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Fly Little Airplane Fly Part 7


When we last left off some people who were supposed to be taking Jon’s limitless plane thought it had limits and that it wasn’t safe. Others from the flight had come to Jon saying, “ people on this flight don’ believe that the plane is limitless and that it can get through anything they think they are going to get hurt, but we don’t think that, they are just making us nervous.” They said Jon didn’t like that and he was going to talk to the people saying these things. He was a great pilot and everyone knew it. The people who thought he wasn’t were the people who didn’t believe that Jon’s little plane could fly the way it could. They were trying to get him to stop flying it but he owned the airfield and he wouldn’t stop flying until he was forced. Which wasn’t for a long while yet. The little plane was something that had a lesson to teach everyone. Jon knew this now since some people started to complain about it. All he wanted to do was to prove to these people who were saying these things that it was possible. He took multiple trips a day now to the resort with passengers each time just to prove a point. The plane was little but it could fly no matter what.

When Jon finally showed up on a Friday with the last load of passengers for the resort he was beat. He had been going non- stop for what felt like days but was really only hours. People were still bad-mouthing his piloting skills and it was really beginning to get to him. It never did stop though he didn’t think it would until they were back at the airfield heading their separate ways again. Some people even stopped and apologized to Jon for the way they acted. Even though Jon let it roll off his back it was still nice to know that they cared. Jon, however, did need to give his little plane a break so again he took some days off. He had run into some of his passengers in town when he was off and asked them if they had heard anything new about his piloting skills. Most of them said that they hadn’t heard anything and they couldn’t wait for him to fly his plane again.

Jon needed a break and so did the little plane so people were going to have to wait a little bit. The little plane had been pushed so much that Jon thought it was time to give it a break. He was the owner now and there were things he needed to take care of at the airfield and he could take a break when he wanted. He was training other pilots to fly the other planes as well as flying them himself. He needed some help when he couldn’t be flying other places or at the airfield because he was busy doing other things. He did, however, call Amanda and told her why he hadn’t been around much at the resort lately. Amanda understood and they would see each other the next time he was out that way.

Weeks passed and everything at the airfield was finally working out the way he had wanted it too. He had, had enough of a break and was ready to get back flying his little plane again. When he went back to the airfield though it was disastrous there were things everywhere and his employees were screaming at each other. They all wanted to do what Jon did and nobody could. Jon put a stop to it by just walking into the airfield and looking at his employees. He didn’t know what they were so mad about they all flew the other planes because he couldn’t why weren’t they happy about that? “ What is going on here I leave for a while and you all let the airfield run itself”? “ Why is that”? he asked. “ we didn’t think you would mind since you were here,” they said. Jon shook his head and walked away.

Jon couldn’t believe his employees he was the one doing all the work but he was paying them why? They weren’t doing the job and there were limitless things to be done. Just because they could all fly airplanes didn’t mean that was the only thing that needed doing. You have to clean the aircraft and restock in terms of food toilet paper that type of stuff and they all knew this but they weren’t doing it. He didn’t hire specific people for this job he wanted to see what his pilots did, and clearly, it was like pulling teeth. He would make them do it because that was in their contract. At the rate, his employees were moving with the clean up of the aircraft they wouldn’t be going back to the resort anytime soon. Amanda wouldn’t like that but what could he do. Jon needed to blow off some steam caused by his employees so he took his little plane out, but when he did it started to nose dive and Jon didn’t know why he figured it out there was a loose wire that needed tightening so he did it.


Jon teaching people how to fly planes

Jon was flying to the resort when his little plane started to spin out of control. He did manage to land it and call his mechanic. The sad part was when his mechanic got there he was told it couldn’t be fixed instantly and he couldn’t fly it until it was fixed. Sure it was a limitless plane but recently Jon felt like it was trying to hurt him and he didn’t know why so he decided to stop flying it for the time being. There was something wrong with it and he didn’t know what, but he didn’t want to hurt himself or others while flying it so he decided to use a different plane until his favorite one could be fixed. So the next time he went to his grandpa Jack’s cottage he took another plane and the same went for when he went to the resort even though it was right next door to the cottage. Amanda had been waiting for Jon to show up but he never did. Things kept going through her head like was there something wrong, was it the plane, was it her was there something wrong with him that type of thing. She saw him two days later though on a different plane and he had a huge smile on her face.

Jon didn’t look at her then she glanced at the plane he was piloting and shuddered. He was flying a different plane but why what had happened to his favorite one? Jon never stopped the plane he just kept flying around the resort and the cottage while Amanda watched. As he looked out he could see weather coming closer and it was bad, he tried to get out of the way of it but instead, he got stuck in it. He began pulling up and chanting like he did in his other plane it worked but he had to do it louder than he ever had before. Fly little Airplane Fly!

When he got back to the airfield about two days later with passengers and Amanda his employees were trying this plane flying approach. It wasn’t working they didn’t learn the way he did. They didn’t know his tricks, he chanted in his head and it worked but they tried doing it out loud and it didn’t work. So what was the issue they just weren’t as skilled he guessed? He chanted and pulled up on the helm of his plane and it worked for him and he tried saying it out loud but if they weren’t paying attention then it wasn’t going to work for them. Jon was the only one who could do limitless things in the plane and get through it fine.

“Jon how come you are the only one that can do it and nobody else can,” they asked. “ well I must have some sort of gift maybe if you all keep practicing it will work for you too.” He said. So why don’t you all try it with me in the plane and see what happens? So that is what they did but it still didn’t work. Amanda was on board and bored but didn’t say anything. She still did like watching him work but she liked being the one next to him. Jon knew that but what could he do he couldn’t be the only pilot all the time.

Jon took them all to the resort and taught them there too, everyone at the resort started chanting “fly little airplane fly” when they saw Jon walk through the lobby. “ we thought you were going to be back a long time ago” they said, “ I had things to take care of at the airfield but I am here now.” He said. They all nodded “we were worried we would have to get another pilot to get us home.” Amanda thanked him for coming and said that she missed him.


What happens Next?

“ Amanda I missed you too,” he said, “ I wish I could teach you how to fly the plane maybe one day I will”, he said. “ I would like that I want to spend time with you,” she said, “ You inspired me to fly the little plane or any plane really and I don’t want to ever stop especially if you are with me.” He said and kissed her. Tune in next time to see what happens next

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