Kiamichi Voices: Chapter 5

Updated on February 13, 2019
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JoJo Blackburn is a free spirit, living the dream of a Freelance Journalist & a Fantasy writer.

Kiamichi Voices: Chapter 5


Chapter 5

About your father:

The photo at the beginning of his journal is so you can remember which journal is his.

He is waiting for you, but first, you have to accept that you are a Sand Cat Mage. Then you have to accept all you see and hear, even if you were taught that it's not real.

You only have until the Phlox Moon.

The power is inside you, all you have to do is grab a hold. Now you have to make a decision, you know what that is.

Curled up in the recliner, Stormy turned the pages of the journal that her Grandmother had given her. Scanning through the words trying to focus on understanding what her Grandmother was telling her, but she couldn’t concentrate. Finally, she got up and threw some logs in the fireplace, taking a twig she shook it three times and threw it on the logs. Taking a deep breath, she blew on the wood pile. Stormy watched the dancing flames as they grew bigger and bigger. Amazed she had done it.

Settling back down in the chair with her soft purple cloak wrapped around her. Stormy glanced around, swearing she heard someone sighing, but saw nothing. Shaking her head, got back up and went into the den.

Standing in the doorway, a small leather book on her father’s desk, caught her eye. Grabbing it she went an curled up in her warm bed. Running her fingers over the family crest that was embedded on the leather bounding, tracing the strange shape sent tingling feelings throughout her body. Taking a deep breath she opened the journal. A picture slipped out and slid onto the bed. Carefully flipping it over, flashes of unfamiliar events invaded her vision. Trying to make sense of the amber eyes of her father, they seemed to be full of passion for her. This is my father! Why did you leave me? ! A lump forming in her throat brought moisture to her eyes.

Learning about her true family history and heritage, confused and clarified so many things. Her mind still didn’t want to accept what she had read, but her gut told her it was all true. It made sense to her and explained her past behavior and why she had always felt like part of her was missing.

Ringing in her ears, and whispering noises made her aware that she was not alone. “Stormy, it doesn’t make a difference what you want to be true of your family, but it does matter about the truth…You need to gain knowledge and understanding about this side of yourself. You need to accept that it is real. You need to learn about the plants and herbs to use and accept you are a Sand Cat Mage!” She knew it was her Father’s voice.

“But I don’t even know what a Sand Cat Mage is, how can I accept it?” Shouting in the air, but no response came.


Putting down her fathers' journal, wiping her eyes, she went back to reading the journal her Grandmother had given her. After a while of reading about what she needed to do, the gift she had, and the life that was meant to be hers, she knew what it meant to be a Sand Cat Mage. Accepting she was gifted with many abilities was still going to take some time to accept what they all were. Even her grandmother couldn’t tell her what they were, it was something she had to discover on her own.

Her grandmother had talked about a journey she was going to be taking with Jasper, but what journey, she had no plans on going on any journey, with or without Jasper. Finally closing her eyes, sleep came and so did the dreams.

Climbing out of bed, the warm sun blinded her, stumbling into the nightstand she knocked the journal off onto the floor. It fell open….

Pick these plants and keep a supply with you at all times. You will need them on your journey.

Bleeding Mushrooms

Willow Herb

Dragon Fruit

Prickly Pear

Tundra Rose

Poho Berries

Closing the book, laughing she sat it back on the nightstand.

Bright spots floated in front of her eyes as, stumbling down the hallway to the kitchen in nothing but her nightgown. With her vision impaired, she ran her hand across the wall until it flipped on the light.

“It’s about time you got out of bed.”

Jumping, tumbling backward into a book, catching her balance, she strained to see who was speaking. “Who…what are you doing here?”

“Maybe I should have warned you, I come over for coffee every morning.” Laughing he headed to the counter where the coffee maker was. “I think you need a cup, sit down and I will get it. How do you like yours?”

Scrunching her eyebrows, and squinting her eyes, “Sweet, like me!” harshly she continued to stare at him through her squinting eyes. “Do you come over every morning this early? Why?”

“To have coffee with good company.” His cheeks dimpled and the corner of his eyes wrinkled as he spoke to her. “But I guess you’ll do.”

“I guess that was a silly question. You do live in the backyard, after all. So what are you going to teach me today?”

“Nothing. Your gonna do your own learning today. I’m helping my Grandfather gather the supplies he needs for the winter.”

“Is winter that close?”

“We are in the middle of Autumn right now so during the week of the Harvest Moon is the best time to gather the supplies needed to last through the rough cold months. Well, look at that. I guess I am teaching you something today!”


“Since you know so much about the moons can I ask you a question?” Stormy sat across from Jasper, staring at his bright dark green eyes, her lips curving upwards as she gazed into his eyes, a warmth flowed through her. The deeper she stared the more sensations ran through her. She couldn’t break away from his eyes, something in them held them on him, that was until the tingling sensation got to be uncomfortable. Jerking her eyes towards the counter, standing on wobbly legs, her shaky voice, whispered. “I need more coffee, how about you?”

“You felt that didn’t you?”

“Felt what? I just need more coffee.” Stormy moved clumsily over to the counter. Why did he affect me this way?

“Okay, have it your way. What is your question?”

“When is the Phlox Moon?” Standing with her back to him, she took several deep breaths to relax. He had a way of making it hard for her to concentrate.

“Wow. What made you ask that?”

“My grandmother mentioned it in the journal.”

“I think that is something you need to learn on your own. If she mentioned it then there is a reason. Why don’t you look through your fathers' den and see what you can learn today? You might answer your own questions and learn a lot more about yourself and your family.”

Crossing her arms, she spun around to face him. “Fine! I don’t need your help anyway!”

“You will, but not yet. I got to go, my grandfather will be wondering why I haven’t shown up yet. I’ll see you tonight.”

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      • phoenix2327 profile image

        Zulma Burgos-Dudgeon 

        10 months ago from United Kingdom

        At last, we have some answers. And more questions. It's a good story so far and I'm enjoying it.

      • JoannaBlackburn profile imageAUTHOR

        Joanna Blackburn 

        10 months ago

        Sometimes my imagination gets carried away.

      • Eurofile profile image

        Liz Westwood 

        10 months ago from UK

        You have a great imagination for creative writing.


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