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First Day of the Rest of My Life (Chapter 2 of Forêt)


Chapter 2

I hate walking through these double doors into the school it’s just a reminder that my life is terrible, I see all the popular girls, my sister included, with their hot popular boyfriends surrounded by people who adore them and I have none of that. But as I stand in front of my locker staring at them, I remember I have Catherine. As Catherine walks up I wonder what is she wearing, of course this must be part of her plan to be in with the cool crowd. Just because you dress slutty doesn’t mean people will like you, it just means more guys will want to get in your pants and more girls will hate you. I reach over to give Catherine a hug when suddenly flashes of images appear. I can see everything that Catherine has seen throughout her life, like I’m reliving them as her, through her eyes. From the moment she first saw the light when she was born till now. Then the last vision is just the image of Catherine in pain. I can feel it, heartbreak.

“Hey Alex are you OK?” ask Catherine. I don’t know what just happened but I don’t want to look like a total weirdo by telling her I know what you did last summer and the summer before that and the summer before that. I’ve never been in love so I’ve never felt heartbreak but I feel like I have and it’s something that I would never wish on anyone. So I decide to distract Catherine, “How are your plans to becoming popular were working out?” Catherine looks at me like she know something is off but then with joy, she loves every time I bring it up. “So far so good I figured if I date the most popular guy in school than that would make me popular,” Catherine whispered. Which if that was such an easy thing to do I would have done it a long time ago, well at least tried to. “I’m sorry Catherine but did you forget my sister is dating Josh the most popular guy in school.” Catherine chimed in, “I meant the second most popular guy in school Peter.” “But doesn’t he have a girlfriend too,” interrupted Alex. Catherine leaned in close and said, “Yea but they broke up at prom, it was good you should have come but I figured in that moment that Peter would need a rebound chick.” Even though I already know what she did and when she did It, I just didn’t want to believe it, but I also realized that this guy is going to break my best friends heart. “WHAT, are you crazy how could you, don’t you want better than to just be someone’s rebound chick?” asked Alex. “Yes of course I do, but it’s a chance and I took it and besides that Peter and me have been hooking up all summer and I think he might want me to be his girlfriend,” said Catherine excitedly. I can barely breathe, barely focus I take a deep breath, “I’m sorry but I doubt it, he just wanted to get in your pants and now that he has he’ll be done with you.” You’ll be left heartbroken, then what?” The bell for first period rings, Catherine looks like I just stabbed her in the back, but what else am I supposed to do just let get her heart-broken by that douche bag. If I have a chance to prevent that I will even if it mean crushing her dreams.

First Day Of The Rest Of My Life

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