it. When she saw it, she fell in love with it she began renovating it and making it even better which meant more traffic of people coming to it. Jacquline and Jessica were now running both the airfield and resort. They soon didn’t have limits like there father and mother didn’t, and they realized what the point was now. They were taught to have no restrictions when it came to running both properties and living life regarding limitlessness.

Jacquline and Jessica went home after they saw the resort and did some renovations they then told their parents how much they loved it. Running both businesses felt freeing and they never wanted to give it up. Jacquline loved the feeling of being behind the helm of the plane, and Jessica loved the feeling of being in charge of the resort. They both kept reminding themselves of what their parents used to say and then their mantras came to mind, and they both kept chanting them until it got them to where they needed to be. Jessica ran the resort and brought in so much more money with her mantra then her mother ever had. When their parents saw this, they were so proud of both of them, and they couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

They were on the plane heading to the resort again after being home for a few days when the plane began to sputter when they were just about to land at the resort with Jon and Amanda on board. They looked at Jacquline and she began to chant “ I can fly, I can fly” and she flew over the clouds hit a button and the plane stopped sputtering. She was so shocked and happy that she just kept going higher. She never wanted to leave the sky but she knew she had to get back to the resort to show their parents what Jessica had done with it. When they got to the resort in the plane they gasped at the changes Jessica had made. “ Jessica we love the look of it you and your sister are going to do a great job running these places. Live limitlessly and have fun too.” They said. The girls smiled and nodded.

They went home that night to a massive party that their grandparents had thrown for them. They didn’t understand why but when they looked up there was a vast congratulations sign. “Why is there a congratulation's sign up what is it for? Jacquline and Jessica asked. “ we know that they were going to give you the businesses we just didn’t know how you were going to take it, and it seems you both have taken it well. We are proud that both businesses can stay in the family thank you, girls, for doing this for the family.” They said and then they all clapped and shouted there praises.


Did They Surpass There Limits?

Jessica and Jacquline had surpassed the limits they had set for themselves and lived life they way they wanted now. Their parents had taught them that boundaries in life didn’t matter. That was what they were doing and why they loved the airfield and resort and now their limitless lives.

The End

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