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Feral Cats Of Playa Blanca, Lanzarote. Part Five

I love Playa Blanca and its perfect all year round sun. I love the feral cats of the island and here I share my love of the cats and island.

Where Is Playa Blanca Lanzarote?

Lanzarote is the furthest east of the seven Canary islands which are situated in the Atlantic Ocean and only a mere eighty miles from the shores of Africa. Playa Blanca town and tourist resort sits at the southern end of Lanzarote and it takes about thirty mins from the airport by car to get here. A transfer bus from the airport can take up to an hour to get to Playa Blanca as it drives to all the other resorts first.

Across the water from this stunning place of Playa Blanca is the island of Fuerteventura and its volcanic landscape and mountain ranges are a site to see.

Through the years that I have been visiting Playa Blanca, I have seen the place grow in popularity and it now it has become the third largest tourist are on the island. I have also noticed lots of new building going on with new hotels and villa's springing up along the coastline.

Playa Blanca has won awards for its natural beauty and it is easy to see why. It is a little bit of paradise with year round warmth and sunshine and perfect climate. It is the perfect place to just relax and take in the surrounding beauty and peace of the place.

Why I Love Playa Blanca

I love the warm year round sunshine of Playa Blanca. The climate is good for my arthritis and raynauds and also for my mind. I also love the feral cats that live in Playa Blanca that are cared for by Freddy the cat man whose has made the island his home and a group of cat friends who visit the island year after year to see the cats.

Travelling back to Playa Blanca for health reasons is made all the more special because of all the cats and cat friends I have made. It makes me feel good to visit old cats that I have got to know over the years and knowing they are well cared for and loved.

Fin And Fefe


Fin and Fefe were two of the first cats on the island that I personally got to know. They were made famous by having their images printed on tea shirts and other merchandise. They lived with a group of feral cats on the bridge behind the marina. One day a man came along and let his dogs attack the cats on the bridge. Many cats were killed. Fefe survived but Fin was very badly injured with his stomach ripped wide open. Fortunately for Fin, Freddy was soon there to get Fin to a vet. It was touch and go for Fin for a long time but eventually he pulled through and recovered his health. After the attack, Fin was too traumatised to go back to the streets so he settled into the home of Freddy where he felt safe.

Fefe continued to live around the bridge. She can often been seen in the shops above the stairs oposite the bridge. The staff there care for Fefe and they watch out for her. I think Fefe is like a big protective auntie to the rest of the cats. I have seen her cuddling Golfie on the bridge when Golfie was ill on more than one occasion.

Fefe A Caring Cat


Feral Cats Of Playa Blanca

I have now known the cats of Playa Blanca for many years and I care for them all. Freddy, the cat charity founder, made sure all the feral cats had names and that each cat was loved and cared for. It is a lovely feeling for the feral cats to respond to their name. When they respond they get a little treat and a stroke and maybe a cuddle. Most of them love a little stroke and treat.

None of these feral cats had an easy life until Freddy appeared. Now most of the feral cats of Playa Blanca and surrounding areas, are well cared for, vetted and well fed. All the cats live near or around feeding stations where they get daily fresh food and water provided by visiting cat friends or by volunteers from the newly named charity FCH which stands for Friendly Cat Helpers.

Princess Yaiza Station


Princess Yaiza Hotel Station

Felixa, Dana, Louisa, Claire and the big Oscar have a station and can be seen on the boardwalk close to the Princess Yaiza Hotel next to the beach. All will come out to say hello and accept a treat if the weather is not too hot. They prefer to come out in the evenings when it is cooler weather.



I saw Louise from the Princess Yaiza station recently. She was on the wall by the sea absorbing the sun. She is a very friendly cat with unusual face markings, and loves a little stroke.

Dora, the green eyed cat that I have mentioned before, can also be seen up the path, at the side of the same hotel. (Kirkland side) As you can see, they all look healthy and happy.



Playa Blanca Beaches

If you walk along the boardwalk In Playa Blanca on one side you will find all kinds of shops, bars and restaurants. Behind these shops and restaurants are more shops, restaurants, banks and everything else that you might need, all within walking distance of each other.

On your other side is the Atlantic Ocean with its colours of stunning turquoise and blues. The beaches of Playa Blanca are beautiful and clean. Playa Blanca means white sands and they really are. The beaches of Dorada and Flamingo stand out for their white sand.

Walk into the sea from these beaches and the water is crystal clear and teeming with little fish. Swim out a little and you will see beautiful coloured fish. You can hire snorkel equipment and take a few lessons from a qualified instructor on the beach if you are feeling adventurous.

Papagayo beach is said to be a beach of outstanding beauty. Beside the Papagayo beach is a network of sandy coves crying out to be investigated.

Papagayo Beach


Other Things To See And Do In Playa Blanca

I cannot recommend Barneys bar enough. This is a bar above the Papagayo Commerical Centre in Playa Blanca and it faces the beach. Barney is the guitar player and singer and I can honestly say is a lovely man. His singing and guitar playing never fails to get everybody singing and dancing along. He will even do song requests and I can guarantee a good night when Barney is playing.




I could not resist saying hello to Lancelot and the amazing eyes.

I could not resist saying hello to Lancelot and the amazing eyes.

More Dumped Kittens Found

It seems like every week another group of kittens are being found. Recently a woman found some kittens tied in a yellow bin bag and which had been thrown in the rubbish. Those poor little kittens were rescued and so were many others that had been thrown out to die a cruel death.

The kitten and cat pictures that follow are the lucky ones that were saved and now are in need rehoming rather than being put back on the streets and hoping they will survive.

Homeless Feral Cats


And Finally and Update 2021

I hope you enjoyed looking at some of these lovely cats. Maybe you know the cats and have a favourite or a story to tell. Please leave comments in the box below.

As I have mentioned the charity has now been renamed FCH, Friendly Cat Helpers. This is because Freddy is no longer a member of the charity. I will always be grateful for the work, love and support Freddy gave to start the charity that protects the feral cats of Playa Blanca and wish him all the best for the future.


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