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Fly Little Airplane Fly Part 5


How would Jon and Amanda's Future turn out

When we last left off Jon was about to answer Amanda when she says something about their future together. Jon was nervous to answer her, but he wanted the same thing he wanted. Jon kept looking at Amanda and then down at the ground. “ Jon, are you going to answer my being more than friends comment”? Amanda asked. Jon looked at her and smiled, “ I want that too Amanda but don’t you think that it would be hard with all our traveling? He asked, “ If we are determined to make it work then it will.” She said. “ The plane is limitless which means our lives can be too if that’s what we want,” Amanda said and Jon nodded. “ I guess your right, so let's give it a shot.” So they did. Amanda went to the resort a lot so they did spend a lot of time together even if Jon was piloting the plane. Amanda never sat in her seat she was always up in the cockpit, even though she wasn’t supposed to be. The next time they were flying home from the resort it was snowing but not bad enough that they couldn’t fly. They were okay until they were really far away from the resort and couldn’t turn back that was when the really bad snow came.

Everyone on board the plane started to panic, even Amanda. The plane was going everywhere. It was like Jon couldn’t control it. Jon told everyone to stay calm, “ Hello everyone this is your captain speaking we have hit a little bit of weather, and turbulence but we should be fine I will get us through it so everyone please stay calm.” He said. Ten minutes later they were really high above the clouds and Jon flew them there for well over an hour, and then he saw a break in the storm so he headed for it and got them to better altitude. So that they could get to there destination as fast as possible. People were whispering as it was happening saying I never thought we would get through the storm alive but we did. They talked to other people about the little plane and told them what had happened once they had landed, but some other people were still skeptical until they were on the plane like they were that day and now they believed them when they talked about the little plane that could get through anything, which is exactly what they said.

As they were going lower, back to where they were flying before, the wind took one of the plane's wings and they started to tip to one side instead of staying straight. Jon heard the screaming of the flight crew and passengers, as well as the beeping in the plane saying something was wrong, so Jon started to chant, “ Fly little airplane fly”, and he pulled up on the helm to right the wings of the plane. Once the plane wings were righted where they were supposed to be everyone started clapping and cheering. They were so happy that nothing happened to the plane and Jon knew what he was doing and he didn’t let any of them die. Jon wouldn’t ever do that, he was a great pilot and his little plane was the best there was and now everyone knew that at least his passengers on the plane now.

They flew to there destination without any other issues. Jon and his little plane had been through so much together, the little plane was also teaching him as well as his passengers so much about how limits shouldn’t exist. Anything was possible if they just believed. That was also what the little plane had taught them. when they went flying again the same group of people were with him and even when they felt a little turbulence now they chanted “ fly little airplane fly.” As they got closer and closer to the resort they chanted louder and louder. The plane got them where they needed to go no matter what the circumstances were.

They all spent a lot of time at the resort and flying around in the little plane, Amanda loved her new adventure of running the resort. She would work in her office at the resort and repeat the mantra “ Fly little airplane fly”, and the work that she had been dreading would get done. One day she was working at the resort in her office and she just couldn’t concentrate so she started chanting “ fly little airplane fly” when Jon walked by and was watching her from the door “ Amanda are you chanting”? he asked and she Jumped up right out of her chair. “ I am sorry Amanda I thought you knew I was here,” he said and she shook her head. “ No, I am not sure why I jumped though I haven’t before”. She said, “ The mantra you say when you fly the plane when we hit bad weather or something goes wrong, just sticks, and it works with my job too.” He smiled and nodded.


Oh How Jon So Loved To Fly In The Airplane

Weeks went by and they spent a lot of time at the resort, it was getting busy and Jon couldn’t stick around. He had people to get home and work to do at the airfield. Jon walked out of the resort to where the plane was kept right before he left just to take a look at it, Amanda didn’t see him go but a few hours later when she was looking for him she couldn’t find him. So she asked her employees and some of the guests if they had seen him, and a few of them said that he had told them that he was going back to the airfield. He was in the air flying back to the airfield when he thought of something “ I should have told Amanda I was leaving what if something happened to her or to me while I am alone up here”? He thought of that the entire way back, so when he landed at the airfield he decided to call her. He told her that he had made it back safe and he would see her when she came back.

The next day Jon walked around the airfield thinking about the next trip he would go on. He would walk around the airfield thinking of the mantra, as he was thinking of his mantra his parents showed up. “ Jon we keep hearing about your awesome adventures we would love to see grandpa Jack’s cottage and the resort maybe you could fly us out there one day.” “ What do you say”? his mother asked. Jon nodded and said, “ I will talk to Amanda and book you a stay, you can stay at the cottage too of course but staying at the resort is much more fun.” Jon said. His father chipped up “ Who is Amanda and will we get to meet her”? he asked. Yes, you will get to meet her if you stay at the resort. He said so that is where they decided to stay.

Jon’s parents packed up their bags and two days later they were on his plane heading to the resort. “ Jon is there something happening to the plane”? his father called up when they heard beeping. Jon looked up in front of him and saw a huge storm brewing. He tried to bypass it, but instead, he had to go through it, the plane started to sputter but Jon started with the mantra and when his parents heard it they chanted with him. Twenty minutes later they were at the resort and Amanda was waiting for them. “ Hi, Jon who did you bring this time”? she asked. “ I brought my parents to see the resort I hope that’s okay”, he said, she nodded and looked around. “ Are we telling them or not”? she asked. “ I think its time to tell them,” he said. “ Telling us what “? They asked, “ Amanda and I are dating I am her personal pilot and that is part of the reason why I wanted to bring you here.” He said, “ Well show us around”, his father said, so they did.

Jon and Amanda took his parents around the resort they got them set up in the best room the resort had with every amenity it had as well. “ We love this resort and we love that you flew us here you love flying and we can see that you love being here too which we can see also. We want to ask you something, your mantra was great it was what got us here but why do you use it they asked”? and he smiled “ I use it because I want everyone to know that everything and everyone can be limitless even planes if you give them a chance.” He said, they smiled and took the plane to see the rest of the resort while saying the mantra over and over.

They spent a few more days at the resort, and Jons parents really got to know Amanda well. They really liked her by the end. His parents figured out something else about Amanda too but they said nothing to her or Jon. Jon took them flying again and repeated the mantra his parents smiled about it, they loved it but would never admit it to him out loud his grandfather told them before he died that, that was what Jon was going to do and he knew it. When they were all in the little plane they all decided to chant and that made the little plane fly even farther. Amanda had come out to watch since she couldn’t leave the resort and she was stunned at what she saw. They were all falling in love with the little plane and went around the resort a hundred times. The little plane did its job and Jon was thinking of retiring it he had been using it for awhile but he really didn’t want too.


Amanda Left the resort with everyone for the first time in awhile.

When it was time to go home Amanda decided that she was going to go with them. As they flew home there were no plane issues but they chanted anyway. They were all laughing when they got back to the airfield and when they went home that night. Tune in next time to see what happens.

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