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Fly Little Airplane Fly Part 1


The Beginning Of The Little Airplane Flying Story

It was a sunny day in June when Jon went to the airfield with grandpa Jack. Grandpa Jack now owned an airfield and was an amazing pilot. He wasn’t flying much anymore though but he still went to the airfield since he owned it after all. Grandpa Jack took Jon with him that day in June and said, “ Jon this is my airfield I wanted you to see it because it is going to be yours one day.” Grandpa Jack said Jon looked all around him at all the planes with his eyes wide. This had been the first time Jon could remember going to the air field. “Grandpa, I am so young don’t you think you will sell this place by the time I can take it over”? Jon said, “ You will be flying earlier then you think”, Grandpa Jack said.

Jon didn’t understand what his grandpa was saying but he didn’t ask what they were doing when they began to walk through the planes. “ Jon do you want to know why I am showing you this”? grandpa Jack asked. “ No grandpa I don’t know why you are showing me this I am still too young.” He said. “ I was about your age when my father your great grandfather showed me the ropes of this place, and now it is your turn”. He said, Jon, nodded but said nothing. A moment later Jon spoke, “ Your father didn’t think you were to young at my age”? Jon asked, “No he wanted me to be a part of the family business and I want the same for you.” He said. Jon kept walking and thought about this. He wasn’t sure what to think he didn’t even have his license yet, how was he supposed to think about getting his piloting license before his drivers license.

“ Getting my license and then my piloting license is going to take a couple more years,” Jon said. “ I know that but I wanted to get you started early and I think I know how to do that.” Grandpa Jack said, “How”? Jon asked. “ Well since I am the owner I can get you into the classes to get your license before you are old enough however you won’t be able to get your license yet but you can take the classes before anyone else.” “ I might even be able to get you, your piloting license before you are old enough to drive but I am not sure about that.” Grandpa Jack said. “ That might not be safe grandpa but I would love to be up in an airplane,” Jon said. Grandpa Jack just smiled and did just that, for the rest of the day the two of them took to the sky. When they were back on the ground at the end of the day, Jon shouted, “ That was great, grandpa I can’t wait to do it again.” They made a decision that day to go up into the sky in an airplane once a week.

Grandpa Jack was happy to spend time with his grandson, he just hoped that Jon would take over the airfield and keep it going. Every day after that first day that Jon was at the airfield with all the airplanes he kept thinking about going back. It took weeks though, and Jon was beginning to get nervous about learning to fly even though he knew that he was too young still. He told grandpa Jack this much the next time he saw him and grandpa Jack’s response was, “ Jon do you want to live limitlessly and feel free, then become a pilot. Jon thought about it and nodded, that was exactly what he wanted and he could but it was going to take years and that was what Jon didn’t want. He didn’t tell grandpa Jack though he wanted to surprise him by getting his pilots license.

Jon kept going to the airfield when he was young and he also got really good grades in school so he could apply to be a pilot sooner rather then later. Before Jon got his pilots license though his grandfather gave him a gift of his very own plane. He gave it too him for this fifteenth birthday. He said this to Jon “ Jon I am giving you your very own plane, for your birthday I hope you use it once you finish all of your schooling.” Grandpa Jack said. “Thank you, grandpa, I will use it,” Jon said. Now Jon couldn’t wait to get out of high school and university so that he could get his pilots license. He had been up in the planes before but he didn’t feel limitless then and that is what he wanted to feel when he was at the helm of the plane.


Little Boys and there toys

Jon picked out the plane that he wanted at the airfield it was the smallest plane his grandfather owned. When he showed his grandfather the plane that he had picked, his grandpa Jack had a sour look on his face. “ What is it grandpa, is there something wrong with this plane”? Jon asked. “ No there is nothing wrong with the plane I just thought that you would pick something bigger.” Grandpa Jack said. “ I don’t think that little plae will fly very well.” He said. “ Grandpa, you have never flew this plane before have you”? he asked. “ No, I haven’t I was thinking of getting rid of it but if you want it as your personal plane then you can have it.” He said. Two days later Jon took the little plane for a spin with his grandpa Jack.

“ Granpa I feel like I can do anything when I am in an airplane,” Jon said. “Is that because of the freedom you have”? grandpa Jack asked. “Yes even though I know we need to have a flight plan every time we go out in the plane,” Jon said. “Good you are learning, maybe I will let you fly it earlier then you think.” He said, but Jon shook his head he didn’t want anything to happen, he just wanted to wait until he had his license. It would be better for everyone and Jon knew that.

As they were sitting in the little airplane Jon mumbled something, “Fly little airplane, Fly”. “What was that Jon”? Grandpa Jack asked. “ Oh, I just said fly little airplane fly, I might want to take it on a long trip and I hope it makes it.” He said. “ I am sure that it will Jon if you don’t take it too far.” He said, “You should get used to taking it up in the air first and just being in the air first before you think of that though.” Grandpa Jack said, “ I will and thank you for the plane I will take great care of it.” Jon said. They flew in the air in silence for the next hour and then decided to land the plane back at the airfield. Grandpa Jon didn’t want to teach Jon too much in one day.

“ Jon flying isn’t all about being in the air, at least not to me it isn’t,” Granpa Jack said, “ You have to take care of the plane when its on the ground too, cleaning it making sure it runs properly before you go up in the air. Make sure you have enough fuel to get you where you want to go and back.” He said, “ So I need to check over the plane before I take it out”, Jon said. “Yes, Jon that is exactly what I am telling you.” Grandpa Jack said. Jon smiled and reached over to give grandpa Jack a half hug because they were in the airplane and still buckled in. When they got out of the plane grandpa Jack showed Jon what he meant. Then they closed everything up and went home.

That night at dinner grandpa Jack was over at Jon’s house and they were telling Jons parents Nolan and Sue how much he liked flying. Jack even told them what he had given Jon and what he had promised he could have in the future. Jon’s parents were shocked but happy because that is what Jack’s wife would have wanted and she was no longer with them, so Sue was extra proud since Jack was her father. After dinner that night they all went to the airfield to check out all the planes including the one that Jack had gifted Jon. They weren’t going to fly that night though even though Jon wanted too he didn’t say as much when they were there.


Were they or were they not entranced by planes?

They stayed at the airfield just looking at the planes for a few hours, but Jon was quiet the whole time. Nobody asked him why though. Tune in next time to see what happens.

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