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Fly Little Airplane Fly Part 6


What happened two years later?

Two Years Later…

When we last left off two years ago Jon and Amanda were seeing each other and Jon was the pilot of choice when people flew to the resort. Although Jon had taken some much needed time off from flying and stayed at Grandpa Jack’s cottage which was now his since he had left it too him when he died. He spent a week at the cottage and it was the first time in two years he had been there. The cottage had been neglected, so Jon got to work on cleaning it up. Pulling the weeds, mowing the lawn, airing it out, that sort of thing. Jon wanted to make it look habitable. He was planning on using it a lot more. Everyone now knew that Jon’s little plane could fly anywhere and most of the time people went with him although there was still some skeptical ones who were nervous. How was Jon going to change those people’s minds he didn’t know if he ever could he was going to figure it out, there was something the little plane needed to tell people even though it couldn’t talk because vehicles couldn’t talk but they can still tell there pilots and passengers things in other ways. The little airplane Jon always flies is one of the only ones pushing past its limits. Even ifs its small. It was telling the people that took it that they could get passed there limits too if they tried hard enough. Since no matter how big or small the plane was it always got its passengers to its destinations.

Jon tried to show everyone that he took in his little plane that anything was possible if you worked hard enough for it. The little plane and Jon wanted to prove to everyone that anything was possible if they worked for it but they had to put in the work in order to get it in a limitless way. If people wanted to do things even if they thought that they didn’t know everything or they were too small they should try anyway, they could make the small things bigger for themselves, everyone who flew on the plane decided to go after there dreams and making them a reality no matter what it took. Jon met a couple who decided to open a bakery because of the little plane and its surpassed limits. They told Jon this the next time they saw him. “ Jon do you remember us we are Alicia and Max, we flew with you a while back, and you inspired us. They said, “ We now own a bakery called A and M bakery have you ever been there”? they asked. Jon opened his eyes wide and said yes I love the croissants and coffee they have. Why? He asked. We are the owners of that bakery and it is because of you that we opened it. We wanted to thank you.” Alicia said.

“ Your welcome,” he said, “ Are you coming with us to the resort today”? he asked. “ Yes, we actually have a meeting with Amanda to see if we can open a coffee shop chain in the hotel that she owns.” They said, “ I can’t wait to hear what Amanda says. Twenty minutes later they were all boarded on the plane headed to the resort. Jon was okay with it because the people on the plane were hustling for there dreams and he got to see Amanda early in the process. So they all got something that they wanted. Limits couldn’t be a factor in it which was good and made them all happy. On the way to the resort they hit an air pocket or something that pulled the plane back, Jon told everyone not to panic and they all began to chant “ fly little plane fly”. They made it to the resort about a half hour later and everyone on boards outlook on life had changed.

Max and his wife were sitting on the plane well after it landed putting ideas down for there venture. Once they had finished they got off the plane and headed straight for Amanda’s office. She really liked the coffee shop idea and began the planning stages to have it in the resort within the next few months. This is our dream and we were wondering if you wouldn’t mind putting a chain in the resort. They said, Amanda, smiled and started writing things down and then she picked up the phone and called her builder to see if he could add to the resort so they could have a coffee shop. Within in months, it was completed and Max and his wife were going from one coffee shop to the other to help run it. There were no limits when you loved what you did and that was how they were feeling so they didn’t mind the travel, they also became very good friends with Jon and Amanda. It was all thanks to Jon and his little plane. Jon was happy about that, and couldn’t wait to see what Max and his wife did with the coffee shop at the resort.


Limitless amounts of fun but work is running the airfield

The little plane was limitless and so was Jon’s life now everyone else who went on the plane had a limitless life too if they took what he was trying to teach them and used it to there advantage like Max and his wife. It had been only a few weeks that the coffee shop had been a part of the resort and it was booming. They were getting more business than they ever could have imagined. It was because they didn’t let the limit of having to take a plane to stop them. They thought of the plane as pushing them to push past there limits and use it to there advantage and that is what they did. Jon was so proud of them and he really did enjoy their coffee he would have it every day that he was home and at the resort that was how good it was. Everyone who took the little plane came back with a limitless life and that was what Jon wanted.

Everyone who took Jon’s plane repeated the mantra either at home or at the resort. One rare day when Jon wasn’t flying Amanda called him and asked him to come to the resort by himself. He had only come alone with her on board never by himself unless he was going to the cottage. He was a little nervous would there relationship change? What would happen when he saw her? So many questions so little answers. Later on, that day when they saw each other Jon suggested a plane ride to her. So they boarded the plane and flew limitlessly around the resort for a while laughing and talking. “ So Amanda why did you want me to come up here alone, was there something that you wanted to tell me”? he asked while they were sitting in the plane, “ No I just wanted to see you and talk about nothing like we just did. It has been a while and I couldn’t bear another minute without you.” She said. He smiled at her and kissed her cheek.

Jon loved his little plane and he couldn’t imagine his life without it, or was he thinking of Amanda? He was in his little plane with her so he wasn’t really sure. It didn’t really matter though she was there and he was with her that was all that mattered. Everything that he did with her he thanked the little plane for, everything he did all the people he met made his life limitless and for that he couldn’t be happier all thanks to the little plane. Since he was so happy all he kept chanting was fly little plane fly and it flew amazingly so he did a number of limitless things with it and the best part was Amanda was beside him.

Amanda and Jon stayed in the plane in the air for a few more hours and then it was time to head back. When they got back to the resort people were all waiting for them. “ We wanted to thank you both for this amazing trip.” They said when they saw Amanda and Jon walk from around the back of the resort where the plane was housed. Amanda and Jon smiled at each other. Everything that the two of them had ever wanted was coming true if an airplane that was small could fly to huge far away places why couldn’t big dreams become reality for people. That was another thing that the plane wanted to teach people, it was teaching them that in little bits and that is what everyone loved.

The people who were staying at the resort, that Amanda had made her limitless project were all doing things to make their lives limitless. They had all started doing it on the plane and now in the resort. They were all relaxing and having fun at the resort but working at the same time on making there lives limitless by working towards there dream jobs if they didn’t have them already. They all figure that out at the resort and put their plans into motion to live limitlessly as the little plane had taught them. They would all work towards there goals because of what the little plane had taught them and see what happens.

The group that had just figured out there limitless lives had just been brought back home and another group was on there way to the resort when a storm hit. Jon didn’t stop flying them there though he knew that his plane could make it. He had just come back from dropping new people off at the resort and was picking up a new group, they all heard the storm outside the plane windows and said out loud, “Jon do you think the little plane is going to make it shouldn’t we wait until the storm passes”? one of the passengers asked. “ I don’t think we are going to get home safe,” the person said. Jon thought about it and they did wait an hour before they took off, but after that hour was up they headed for home. Amanda couldn’t go home with them this time she had to run the resort and there were new people there that she had to get settled in. the people who were at the resort kept chanting and trying to figure out where there no limits began. Two weeks later when everyone was home from the resort they went to the airfield where Jon and Amanda were and thanked them both for the ongoing lesson that the limitless plane had taught them.

After that Jon took some time off again and spent a lot of that time at the airfield, looking at all the planes. He cleaned all the planes and replaced things that needed replacing there was work to be done at the airfield and it was time he did it. Running the airfield and being a pilot was a limitless amount of work but it was his dream. He wasn’t going to give up on it. He spent weeks at the airfield taking care of things instead of flying but he always repeated his mantra and the work seemed to get done faster, Amanda was right. It was never-ending work but he could do anything with his little plane mantra.



Jon Sropped flying for a bit why?

When he finally flew again the people that took his flights had a blast and learned so much. One day when he was taking a group of people from the resort for a ride in the plane something happened outside of his cottage and all on board started to chant “fly little airplane fly” they made it safe as always but some people on board thought the plane had limits and it wasn’t safe so they wanted to speak to the supervisor when they got back, what they didn’t know was that he was the supervisor. Tune in next time to see how they react to the news.

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