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Endless Crash Chapter 2. Hannah

I write classic "good vs evil" creative writing pieces with smart twists inspired by vintage action cinema, gaming, and heavy metal.

Hannah's Theme

"Raise a finger on my daughter again and I'll shove a chair up your ass!" 45-year-old Marcus Vittalione shot, picking up and throwing a delinquent against a cold brick wall. He's had many issues with the American educational system but the Relic High school administration's laissez-faire attitude towards deviant behavior and hooliganism had screwed up for the last time. "I know who your father is!" Vittalione pre-emptively replied, "He's a terrorist and I don't negotiate with your kind; I'll see both of you through my iron sights if you try something funny!"

The delinquent, picking himself up and nursing his hurting shoulder, waddled away; not daring to look back at Marcus. "People like this give Arabs everywhere a bad name." Vittalione thought out-loud, "When in Rome, do as Romans do!" The delinquent was Youssef Ameer, a classmate of his daughter's; the school bad boy who was known for being a bully and a real misogynist towards the female students; openly insulting and sometimes even assaulting them. Only to hide behind his father's political position to dodge disciplinary action; later to accuse school staff of racism despite reason.

This wasn't the first time Mr. Vitallione stepped in however previously, he was stopped by the school staff and police so he met the delinquent outside. A squad-automatic rifleman with the USMC during the first Gulf War, the man had faced hell in Iraq and Kuwait and now, he's facing it at home with every institution being subverted and infiltrated by something that wanted to destroy a country he loved and sacrificed to defend.


She loved him; he was her hero and only line of defense until the man was no more; shot by thugs while he protected their family home in the New York suburbs during heavy rioting and false flag attacks; staged by one of the mayoral candidates; as discovered by a group of vigilantes a year later. Born to a family of an Italian-American marine and a Canadian bartender in NYC, Hannah Vittalione was always an outsider and a misfit; getting into fights and standing her ground was second nature and by the time she reached her teens; she punched harder than some of her male classmates.


After Marcus' funeral, Hannah and Sylvia, her mom, moved back to her native Calgary, Alberta; trying to rebuild their lives. However, her incomplete high school diploma and a lack of college education didn't do her any favors on the job market thus, she had to work in strip clubs; entertaining shady clients. Fortunately, Hannah never had trouble attracting men; she had long, smooth dark hair, deep hazel eyes and a naturally curvy physique; enhanced further by her seductive walk that gave her posterior an extra wiggle. Her bust didn't let up either which combined to make a highly desirable young lady. The Almighty was looking out for her as Hannah made good money working the red-light district at night (while telling her mom she's found a well-paying position in a call center.)

However, it was nowhere near enough as Sylvia developed an addiction to SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) due to her crippling depression that has worsened since their move back to the North. After her husband's death; Sylvia has lost her grip on life; her battle with depression and attempts to re-enter the workforce never ended well. The healthcare industry has failed her and left nothing but addiction in the aftermath.


Canada wasn't kind on the unfortunate family as a year later, Sylvia committed suicide while Hannah was at work; insult to injury, the next morning produced an eviction notice on the rented apartment door. Sylvia has been misusing the money her daughter provided to pay bills and rent to instead, feed her addictions; leading to months of unpaid rent and a bullseye for collection agencies to aim at. Hannah couldn't even give her mom a proper funeral; having to grab what she could as her phone broke the Richter scale; becoming a hangout for collection agencies. She was going to escape back to the US; living as a vagrant and transitioning from one long haul truck to another on her quest to return to NYC - the only place she truly knew.


© 2022 Jake Clawson

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