Evading Dragons, Part Ten: Pack Hunting and the Alpha

Updated on June 8, 2018
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Mike is a delivery driver and extremely amateur writer living in Lakemore Ohio south of Akron, Ohio.

Meeting gone wrong

Hester shifted and rolled to the right toward the open back door as the dragon busted through the front door taking down most of the door jamb and wall. He hit the porch and rolled down the stairs going into a flat out run not looking back making it to the tree line and into the woods. He turned around and saw the house in flames with the dragon still inside. The monster thrashed around and fought to get out of the engulfed frame. Hester knew that he had the amount of time it would take for it to get free to escape. He made his way back to where he hid the supplies finding the man who set up the buy taking his stuff. Hester sped up and rammed the man then kicked him between the legs. Hester said, “you set this up so you could take our stuff.” The man rolled over and said, “you weren’t supposed to get out of the house. This stuff is ours now.” Off in the distance, the dragon roared. Hester stomped down on the man’s leg and heard a snap. He then dumped the supplies over the man and said, “enjoy them while you can.”

Sounds of Death

He made it about a mile when he heard a scream and the sounds of death. While on the road the group met a man traveling back to his village. He said that his village would trade with them, but it wouldn’t happen in the village. He gave them directions to this house and said, “we will trade for whatever you need.” Something felt wrong to Hester, so he had the others find a safe place to hide while he went to negotiate. Now not only did they not get the cold weather gear they needed they lost the items he took to trade. It had been over a week since they left the outskirts of Baltimore and they ran into fewer and fewer people along the road. What they did see were the dog packs and dragons. He remembered Jennifer saying, “you learn something new every day even when you are trying not to learn.” He was surprised he missed her. She was buried where she wanted to be with the rulers of this land in the place called Washington.


Hester spent most of the night going in circles making sure he wasn’t followed. He would rather die than threaten the lives of his family. When he started this quest, he planned to basically sell the women to the largest village for a place in the community. He didn’t know that Lars and Val had their own plans, but when it came time to move on they all decided to go together and find New York. Lee was now his wife for better or worse. Being a couple could hurt them as they traveled, but he didn’t want to let her go. Helena had caught up with them and was happy to be with the group. The biggest change was Spot. One night they were back to back in a circle for warmth when Spot, spoke. Before then he had never really spoken. He asked, “do you think that the New York people will let us stay?” After that, he hadn’t stopped talking. He went from being Spot the dog boy to Tops or Spot backward.


Hester finally found the hiding place only to find five men with spears just outside. They were from the village and came for the rest of the supplies and the women. They were bloody and stayed out of range of Lars and his slingshot meaning they hadn’t won yet. Hester devised a plan for setting up a camp. Part of that was hiding spears around the perimeter. He pulled a few of the spears and went to war. With the element of surprise, he was able to throw a spear at one of the men piercing him in the back. Hester was on the move long before the spear and man hit the ground. His next spear struck another man in the gut, spilling them onto the ground. As he hit, he made a circle around drawing closer to the camp. The third spear missed. The man he meant to hit drew an arrow and went to fire when he fell over dead from the bolt Lee fired from the cabin. The last two ran away.

Winter Dragon

Hester went to Lee and kissed her. He then said, “we have to go now.” As they packed, he told them about the trap and the dragon. They had learned that the dragons also migrated south for the winter. That his some of the dragons. One night they saw a winter dragon. It had iridescent white skin with fur. It seemed the closer they got to the coast the more dragons they saw making it harder to evade the dragons. They made it about a mile away from the cabin when they heard a piercing cry. The sound of a dragon calling out to others. They only did this when they hunted in packs. A pack of dragons could wipe out any village. By this time most of the trees where bare and the scent of their death was overwhelming. Winter was about to hit hard.

Welcome to New Jersey

Two miles away they found an old bridge with a sign, “Welcome to New Jersey.” Hester checked the map and saw just how close they were. He could also feel the cold in the air. They needed Shelter and warmer clothing. While they traveled into the garden state, the dragon pack dealt with the village. By the time it was over every man in the village was dead. They had sold all their women and children and were between taking more off the road. As the dragon’s played around eating and having a good time a shadow flew overhead. The smaller dragons stopped and tried to flee. One of the white dragons landed on the village. It was an alpha dragon and one of the biggest ones to ever have lived. It made short work of killing and eating the smaller dragons. The alpha had traveled from the northwest looking for a mate and a large hunting ground. It left nothing but destruction in its wake. The alpha was heading northeast in a pattern that could take to may be the last city in the country once called the United States.

Who will get to New York first

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