Feral Cats of Playa Blanca, Lanzarote Part Two

Updated on July 4, 2020
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Article about love of Playa Blanca and feral cats that live there. Images of beautiful Playa Blanca and gorgeous feral cats all with names.

Canary Islands


Playa Blanca

The Canary islands were formed millions of years ago as a result of volcanic activity. They are situated in the Atlantic ocean, north west of Africa which is 650 km across the sea.

Playa Blanca, which means white sands, is situated on the southern tip of Lanzarote, one of the Canarian archipelago.

From Playa Blanca you can see the island of Fuerteventura and its volcano's across the sea. There is a ferry from Playa Blanca that runs daily to the island of Fuerteventura which takes about 40 minutes.

Lanzarote is said to have 1,000 volcanoes. The last eruption on the island happened between 1730 to 1736 and lasted for six years. It destroyed 26 hamlets and villages and prime farmland which left it impossible to graze cattle and grow wine has they had done previously. Many of the islanders had to flee South America and Europe.

Views across Atlantic Ocean to Island of Fuerteventura from Dorado beach in Playa Blanca.
Views across Atlantic Ocean to Island of Fuerteventura from Dorado beach in Playa Blanca. | Source

Why Lanzarote?

I visit Lanzarote whenever I can for the health benefits I receive and because it is paradise to me. I suffer from depression and connective tissue disorder which includes Raynaud's Disease and the weather where I live in England is too cold for me, even in summer.

For me, the sub tropical climate of Lanzarote is perfect. In Lanzarote I can walk in the sunshine, warmth and fresh air and feel safe even though I travel alone. The sunshine and warmth lifts me emotionally and my arthritis feels better too after a few days of sun and warmth therapy.

In the winter the temperature in Lanzarote rarely drops below 18C in the winter. January tends to be the coolest month at 18 Celsius. Weather can get quite warm in the summer months reaching 25C and sometimes above with highest temperature's in August.

I get a heartwarming lift to my spirit or soul when I see the cats that I love. Some of the cats i have known for years. I feel good when I go back to the island and I see how well the cats are cared for.

The Feral Cats of Playa Blanca

The feral cats on the island are many and I have come to know them by name. Freddy has given all the cats a name. He cares for many cats on a daily basis but t with more and more kittens been found weekly. German born Freddy, who cares for the cats, has a very difficult job.

The cats of Playa Blanca have become important to me and I care for them. They have been the reason that I have met some wonderful cat lovers and new friends. Others from all over the world have fallen in love with the island and the cats and often return to Playa Blanca to visit the cats.

Rin And Heather

Two of the first cats I got to know in Playa Blanca were Heather and Rin. These two lived by a bridge close to the marina and were always seen together. I filmed them whilst on cat feeding tours with Freddy the cat man of Playa Blanca, Heather and Rin could always been found following Freddy as he walked from cat station to cat station to feed the cats.

Heather was really sweet and friendly and was eventually adopted into a loving home in the UK. With best friend Heather gone to the UK, Rin was alone, so Freddy took Rin home with him and kept him as his own. Now both cats have happy homes.

Rin and Heather


Every year there are more and more kittens found on the island and they need to be caught and neutered. A couple years ago this family of little black kittens were not easy to catch. Whenever you approached them, they would run off and hide in the rocks. The rocks were inside a very nice hotel where the mother had chosen to hide her young. The mother was hiding in between the rocks and was hissing at anyone who dared approach. I tried to get her out so she could be kept with her kittens but she shredded my fingers with her claws. I am glad to say that Freddy eventually got her trust and caught her and her kittens. They were all neutered and eventually all were adopted and got their forever home.

Playful Kittens




Nora is one of my favourites of many favourite cats on the island. Freddy found her years ago when she was a tiny kitten. She lives happily on the marina and is recognisable by her colour and markings. She can often be seen around the marina which is where I bumped into her on a recent visit. She got special treats that day.

Corazon From The Bridge

Corazon, which is Spanish for heart,
Corazon, which is Spanish for heart, | Source


Corazon, so called because of little black heart on his face, can be seen on the bridge near the marina in the evenings. He is a friendly little soul and will sometimes let you stroke him.


Carlos was found with tail cancer. He had his tail removed and was saved. He lives just above the marina.
Carlos was found with tail cancer. He had his tail removed and was saved. He lives just above the marina. | Source

White Foot

Obviously named, White Feet, this little cat can be seen by the old salt mill on the promenade. I did not see him on my last visit because there was building work on the site the cat normally lives. If you walk along the promenade in the early evening you would normally see this little man.

Feral Cats Of Playa Blanca Photograph Gallery

Click thumbnail to view full-size


This little cat lives around the bridge, near the marina, in Playa Blanca. He is very gentle and will always come to say hello. The last time I went to see him he was crying. Just sat still and being very vocal. My heart broke for him because it felt like he was asking for help.

I noticed Golfy was not touching the food Freddy had left for him but also noticed he had lost weight. I bought wet food and he tried to eat the jelly but each time put some in his mouth, he cried out. It was awful to see him like that.

I am grateful that he got the help he needed. Freddy, the cat man took Golfy to the vets and the poor little cat had gingivitis

Golfie | Source
Golfy after a visit to vet
Golfy after a visit to vet | Source

New Friend

New Friend. This little green eyed cat was sat outside my hotel room door every morning. Just look at his lovely eye colouring.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Beautiful Eyes
Beautiful Eyes
Beautiful Eyes | Source

Places Of Interest And Activities On Lanzarote

Playa Blanca is not just about cats.

There are other things to do in Lanzarote which includes a visit to the Timanfaya National Park, known as the fire mountains, where volcanic activity can still be felt and witnessed. The park is a tourist attraction and it is where you can view the volcanoes while riding a camel. For 10 Euro's you can buy food that is cooked over the top of the volcano

Timanfaya National Park


Montana Roja

In 2009 when I went to Lanzarote I climbed the volcano Montano Roja which means red mountain, and walked around the rim of the extinct volcano. There is a walk path that runs up the side of the volcano and takes about twenty minutes to get to the top. I would not recommend anyone that has difficulty walking to attempt the walk. I now rely on a stick and would not attempt to try to walk it again. It was worth the experience.

Montana Roja
Montana Roja | Source


If you enjoy finding out about Lanzarote and seeing the cats, leave me a message below. It would be lovely to hear from you. If you have a favourite cat in Playa Blanca or a story to tell please tell in space below.

Are you a cat lover?

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