Ferdinand and the Dinosaurs: A YA Sci-Fi Short Story - Chapter 3

Updated on December 22, 2018
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Jennifer Wilber works as an ESL instructor, substitute teacher, and freelance writer. She holds a B.A. in Creative Writing and English.


Ferdinand and the Dinosaurs - Chapter 3

Ferdinand and Snarl the Triceratops had been walking for a good hour or so before the sun completely set.

"I think we should make camp here," Ferdinand said to the Triceratops. They had just come upon a thicket of trees and shrubbery that would offer moderate shelter for the night as they awaited daybreak to continue their journey. Snarl had already knocked over several small trees with his tail, though the trees in this forest, for the most part, were big enough to withstand the effects of a clumsy dinosaur.

Snarl laid on the ground near some bushes and curled up his giant dinosaur body to go to sleep. Ferdinand leaned up against the dinosaur. He saw some kind of ancient rodent-like mammal scurrying across the forest floor before he drifted off to sleep. The sounds of various animals in the forest threatened to prevent him from sleeping, but he was too tired from the adventures of the day to stay awake.

Ferdinand awoke the next morning just as it was beginning to get light. The early morning sunlight shined through the trees. Ferdinand got to his feet and tapped on Snarl's head in an effort to wake him. The dinosaur began to move his head slightly, but refused to awaken. Ferdinand kicked the dinosaur's leg. Snarl opened his big, reptilian eyes and looked up with a confused look on his face before rising to his feet.

"Come on!" Ferdinand exclaimed. "I want to get to the volcano today!"

Ferdinand and Snarl continued on their journey until they made it out of the thicket. Ferdinand saw that the volcano wasn't very far away now. Surely they could make it there within a few hours at the most.

"Look!" Ferdinand exclaimed. "There it is!" He could see the Tyrannosaurus still wandering around near the base of the volcano. Ferdinand began running in that direction as the Triceratops followed.

After a while, Ferdinand had to stop to catch his breath. He hadn't had to run this much since the last time the jocks had tried to chase him home from school a couple weeks ago. He looked over to the dinosaur, who didn't seem affected by the run at all.

"Wait... a... minute..." Ferdinand started to say, still struggling to catch his breath. "Why am I walking when I have a perfectly good dinosaur that I could be riding?" Snarl looked at him, turning his head slightly to the left.

Ferdinand began to climb up onto the Triceratops' shoulders.

"There," Ferdinand said, "just like riding a horse, but much better." Ferdinand reached forward to pet the dinosaur's frill. "There, that's a good boy." The dinosaur snarled with annoyance, but it didn't seem to bother him too much, as he let Ferdinand remain on his back.


The pair continued on for a couple hours when finally they neared their destination. The base of the volcano was only a few hundred yards away. Ferdinand jumped off Snarl's back and began to look around. "Now where did that T. rex run off to?" he asked aloud to no one in particular. He heard a rustling sound in the shrubs several feet away and quickly turned to look. It was only a small mammal running around in the shrubbery.

Suddenly, Ferdinand felt the ground beneath his feet begin to tremble ever so slightly, followed by a loud roar that seemed to be coming from just around the curve of the volcano. Ferdinand's excitement grew as the vibrations in the ground indicated that the Tyrannosaurus was getting nearer. He did not notice that the Triceratops was cowering in fear several feet away.

The Tyrannosaurus rounded the corner and stopped as soon as it noticed Ferdinand and Snarl. It stared right at Ferdinand and let out another loud roar as its head and tiny arms flailed wildly. The T. rex started walking toward Ferdinand, who was only just beginning to realie that perhaps tracking down a Tyrannosaurus wasn't one of his smartest ideas.

Ferdinand futilely backed away from the dinosaur, but found that he could go no further as his back hit the side of the volcano. Just as he realized that it was all over, the T. rex walked right past him. Close call, Ferdinand thought to himself before remembering his Triceratops friend. Ferdinand gathered all the bravery he could muster and followed the Tyrannosaurus, who was quickly approaching the Triceratops. He didn't know what he could possibly do, but he had to save his friend from the carnivorous beast that he had led him to.


Snarl began backing away in fear as the Tyrannosaurus approached him. Just as the carnivore began to lean forward with his mouth open, showing his sharp teeth, the Triceratops darted forward. Ferdinand watched in shock and awe as his friend drove his sharp horns into the T. rex's torso. "Go Snarl!" Ferdinand cheered. The T. rex let out a roar of intense pain. Ferdinand noticed that some kind of pterosaur was circling around in the sky above, probably a Quetzalcoatlus, but he was more interested in what was happening right here on the ground for the time being. Perhaps he could investigate the pterosaur later.

Snarl pulled his horns out of the Tyrannosaurus and the maimed dinosaur fell to the ground. Though blood spewed from the puncture wounds, it was still breathing and moving ever so slightly. The Triceratops head-butted the T. rex as he fell to the ground in agony, impaling him a second time. His right horn was in perfect alignment with the Tyrannosaur's heart. He pulled his head from the dying dinosaur and backed away. Ferdinand and Snarl watched as the T. rex breathing slowed, then stopped completely.

Ferdinand turned to the Triceratops. "Way to go, buddy!" He said to the dinosaur. "I wish I could get away with doing that to the people who threaten me." Snarl lowered his head to be closer to eye level with the human. Ferdinand reached out to pet the dinosaur's head to congratulate him on a job well done. Snarl made a slight noise to show his happiness.

Ferdinand took a step back after a few moments and looked at the Triceratops. He had T. rex blood dripping from his horns. "Look at you, buddy," Ferdinand exclaimed. "We're going to need to find some water to get you cleaned up." Snarl just looked at him. Ferdinand looked back at the dead Tyrannosaurus. It was almost completely covered in blood. He knew they should leave this area as soon as possible, before scavengers discovered their kill.


"Come on, Snarl," Ferdinand said. "We should be moving on now." Snarl turned to walk in the opposite direction. Just then, Ferdinand heard a swooping noise just above his head. He looked up just in time to see a giant Quetzalcoatlus swooping down upon him. It grabbed him by the arms with its immense claws. The Triceratops looked back just in time to see the winged creature flying off with his human friend.

© 2018 Jennifer Wilber


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